06 April 2014

CoolJapan 100Tokyo - Part 2

Hello!!! I am back from my second trip (leisure one!!!) to Japan and this time i snapped soooo much pictures!! So i quickly show you pictures from my Cool Japan ambassador trip!!! Again..

To find out more about 100Tokyo please visit their site! It's updated regularly with things and sight that are.. Cool about Japan? =D So do check it out!

Started the day with drinks with Wendy while waiting for the rest at the hotel lobby. We stayed at Prince Shinagawa hotel and there is an aquarium within the hotel omg??? My drink cute not? Peach with muscat, spring special! This trip i go back keep trying to find this drink but no more dee =(((
HELLO GORGEOUS. How can a cheap onigiri have such heavenly egg in itttttt. I LOVE JAPAN!
Went for a morning boat ride with the girls! Pity it was raining if not it would have been more awesome! But we could still see the view lah!
With Ai Ai from Taiwan, Wendy, Cheesie and Stella from Indonesia!
My OOTD!!! Haha. Dress from rosebullet! Bag is DIY from an idea of my awesome brain thank you! Hat from Daiso ^.^ Jacket from online which i later give to Wendy cox i don't like to repeat my outfit lol!
And one more!
Wendy's OOTD =D
We visited Coredo at Nihonbashi, it's a new shopping that opens on THE DAY we visit!!! So everything is brand new and lotsa people were there to check out the new mall! We went to try out kimono! You may find out more from the mall concierge at where it is!
Very dedicated and nice dresser doing a good job!
One with my dresser! I chose blue and green cox they are my favourite colour haha. There were MANY kimono sets to choose from and they also provided matching bags etc!
Wendy picked pink, shocker! Hahaha.
Love this picture of Cheesie cox she look very cheeky lol. She had a most experienced dresser dressing her up in kimono cox she got baby bump haha.
Try tying up my hair but decided it doesn't look much nicer so i let it back down after.
They have a nice pink and cream background with some props for you to camho at!!! I LOVE IT!
Wendy and Cheesie in Kimono ^.^
Me and Cheesie ^.^ If you noticed, there's also matching slippers for us to choose from!!!
Group shot with all the girls and Lala from China! =DDD
Super happy afterwards cox they let us tour the new shopping mall (Coredo) in Kimonos!!!!!! =DDD All eyes were on us i love it hahahaha.
Kimono girls on modern elvator hahah. Quite cool right this shot. We were on our way to a themed museum / exhibition higher up in the building. The theme was kimonos and sakura this time round!
This is a super zoomed in shot of the very delicate work of a Japanese artise. Omg imagine having to dot all the paint on petal by petal. I confirm fall asleep halfway O.O
Sorry ah the museum was quite dark mostly so i couldn't snap a lot of pictures but this is one nice shot!!! Know what the people are all going crazy about?!
Goldfish tanks. With lotssss of goldfishes inside!!! And it's not covered one wor. They can trust the people to not mess it up hor?! Like actually if i'm not in Japan i'd probably feed the fishes? Lolol. Or poke them? I'd just ka jiao them in some ways lah lolol.
Went to a gift and souvenir shop at level 1 and saw some pretty gifts!!! Too bad we never bring money!!! If not i confirm wanna buy the snacks!!! All so pretty!!
The masters make their dessert pastry FRESH on the spot!
Shot of random pretty shop assistant haha.
Saw this can of seaweed with the Hello Kitty wearing similar kimono as me hahah!
Walk pass a chopstick shops and they try to pick up little cute chick beans with chopsticks haha.
Wendy trying out a special sponge. I tried it also! The before and after got difference one wor. Before the hand is duller and darker. Haha. After it becomes softer smoother and fairer! Not bad!
And then we have to change out for lunch already =( So quickly take more shots with my kimono!!!
Mei bu mei =DDD
Act demure haha.
Details of my socks and slippers ^.^
Hahah Wendy ask me to do this. Lolol. Got look alike not? Not as drama as my actual Ayataka ad!
Time for lunch =D At Hounenmanpuku! See the crazy woman so tao zui under the lantern hahaha.
Super luxurious bento set =O
With my two favourite vain girls ^.^
Me and my miso soup =D
ONE OF THE BEST CHAWANMUSHI I EVER HADDDDD!!!! I love it so much! Next time i would know to mix up the wasabi a bit though! Hahah! Didn't realise there was wasabi so i gulp (it was sooooo soft i can use a straw with it!!!) down the first spoonful  and qiang dao haha.
Simple dessert to end the meal =D

Okay that's the end of part 2 =D I'd be back with part three! The touring of secret interesting places in Japan!!! =DDD For now please visit 100Tokyo site for more!



rafa said...

Arghh i want to go to japan too><
You look so cute in kimono ><
wanna try wearing kimono while going to mall lol:D

Visit me please:3 Adventure of P-chan!

Hanna Lei said...

Those kimonos are so cool! -Hanna Lei

Unknown said...

Qiuqiu! Please let me know where you ordered that baby blue jacket/coat you said you ordered online! :) i REALLY, really love it! If you could tell me which online store it is, I would be so very happy! :') btw, love you and your blog! <3

Unknown said...

Qiuqiu! Please let me know which online store you ordered the baby blue jacket/ coat you said you ordered online. :) I love it very much and would be so happy if you can tell me which online store it's from! btw, love you and your blog! :') <3

Unknown said...

Qiuqiu! Please let me know which online store you ordered the baby blue jacket/ coat you said you ordered online. :) I love it very much and would be so happy if you can tell me which online store it's from! btw, love you and your blog! :') <3

cherrycoke said...

hi! i like your blue scallop edged jacket, may i know where you got it from online? thanks!

Emiiichan said...

So cute! I'm going to Japan this summer and we coincidentally booked the Prince Shinagawa hotel as well. If you have time, do you mind sharing your experience with the hotel specifically? I read that the location is very convenient and that there are small shops near there. Did you feel this way?