10 April 2014

CoolJapan 100Tokyo - Part 3

Wassuppp! Here to share last post for 100Tokyo as a #CoolJapan ambassador!!! But of course that doesn't mean i stop being an ambassador for Japan hahahaha.

I swear that since i've first stepped foot into Japan 2 years ago, if anyone i met and know that he / she haven't been to Japan, i'd tell them how awesome it is and that they should totally visit!!!

Last time the plus points are polite and warm Japanese, awesome service standard, everything also very beautiful, roadside also chio lolol, food super duper yummy until cannot etc etc..

But now i can add one more thing.. THAT EVERYTHING IS SO AFFORDABLE!!! =OOO

Last time i cannot shop anything in Shibuya109 one =X Now there's sooooo many ¥1500 to ¥2000 (SGD18.75 or SGD25) outfits!!! Some of them are set price some more!!! Meaning you get top and bottom!!! Or pinafore and top!!!!!!! Or jacket and top and bottom!!!

Also.. Food is becoming more and more affordable!!!


Anyway last part of the trip was to attend the actual event which is Google and CoolJapan launch of 100Tokyo! To discover the hidden hunts in Tokyo!!! =DDD

Girly shot with Wendy and Cheesie at a crepe shop near Harajuku which is supposedly the most yummy one but i think Angels Hearts that Cheesie introduced is much nicer!!! =X This one the filling ingredient very little nee! The cream is very nice but it's mostly like eating cream. Angels Hearts is like filled to the brim with ingredient and cream altogether =DDD
One of Wendy and me ^.^
Board the bus to tour Tokyo~! =DDD A map for us to get to the cool and not so known hideouts!
First stop to La Foret! It's relatively new mall that rooms really really cool shops and brands!!! You can find all sorts of styles there!!!
To Barbie shop at Harajuku where i met life-size Barbie and Ken!!! I SOOOO WANTED TO SHOP THEREEE!!! But we had to move along cox too many places to explore!
Walked past this shop near Harajuku and get reminded of why i love Japan!!! Every corner you turn, you see a place beautifully done up with dedication =))
On our way to Omotesando. These trees were bald when i was there for Cool Japan, but when i return for my holiday, there were all green dee =))) Beautiful isn't it!
Lala thought my furry hat was nice hahahaha. Daiso really sells the best things for $2 haha.
Beautiful lanes at Omotesando Hills..
A dainty cafe we walked into =)) HEN MEI DUI BU DUI! It's so cozy and fuzzy!!! To find out more you can go to Google+ to find me (Qiuting Hong) or check out #CoolJapan #100Tokyo at Google+!
Twas getting late so time for party~ Hahah! Launch event at Google office at Roppongi! =D
Lotsa booze and juice for the guests!
Food that were quite delicious!
Me and Cheesie and Wendy's peace hahah! Okay lah you check out 100Tokyo site you can find out more on where to find and visit the cool places in Tokyo!!!
Go to this page!!! All the different areas in Tokyo and the cool little places within! Now you no need to keep asking what to do in Japan, where to visit, where to eat. It's all there!!!
After the event Wendy zonked out in the hotel room after she webcam xiao pang and Mike. I head out for combini shopping!!! ^.^

Don't say i boh gai xiao, these "超DX级" biscuits you see? Pearl gone crazy over them before she got pregger!!! They are like wang wang biscuits except.. 2.5 times more seasoning and taste!!!!!!!! Freaking shiok but please share it if not you have to go for dialysis hahaha.

Then later i go back hotel to shower and then Wendy machiam zombie like this "Aaaaaaaaa......" on her bed. I walk out it was pitch dark please!!! She make this kind of sound is damn scary lol.

I actually tip toe a few steps fearfully towards her before i realise she's actually awake. Then i'm like "WA LAO EH! 你做么做这种声音!!! 吓死我!!!" I mean imagine if she's sleeping (which she was supposed to be) and there's such sound coming from her side.. Then how lah. Hahaha.

So point is.. She wake up and we go combini shopping again =DDD Bought all these nonsenses and my yummy sausage egg muffin dropped onto the floor when we were walking back but i didn't care, i just pick it back up and eat. This is how you love Japan, trust that even the floor is clean hahahaha.
Next day Melissa and Wendy super nice! They agree to go ¥100 shop with me ^.^ Even 100 yen shop also got seasonal theme!!! Look at all the sakura items!!!
Supposed to flip the picture sorry ah. Hahah. It's 100 yen not 001 yen. That's Melissa from Thailand!
And then after that we meet up with Cheesie and RinRin for ramen!!! =DDD The triple layer pork just melts into your mouth.. You don't even know what happened. IT IS JUST SO GOOD.
Group shot!!!
One picture of solo RinRin cox she looks like a doll came alive =OOO
RAH! Food time!!! MY jacket is $9 from Giant at IMM. Lolol.
My egg with rice.. So super good.. It's so unreal every grain glisten in the sun..
Back to hotel to collect our luggages and to board the air limousine bus to the airport.
Melissa and me ^.^ She's so super sweet!!! =))) I think next time i go Bangkok i shall go find her!!!
First time travelling alone on the plane =OOO I have never flown alone before!!!
Useless camho shots hahaha.
No i cannot stop.
I just cannot. Lolol. Anyway my top is from Bugis street!!! Nice not!!! $5 nee!

First time flying alone wasn't too smooth for me cox once i board.. I bang my head damn hard at one of the overhead compartments that was open. OMFG most embarrasing thing cox the business class seats where i was standing, were all occupied dee.

Then suddenly BANG!!!! And everyone and the flight attendant kept quiet for a bit and look at me and then the flight attendant look very sorry for me i quickly apologise to everyone and just run to my seats at economy class lah!!! Machiam bodoh like this. Lolol.

Then i super need to pee so i quickly put my things down at my seat and then head for the lavatory.

Then i get out of the lavatory a flight attendant was waiting for me outside.

Then only i realise i sat at the wrong seat. So i'm feeling like.. Why don't i just stay home next time lah hor? Instead of troubling everyone lolol. Lolol. So damn paiseh i have to take down my luggage put else where and then change seats and apologise to the uncle whom seat i took wrongly.

Lolol so that's my first experience in flying alone. I bet a 10 year old can do better. Lol.

Except the 10 year old got advantage cox he / she would be too short to hit the overhead compartment.




Anonymous said...

excited lo !!!!! ahyo qiuqiu next time careful a bit !! too tall.


Hanna Lei said...

I've never had to fly alone, but I feel like I'd do the same things! -Hanna Lei

Anonymous said...

You are so funny! Love your blog :)

Anonymous said...

hi Qiu, I was actually on the same return flight as you...so happy to see you actually but too shy to say 'hi'. We were seated in the same cabin too. Now it explain why you look abit not happy like that...:) Still...forget about it...some time silly things does happens... nvm la, it's over.

theDaggg said...

I love your blog <3 You are so super cute :) greetings from Poland

theDaggg said...

I love your blog <3 You are so super cute :) greetings from Poland

Anonymous said...

I love your blog <3 You are so super cute :) greeting from Poland :)

Jean said...

looks like u are having so much fun!! :)

sugarylalalove said...

Hihi!! May I know where's the 100yen shop you went to? The stuff there are so cute!!! Thank you!!

sugarylalalove said...

Hihi!! May I know where is the 100yen shop you went to? The stuff there are so mad cute!! Thank you!!!