14 May 2014

Back to Brown

Hello! Lotsa camho pictures from the time i had my hair dyed back to brown by Sio ^.^

I actually wanted something red / brown for my trip to Korea. You know.. So that i can actyige Korean but not have boring black hair. And red is a great colour for summer season!!! ^.^

So if you wanna have at trendy but not too crazy colour for this summer.. You know who to call up!

❤ ❤ ❤ Cleo Hairmake ❤ ❤ ❤
Central @ Clarke Quay Level 4
Tel: 6338 5250

A BIT SAD T.T Cox this green horizontal gradient (pictures here) is one of my top favourites out of all the creative colours Sio did for me!!!
HERRO!!! THIS PICTURE.. Should be how i look like when i have fully recovered from surgery. Hahaha. So next time i can save a lot of time on photoshop!!! =DDD
Sio working his magic!!!!!! =DDD
A picture of Sio and Magic. Lololol. Yes i think i look magical O.O What.
NICE HOR!!! Instantaneously look younger + fairer plus sharper with this new colour!!! It's a berry brown that Sio mixed himself. He never does it with a single colour. He always mix his own colour. And that's what i love about him!!! He has super skills of making simple look good, making good look unique and making unique and original styles! He is my hair god!!! Never once let me down ❤︎
 Went to snap some OOTD with my well-trained OOTD photographer Sam. Hahaha.
 Shirt from Bugis Street, shoes i can't remember.
 100% untouched.
 Clearer look!
All the feasting got to my cheeks. I can't believe i was 52.5kg when i left Singapore for Korea!!! HENG i lost it all when i was in Korea during recovery. Omg. I was getting worried cox my thighs were getting thunderous. Lolol.  Now it's back to acceptable! =D I am 48kg again now! But then again.. I've been having two sundaes a day.. And lotsa junk food continuously for 5 days now.. So..
 SO WHAT DO YOU THINK!!! I look good with darker hair right!!! With a bit of a berry brown!!!
 100% untouched pic. I guess i do miss my old face a little for now. But when i am fully recovered i'd not miss it a single bit hahaha. Like after my fat-grafting, i look at my old pictures and cringe. So sunken and old and dry and tired looking =X

Yay Cleo Hairmake ^.^
No edit again~ For you to see the actual colour ^.^

Okay that's all!!! I think you had enough of my face ^.^ Hahaha.

If you wanna do this colour please book Sio at 6338 5250 ^.^ It's kinda safe to be honest but it'd be perfect for all the summer loud and sharp colours!!! Like a good contrast you know. Haha.

I am a bit nervous to see you guys this Saturday!!! Please don't judge me or my still-swollen face lol. I'd do a meet-and-greet in June when i am fully recovered! =D And i can't wait for that!!! Maybe i should get down to planning it O.O

But it's quite dreadful to start something when i have soooooo many work emails unanswered =X

Guess i'd have to start work soon!!! =X


Anonymous said...

Hello there,

Was the surgery you had in Korea something to do with the chin?
Because your chin is so v-shaped now :)

Seed said...

this color suit you!!! hope to see the red as you said next time!

Tysh said...

the perfect hair colour for you!!
you look like a doll <3