21 May 2014



Super excited to share this cox it's my first time seeing the sakura! I mean i saw one or two sakura tree here and there but actually walking into a park filled with sakura all over, it's just surreal!!!

After lunch Cheesie and Josh and i decided to go check out Yoyogi park and see if we can still see the best of sakura cox yesterday was the full bloom! But turns out the next day after full bloom was also awesome cox sakura petals were falling off the trees when the wind blows!!!!!!! =DDD

Damn romantic like this ^.^

I was so happy this is my face when we got to Yoyogi Park. Hahahaha.
Some of the trees i believe are maple trees so when it's autumn it'd be super beautiful also =)))
Blue sky and light pink trees.. =')))))) It is so scenic and beautiful and sweet.
Warm sun enough to keep us comfy in the perfect weather. Kinda like walking in air-conditioning!
Cheesie and meeee!
Josh =)) So happy we finally get to see the sakura together!!!

It's always been one of my wish to see the sakura!!!

I think it's as beautiful as snow but much much softer and cleaner hahah.

So happy even before the first half of 2014 i manage to fulfill a lot of wishes / dreams that i have ^.^

Is this a perfect shot or what. Cute chubby ang moh baby + sweet soft sakura.
Bench surrounded by a puddle of sakura pond hahaha. Cox it was raining the day before.
Pregger Cheesie managed to avoid the puddle and crawl on it hahaha. Good kungfu.
Hello me and sakura petals~
=))))))) 开心到不得了!!!!
Who has a cooler hat than mine?
Floor and path scattered and filled with sakura petals =))) It's so beautiful i can't..
Cheesie and her limited edition sakura version of her OOTD.
My OOTD~!!!! YAY HEY~!!! Top and skirt from Bugis Street!
Candid shot! Haha!
Cheesie's free hair accessories from Japan being so naturally beautiful ^.^
And this is how the public restroom looks like.. Also need to be so chio.
More petal puddle ponds Haha.
Went to the fountain area to chillax a bit longer becox after this i'd have to say byebye to Japan ='((
I think this shot of Cheesie is extra cute. Hahah. She looks like a little girl.
Me feeling joyful being upclose with the sakura near the mini waterway~
Josh and i =)))
❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎
来一张欠扁的~!!! Hahaha!
Random shots from Josh's camera.
Gotta do what we gotta do~ Haha!
=)))))) It must have been one of the happiest and chioest moment i've seen in my life!!!!
As Josh was snapping this picture for Cheesie, i was the sakura-thrower hahahahah. For the effect you know. But then i damn fail my hand photobomb her picture.
Better. Haha!
Cheesie again~ With her baby bump at the sakura petal pond.
Girlfriend shots~!!!
Thank you sakura for being beautiful. Thank you mother nature. Thank you Japan! Thank you bench! Thank you background no have calefare walking around! Thank you Josh for snapping these happy pictures of me and Cheesie! Maybe next time with all my girlfriends and their babies in Japan!!! =)))
Okay bye bye..

Super happy i made this trip to Japan becox i think it did me good =)) When i was in Korea recovering from the surgery, i try to think of all the good food i had before the surgery.. Cox i can't eat much during recovery. And then i was like OMG THANK GOD I HAD SOOOO MUCH GOOD FOOD IN JAPAN!!!

Haha. So much so that i gained 2.5kg from my Japan trip and i am okay with it. Not that i am okay with the extra 2.5kg but i find it 100% worthwhile. Everything was tasty enough to gain that weight for hahaha. So i went a 50kg (which was already 1kg above my ideal weight) and came back a 52.5kg. Lol.

Then i went to Korea and when i get back home, i am 49kg again. So i lost 3.5kg in two weeks thanks to Korea. WOOHOO~ The timeline of my life works out perfect for me hahaha.

But then when i got back to Singapore i could eat a lot more stuff by then and i was eating like a hungry ghost who missed the gate-opening 3 years in a row. So i ate and i ate and i ate.

I was on a chocolate sundae ice cream binging spree. 2 - 3 sundae a day X 10 days.

Yesterday only i manage to cut down to 1 sundae. ON TOP of all the sinful food i eat since the day i got back.

And then i think i might be 50+kg again now. Lolol.

BUT. Becox i just snap back on my aligners, i try not to eat so much at all cox it's soooooo tight after not wearing it for 3 weeks plus.. My intake of food decrease drastically again the past 3 days.

SO. I am 49kg again~ WOOT WOOTS~!!!!

I am sorry you're not keen about my weight gain / loss but i care and you're on my blog. So..

BOH BIAN~ Okay bye bye!!!


poc said...

49 kg really?
what's your height? :O

Pingping said...

I think the hanami really has a beautiful effect! When I was in Japan, it gave me so much happiness just being there looking at them too :)

Estherxie said...

This entry photos all so nice!!

Cynthia said...

Soo jealous!! I want to go tooo! Looks beautiful *_*

Hanna Lei said...

The flowers are beautiful! -Hanna Lei

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.