16 May 2014

Last of me - Unedited


I look briefly browse through my blog and realise i hardly have unedited pictures of myself.

If it's a skincare advert i don't edit the complexion but still i edit my bone structure.

The only posts i have unedited pictures of my old self (before rhinoplasty and full face fat-grafting) is when i blog about my rhinoplasty and fat-grafting done at REGEN.

I've loved the results ever since. But i don't quite remember how i used to look like anymore haha. Every single picture before (i did alarplasty in Thailand before) i did any surgery to my face was edited.

Seriously it's not like i care about how people see me and not like i care if they like my nose or not.. If they like me they like most of me and if they don't like me, nothing related to me will please them, ever. So if you say i am not confident about my old looks.. It's not true cox.. I am pretty damn confident. Hahahahah. I've always thought of myself to be above average, sometimes with makeup, rather chio. LOLOL.

But it's just i know how to make my face EVEN better. After the jawline surgery and all, instead of having let's say.. 4 good angles, i can look good in 8 angles. So i want to go for it and i did.

And i did it with the best (Doctor Oh) of the best (REGEN Medical Group Korea) for facial reconstruction. And he sure did a great job. I can already see it! I just gotta hang on til the swelling is mostly done before i could show everyone loud and clear.

It'd be like a rude slap to those who comment to say i made a mistake. I may make mistakes but the professionals i entrust my face (and life) with, they don't. They are so good at what they do, they can only make things better. So if you wish my surgery fail, i am sorry it already passed with flying colours. Now i'm just waiting to show off my distinction grades lolol. Matter of time, baby. Matter of time.

So i was saying.. About not having much unedited pictures of myself.. Here it is.. Last of how i look before jaw-surgeries and zygoma surgeries and paransal implants. I don't mind remembering myself to look this chio before surgeries to make myself look even chioer hahaha.

No edit at all on me except pulling the colour of the picture.
Hello me.

So long, uneven faceline, strong jaw and protruding zygoma.

其实我也知道已经很美了. Hahahaha.

Final shots of my strong and square jawline.
And erm.. Big ears. Nothing i can do about that i guess. Lolol.

Actually i've been seeing my recovery face for three weeks now.. And i don't feel a connection to how i look like right before anymore. Hahaha. Now i feel more connection to Vivian Hsu LOL.

Fuck my ash brown damn nice.
The green also faded very nicelyyyy!!! Into this smokey green. Omggg. If i ask Sio to do back this for me i think he will kill me O.O Hahaha.

Omg so much of me in my own face. Hahaha. And in yours.

So that's it. These are about the last pictures of me before surgery that has my face unedited. And i am happy with it ^.^ I just can't wait to be HAPPIER WITH MY FACE hahaha.

If only i could tell everyone to just shut their mouth and give me 2 more months. That's when the swelling goes down mostly though in fact it takes 6 months to fully settle down.

It's the same for all surgeries. You need 2 weeks after surgery to look humanly. Lolol. 3-4 weeks to settle in and be mostly normal. 2 months to look good. 3 months to look BEST.

After that it's just all about werking the look to look better and better..
I MISS MY NOSE when it was 3 - 4 months old post surgery!!! It looks like a eurasian nose lol. Now (a year after surgery) it looks like a very natural nice and sharp Asian nose in real life. Lol.

I am not praising myself ah, think about it. I didn't do it. The awesome surgeons at REGEN did all of it. Hahaha. Dr Lee Seok Jun did my nose job and fat-grafting. I fucking love fat-grafting. Makes me look like a young and bouncy ball of cute. LOL.

You know how some people even after lotsa surgeries they still look like fuck O.O I just don't think they have a good mold to start with. It's like the base is not good for a surgeon to help it. Unless you get a very good surgeon who has good sense.. Good skills is very important but i personally feel good SENSE of.. Beauty and the eyes for successful enhancement is equally if not much more important.

And i think for that i give it 100% to Dr Oh (for my recent surgeries) and Dr Lee from REGEN. They just know what they are doing. And i thank god for that.

Omg i just wanna keep a pictorial memory of how i look like now but i feel so strongly and passionately for picking a good clinic for anyone going to do surgeries on their FACE. Face you know. Really cannot joke around. Lol. And then i feel so grateful i have the chance to work with the best =')

Okay that's all.. Give me just a little bit more time okay.


Yuxing said...

You are right!! 你已经,本来很美了!And it is always your choice to go for more enhancement.

All the best in your recovery!! <3

Anonymous said...

Just started following your blog for a few months. :)
Honestly, you looked good. I only realise the flaws when you mentioned about the uneven faceline, strong jaw and protuding zygoma. I am sure you will look fabulous now!
Who doesn't want to look even more chio, right? I am also looking to make myself more chio though people around are discouraging me and telling me 'I am already fantastic'. :(

Hanna Lei said...

I can't wait to see the results -Hanna Lei

Xuanxuan said...

Can someone tell me what QiuQiu went for surgery for?

Anonymous said...

@xuanxuan zygoma reduction and chin surgery

Anonymous said...

I love your personality! ❤️ Rock on babe

Anonymous said...

Please QiuQiu do not draw your eyebrows like sausages!!!!!

crashingleftright said...

i've always thought you resemble some stars but always can't ring a bell. it suddenly struck me. at certain angles, you resemble our 本土阿姐 鄭阿玉. hehehehe... ^.^

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but fully reconstructing your face is not having confidence in yourself. Maybe you look better now but the point is if you don't really like yourself, 1000 surgeries won't make you feel better.

Anonymous said...

I am totally amazed running across your blog right now. I saw for the first time this a.m. your video on YT where you went shopping in JB! I even commented on it.

Later in the day I was looking at Ena Matsumoto images on Google and saw a pic of a girl on a train with green hair and thought "wow this looks like the girl from video today" and I clicked on it and it IS you! How ironic.

I have an uneven jaw and I cannot stand it and hate my pics! What was your unhappiness with your jaw can you say? And can you say if they used implant or injectable to correct unevenness?

Kua Siang Er said...

Qiuqiu, where did u get your blue top from? It's nice! :D