26 October 2014

Hello Kitty Room @ Malacca

SUPPPP~!!! Me at Like Guest House (Hello Kitty themed rooms) at Malacca!!! There is no website but you can email hello.kittymelaka@gmail.com to book!

Sooooo happy to be back at Malacca again becox i've been wanting to go back for their Jonker street night market!!! The food is crazy good and of course, quite cheap =X Hahah LOVE IT~!!!

This guesthouse that i stay in is right where Jonker street is but it's led in from Jonker street along one of the small lane so it's awesome near but not noisy ^.^ You walk out for less than 1 minute you are at the happening place already! For such a good location i'd say the price is super reasonable!!!

Thank you Mr Yee for hosting my friends and i!!! =DDD

Sigh. Still think i very cute is it, squat like this lolol. Baby bump show until cannot liao. Hahaha. Anyway, cute kitty bow~~~ =DDD
First things first.. CAMHO~!!! You might notice famous Japanese manga "One Piece"! Cox there's also 1 X One Piece themed room and 1 X Doraemon themed room at Like Guesthouse! =D
But of course.. Hello Kitty is still the main theme! Haha! Look at this Hello Kitty tea time calendar!!!
Recept area. Even our keys are in kitty pouches. Haha.
Very rudely barge into Mich's room hahaha. Spot Hello Kitty bow bathrobes!!!
Hello Kitty mirror in the bathrooms!
Hello Kitty toilet cover omg hahaha! And shower curtain~!!!
O . M . G
Hahahah a bit 煞风景 LOL. Really quite shiok one loh! Lie with this many Hello Kitty and just watch the TV, get cooled down by the aircon all on a hot afternoon.. Shiokness~
Asked the nice guesthouse aunties if they could show me the other rooms cox i am curious hahaha. She showed me the family room upstairs!!!!!! I WANT THE FAMILY ROOM LEH!!! THE BACKGROUND SO NICE AND POSH ONE?!?!
You see!!! 3D quilt cushion tiles!!!
For babies in the family! =D CUTE HOR!!!
Yurou will find this place so dope! Lolol.
One more to killjoy LOL.
Another part of the family room! =DDD
Auntie also show me the Doraemon themed room! This pink door!!! Hahaha!
SIMILAR?!??!! CUTE HOR!!!!! This is the pink door at Doraemon museum when i went earlier!
Went back to my room and took a closer look around and is quite impressed with the details! Hello Kitty floor mat and bedroom slippers! =D
And erm.. My bff act one domesticated with the Hello Kitty iron hahaha.
XIAO YI GE~!!! I will caption this.. 3 Hello Kitties. LOL.
Happy! Me with the peanut cakes Mr Yee got for us! =D And erm.. Mich with the iron again. LOL.
With the very nice aunties who are around to help you should you need anything! =D

In case you're keen to book your stay in Malacca with Like Guesthouse, FYI, toothpaste and toothbrush is provided. Shampoo and shower gel provided too! So you don't have to bring your own.

They have drinking water dispenser at the recept area and a Hello Kitty mini water dispenser so you can refill your mini dispenser from the recept area! =D

Out for some exploring and lunch!!! =DDD We went to Ole Sayang for Nonya food!!! The standard has dropped sooooo tremendously omg T.T
There are plenty of shopping along jonker walk and the streets parallel to it! Love how most of the stuff they selling are so nostalgic =)))
Mahkota parade and Dataran Palawan to shop and snack more hahah! Curry fishballs at Hui Lau San is quite nice!!! But the chee cheong fun suckballs.
Mich and me~ Do not care Mich still have food in mouth =))) LOL. I also have mah! But i am a badass like that! I don't care~ I am fearless~!!!
Josh and meeeee ^.^
Monkey #foreveralone with his imaginary buddy lolol!!!
Head back to the hotel and freshen up before we hop onto trishaw that Mr Yee prepared for us!!!! They trishaw riders will bring you to many attractions and you can choose to drop off to snap pictures if you like! But becox all of us visited Malacca many times before so we didn't alight that much! But still for such a low price, i suggest everyone hop onto one of these cute trishaw if you're in Malacca!
Mich and Monkey~
One for memory sake with Christ Church Melacca!
Our final drop off at Jonker street!!!!! =DDD You can start going to the night market at about 6-7pm cox that's when all the night market stalls are mostly open and the weather is much cooling!
LET'S GO!!!!!

Omg we really from daylight eat until night falls. Lolol. Seriously TOO MUCH YUMMY STREET FOOD I CAN DIEEEE!!! Hands so full of food i hardly have chance to snap pictures!

But you MUST MUST MUST try the "one bite durian puff" Just pop the whole thing in your mouth! If you try to bite it'd burst with durian goodness lol.

Also try the hawker corner!!! There's everything from zichar to Japanese food!

AND ONE OF MY FAVOURITE!!! SMELLY TOFU!!! Mich wanna puke at the smell of it so being a good friend i told her to snap a picture with it =))) Haha!
THE SAUSAGES I MISS SOOOOO VERY MUCH!!!!!! Actually i remember it to be much much slimmer!!! But it still taste good so doesn't matter!!! And now it comes with like 10 flavours!!!!! TRY THE TOMYUM ONE!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!
Me and Mich and her new friend =))) LOL. After this we head back to the hotel to chillax a little while before we pop out to Jonker street again hahaha. Becox we eat so much, need to chill a bit. Advantaged of staying within Jonker street! And then 1 hour later.. We walked to the mall for A&W and then walk back to Jonker street..
LOOK AT US!!! =DDDDD All relaxed, no make up and sipping on our coconut bomb!!!
Coconut in their whole flesh without the husk and shell! =D Cute hor!
Next day we went to queue for about 20 minutes for the famous chicken rice balls (the one right opposite 三叔公 and beside hardrock cafe! the chicken rice balls were just alright as in not very fragrant but the chicken meat was REALLY tender! But hey, i still had like 8 chicken rice balls in the end so i'd say yes to it anytime again hahah.
Went back to the guesthouse and bought these cute Hello Kitty lollipops at the recept!!! They come in everyday and gets sold out almost everyday!!! So i pre-ordered 6 Hello Kitty ones the day before!
All mine~!!! Actually no hor.. All Yurou's! Lolol!
Auntie gave us a little souvenir before we leave!!! So sweet, thank you!!! Okay so if you guys are keen to book your stay / wanna ask questions about the Hello Kitty guesthouse, please email to hello.kittymelaka@gmail.com

And then our awesome driver (friend of Mr Yee only i don't think he does this full time haha), Darren, brought us to Taman Sentosa at JB for a fulfilling lunch before we head back to Singapore!!

I LOVE THIS WHOLE TRIP!!! Company was awesome!!! My room was cuteeee~!!! Everything is just super chill and relaxed so it was a great 2D1N in Malacca over the weekend!!! =DDD

Actually i wanted to ask Yurou and Pearl along also but my brother-in-law was afraid that Pearl will go into labour lolol. But heng she never come cox that night she really kena some serious contractions O.O Maybe next time hor =DDD

Thank you Mr Yee for hosting us for the night at your guesthouse!!! Thank you kitty aunties!

Thank you Darren for driving us around!

Thank you Mich and Monkey and Josh for going with meeee~ =)))

Okay so i'm back~ Where next? Haha!


Anonymous said...

Hey, can I check with you about the room comfort and cleanniness?

Jing Chan said...

Hello Qiuqiu :)
Have you tried the baba laksa and nyonya laksa at Jonker 88 at Jonker Walk? And there are all kind of Cendolsss there too! You should also try out Nadeje mille crepe cake at Makhota Parade. It is superb! Welcome to Malaysia again and hopefully I could meet you in real. =D

Mommy's Diary of Life said...

so cute.

Yanieyusuf.com said...

wahh nice guestroom..

Unknown said...

Hello, I wanna ask, how do you book the room ? Is it using website ?

Unknown said...

How do you book the room ? Did you use any website ?

Hunny Kitty said...

got 1 hotel in shah alam offers HK room too....and i should consider driving my HK car to melacca and park it in front of the hotel..hehehhe