20 November 2014

100 Doraemon in JB

Went to JB with Josh and Sam again for makan and jalan and also to check out the 100 Doraemon exhibition at City Square!!! Actually when my friend invited me and Yurou along with family one but then Si Jie was due soon!!! So we don't have manpower to bring Yurou hahah.

But nevermind the exhibition will be until next year!!! So i think still got time if wanna go =D

The whole atrium of City Square was occupied and taken over by Doraemon!!! =DDD
We went to Secret Recipe to eat the most pathetic meal of all my trips to JB hahaha. Cox we wanted something quick so that i can hurry go check out the Doraemon exhibition!!! Haha. So i made a bad choice to eat at Secret Recipe. In my lasagna, there was 2 pieces of pasta. Two tiny pieces. LOL.
Got sooooo super excited when i went inside cox it's FILLED WITH DORAEMONSSSSSS!!! This one got look like me?!?!?! Hahaha!
Me and crazy face Sam hahaha!
Josh~ ^.^
What the heck seriously so many faces to mimic i was enjoying myself running around. Quite happy actually cox the place is not crowded =X Hahaha!
This one cute hor!!! If you look closely, every different Doraemon is holding a different gadget!!! I pick my favourite three gadgets..
Number one. I wanna spray this on everyone i dislike HAHAHAHA *evil laughter* But then again the people i dislike are usually really gross on their own so.. Don't need to make them more hated.
I ALSO WANT THIS!!!!!!! Wish fulfiller!!! Hahah =DDD GIMMIE!!!
AND THIS ONE!!!!! So i can boss people around and do things for me!!! HAHahaha! All the gadgets i want all very manipulative hor hahaha! You really should read all the tag cards! Very interesting!!! I only remember a few from my childhood.. So this exhibition is a pleasant refresher.
Moving on to another part of the exhibition. Where they explain how Doraemon become Doraemon..
I need to maintain. Hahaha!
Read little interesting short stories on how Doraemon lost his ears.. Turned blue and many more!
Strike a pose!
Hahaha so stupid. I was like "Eh spot the odd one out" -_-" My level of humour these days..
Nostalgic little setups everywhere..
Er.. O.O
Attended a wedding with Sam haha.
Fooled around a bit with the different gadgets booths haha. This is just one of the many.
Camho opportunities almost everywhere lol.
In a tiny galaxy room!!!
Sam zai gek sai!!! AHAHAH!
Let's fly~!!!!
Checking out Da Xiong and his granny's room.
Saying hi to Da Xiong mama and Da Xiong papa ^.^
Climbing into Da Xiong's room window "DA XIONG!!! WANNA GO PLAY?!?!" Hahaha!
Last time i super hate Ji An one. Cox he is such a bully and always sing until so awful *BOX*
In class with Sam. Hahaha i do look like how i would normally behave in a class. Always the kid who turn around to talk with the other kid.
Love their merchandise area!!!!! Bought quite a fair bit of stuff =XXX
Saw this Dorayaki plush cushion!!!!!!!! I SOOOOO WANTED TO BUY IT BUT JOSH DON'T ALLOW T_____T It's quite huge that's why he don't allow ='((((( 
Cute Doraemon note pads!!!
Doraemon postcards with different expressions!!!
In the end i bought this memory bread cushion =DDDDD I AM SO HAPPY!!!!! Becox this memory bread is literately my favourite gadget!!! I always wish i have it so that i can just copy info from my textbook and eat it and memorise everything haha. Also bought the super cute Doraemon pouch and other stuff =X There's lotsa Doraemon snacks, souvenirs and even apparels at the merchandise area!
At the Doraemon funfair right outside the exhibition! =D I played with like 8 tokens and didn't manage to win anything T.T I really wanted to win the Dorayaki cushion hahaha! But if i play anymore i might as well buy it inside already lolol.
Went to shop around City Square more and look for second lunch.. LOL. JB is all about fooooood.
Settled for ramen! The ramen is quite good! But this grilled premium black pork that we ordered was soooooo disappointing =( It's super expensive but taste like rubber ='O
Went to outlet store to buy some onesies for Yuxuan ^.^ They have all the cheap and cute basics!!!
Went to Doraemon cafe on level 5!!! Cox my friend say they sell rather interesting chocolate gifts!
This is the one!!! They are in boxes that looks like Doraemon comic books!!!
I also bought this!!! Hahaha edible memory bread!
Cox we just had lunch, we shared one set of chocolate lava cake dessert!
Comes with a beverage with Da Xiong's face on it!
Ended the day with a super good black Hokkien Mee and zichar!!!! LOOK AT THE AMOUNT OF LARD THEY GAVE!!!! =OOO Thanks to Sam's cousin and mum for driving to bring us for dinner!!! We also did lotsa grocery shopping before this omg. JB road trips should all be like this!!!

Thank you Alvin for introducing me to the Doraemon exhibition and Little and pals for having me!!! I would definitely bring Yurou in again if a chance comes up!

If you guys wanna visit and bring your kids, it's only RM15 per child!!!! =OOO Major affordable for that amount of fun and eye-opening exhibition. Perfect for a short school-holiday family trip hor!

The exhibition is until 4th January only! Go enjoy yourselves! And remember to eat lots in JB while you're there okay hahaha! Gosh i miss the Hokkien mee so much T.T


Hanna Lei said...

I love your headband! -Hanna Lei

Anonymous said...

where is the dinner place? looks so good!

Unknown said...

Oh, I wish I could have gone there too. Looked like you had a loooot of fun there. :)