18 May 2015

Meredith and Mummy

Hello!!! Back with a picture-heavy post again haha. By that i mean heavy with Meredith's pictures =X I am in a transition stage where i'm not sure if i'm dealing with post-natal weight or forever-fat weight LOL. You know transitions periods are the most awkward period. Kinda like how teenagers look very bad before they master art of dressing up haha.

So that's why not much pictures of myself lah T.T I told Josh this cannot go on for long. I cannot live with myself like that. I have to be super skinny again. And i am pretty sure i will be =DDD

Good distraction is Meredith haha. Each time i look at her i forget everything else.

Now she's getting more and more responsive ^.^

Do you know how it's like to have your baby looking all grumpy and lost in a daze of a world she's unsure of.. But when you get into her vision, she takes a second to focus on your face, and then she smiles..

At you.....!!!!! T______T *my ❤︎ explodes with ❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎*

Like you're one of the few things she can understand out of this big big world ='JJJJJ

This kind of simple things she grow to learn how to do, makes me feel soooooo important and loved and appreciated. It's like.. Everything makes sense. All the times i ask myself if i can do this, if i can be a good mother, her smiles make me believe i can. When i ask myself why do i have to work so hard to meet datelines and plan so hard for things in the future.. If it's for Meredith, it's all worth it.

I'd do everything for her so long as she can stay healthy, safe and grow up to be kind and considerate and wise.. No need to be smart lah, just be nice and kind and have wisdom to understand all the things that happen in her life can already haha. Is that too much to ask for from a 9 weeks old haha!

Here's a log and update of what happened to us from when Meredith was 6 weeks old!

 Brow game still very strong lolol!
Yes we got your point, Meredith haha. You judging everyone right!
"Nah just kidding~ =D"
Nubad her camho skills haha! People ask how is it so weird that when she don't smile / frown she looks like Josh. And when she smiles she looks like me. So simple you all cannot figure out meh LOL. It simply mean that i am a nice and friendly person while Josh........ HAHA!
When she's about 6.5 weeks old.. We let her discover the wonders of tummy time =OOO She lovesssss it!!! Can sleep like 30minutes longer than usual on tummy time. She also farts more and burps by herself when on tummy time!!! =OOO
Remember the first onesie Josh and i got for her? It's for 0 - 3 months old.
"Appreciated it pa ma, i will still wear it. 谢谢你们的好意爸爸妈妈. 我可以的, 不要担心" LOL. Tight until cannot button the back what the heck. I learn never to buy 0 - 3 months old clothes lol.
Brought her to sijie's house for the first time. Yuxuan likes her!!! But each time she cry, Yuxuan will get scared hahaha. She probably shit her pants when Meredith cries cox too loud haha! This is their characters in exact depiction hahah.
With Yurou who obviously had a very bad haircut, AGAIN lolol!!!
Oh woah, my daughter loves me!!! LOL.
Looking like a baby onion here =)))
Dad and daughter bonding time =)) Josh lost like 10kg in two months lol good for him!

Now i understand how some parents might argue over the smallest, silliest things =X We hardly quarrel but just today we had a mini argument. It started from the smallest thing but we both care of the baby that's why the argument happen.

My idea is simple, it's time to change her diaper and i want her diaper changed.

His concern is she just had milk so we should wait a while before we lay her on the bed and then lift her bumbum to change the diaper cox sometimes when we do that action, she might spit milk.

And then each of us got defensive about what we want to do for the baby.

Whole time baby just sleep through it =_=" So i learn that, it doesn't matter. All these small things doesn't matter. Each of us only want the best for baby, that's all that matters.

And we have to continue staying in love and also to stay focus on what's most important - Happiness!

"姐姐 你可以给我 three dollar 吗? Three dollar. 我想要买糖" LOL. Look at her hand.
"But 为什么不可以?"
Labor day, Josh and i spent the day sleeping at home =XXX So we ask sijie to help babysit. This is the two girls both on tummy time =))) It's so amazing..
 Remember this? From my Baby and Me Diary.. When Pearl was pregnant watermelon stage, and i was at a large mango. ='))) Now both popped out already loh!
"No. No selfie. Hey i said NO! *BOK!!!* Good godddd she doesn't get it!!!" Lolol. My daughter loves me so much! =D LOL.
Took her with me for my checkup with Dr Law! It's quite amazing really!!! Dr Law has been looking after her since she was a tiny appleseed in my tummy!!! Now POP! She's in his arms =)))
One of us!
Almost everyday we're heading out with baby! This day i was on my way to Expressions for my slimming and shaping treatment!

VOGUEing in burberry 3pc set gotten by Miyake!!! Thank you Miyake!!!
"What you gon do to me daddy? Oh no. Noooo~ Okay i guess it's fun, i like it!" Hahah ^.^
Woah. Much beauty..
Such charm. LOLOL. I love all her derp faces!!!
Yuxuan: Yo sister! Let's go have fun!
Yuxuan: Come! Ai mai?! Go lah!
Yuxuan: Omg 你又 ki siao liao.. 不要玩就不要玩啦..
I love it when she sleeps with her arms wide and relaxed. But erm.. Some space for me please? =_= Really is every morning i sandwich between the father and daughter team, can die lol.
Them cheeks at 8 weeks old.. =)))
Epic 路人甲 when i was taking picture for advert lol!
Signage for "I eat and sleep well" lol.
Sometimes her face looks so flat i love it cox it's so funny and derpy.
This is her outfit for our first photoshoot together for Thomson Medical's CELEBRATE LIFE! magazine cover! =D
My makeup that day was quite different from my usual! In a good way! Haha. No need edit, only pulled colour!
Loving this lip colour!
Some shots from the scene Josh helped me snap with my handphone.
Woah, can totally tell my daughter loves  me from this picture! HAHA!
Baby how come some angles you look like labi xiao xin (Shin chan)? LOL.
Went on our brunch and then later hi-tea date with Jialing and Dotty! Meredith not in the picture cox sleeping in pram!
Went out with Mich ^.^ This is her face while waiting for us to finish our food LOL. No pressure to hurry up, right?
Milk coma again the next morning =))
On our way to an event with Thomson Medical!
On stage for the demonstration on how to massage and bond with your baby! With Mrs Wong!
Other than baby oil, i mostly massage her with Biolane hydrating spray moisturiser!!! She lovesss being massaged! It calms her down and then keep her smelling nice + keeps her skin smooth haha!
On the morning of Mothers' Day, my baby turn 9 weeks old and smiled at me =)) THANK YOU BB!
"Like this also you happy?"
"*yawns* I guess all babies have superpower!"

Actually say real one, i do think they can see things that we can't.

This is a little creepy but i gotta note it down!

Down by the end of her cot, is where we put the changing station at. Right on top of it, is a spot she always stare and smile at =OOOOO

There's nothing there! It's just a part of the plain wall.

And the way she stares and smile is very creepy one!!! She will be all normal until we carry her to that spot and then her eyes will suddenly brighten up like something caught her attention =OOO

Then she will smile at that spot =S

And then smile.

And then smile and smile again and again. Even when we're carrying her away after changing, she'd still look back at that spot by turning her head as much as she can.

I think she can see angels. Her guardian angels. I don't know if you guys heard of old wives tales about 床头母. Guardian (angel) by the bed of a baby. So sometimes it's a bit creepy for us adults who can't see it hahaha but i think it's quite magical.

But Josh say it's scary cox he takes the night shift and then especially when Meredith out of nowhere start to stare at that spot and keep smiling like someone's playing with her LOL.

Tell me if you guys experienced that with your babies!!! Or is my baby just strange lol.

Lazy day isn't it..
HAHA. Behind the scene of our silly instagram video.
Ah-go-go hairstyle.
Le skeptical Meredith meets over-zealous Yuxuan again LOL.
I hope they can grow up to be close with each other!!! But i fear for Yuxuan cox she's too kind confirm will be bullied lol!!! She kept looking at Meredith and smile! When Meredith cries, Yuxuan look very confused at us adults, like why aren't we doing something lol. Then when Meredith stop crying, Yuxuan smile at her again! Like to tell her, "It's good when you don't cry, meimei!" Haha.
Filming for Channel U the other day! No edit also! Omg i think from now on i should just let people do my makeup LOL.
My little baby loving tummy time..
Michelle say she look like a dugong when she's on tummy time =__=
Vaccine day at Dr Eugene Han's clinic =D
She only cried for less than a minute! But it was heartbreaking enough T.T
Some mornings she just don't wanna settle for any position unless if it's supported by my body parts (could be my body / arm /  leg) =__= So i just sit there for 1 - 2 hours until she wakes up lol.
#MyDaughterLovesMe so much!!! =DDD She loves to camho with me!
At some point she learnt how to do sad face and pout instead of full-blown crying. Look very ke lian one. "可以给我买糖吗?" OKAY OKAY EVERYTHING ALSO GIVE YOU!
"Heh 大人很好骗"
"你讲可以的啊! 不要骗我" Lol!
Sleep until face wanna fold into half liao.
Burping face~
Visit yeye again!!! Happy him with two baby granddaughters! Omg this day super funny. My dad never carry Meredith for long period before. That day first time carry her for so long.

Out of nowhere he shouted "DIANG?! DIANG BANG PUI?! AH NI CAO!!!"

He kept looking around at us adults.. LOL. So i told him.. It's the little one he's carrying haha! He don't believe! I also cannot believe just how smelly Meredith's fart can be. FREAKING SMELLY until sometimes Josh have to get out of the room for fresh air and then once we were in the cab and she farted and it was soooooo awkward becox the taxi driver like don't believe it was our baby?!

Lolol i think he suspect we trying to push blame to the baby for the smelly farts we farted. It was so smelly we had to roll down the window LOL. Good job, baby. You take after your mum HAHA!

LOL. That face she really look like a troll doll so ugly! Haha!
Following Josh to go pack the studio. Omg chaotic really our life now. Now shift studio, soon shift house T.T
Sijie manage to capture this sweet moment of Yurou carrying Meredith but her handphone camera sucks so bad plus her hands always shiver when snapping pictures =___= Yurou very give Meredith face one leh! I think it's cox she wanna form alliance must recruit new blood LOL.
Why so gloomy, baby?
Next morning she just wakes up to smile like the happiest bird on earth lol.
Cheeky ah! 
My baby is sooooo happy now!!!
And smiley!!

Shower time. She is also enjoying shower time a lot more now! Last time 50% chance she might cry. Now she is okay all the time!!!
Dressing up to head town with me haha.
She needs more hair / head accessories!!! Caps are getting a bit too boring!
"But this, mommy?!?!?!" Haha!
Mastering duckface at a young age lolol. No lah just kidding. These are taken by chance.
Outfit from Cheesie!!! ^.^ Thank you!
Week 10 is a week of changes for Meredith! I'm moving her to M size Merries diapers becox she's getting a bit too long for size S haha. She doesn't seem to accept reality that at age 2 month, the mother wanna make her a size M hahaha. I am sorry baby, low-waist is a bit passe liao lolol. Now high waist is the in thing.
Also changed her milk bottle to a 260ml Philips AVENT classic bottle cox the previous one was 125ml and she was drinking 120ml (now 150ml) so yeah..

With these changes, i know she's growing well! I look forward to seeing her smile everyday.. =)) Many times a day!!! When she wakes up, i say GOOD MOooooOOOoooRning Meredith~~~~ And she be so happy =')))) My baby is love me one T.T

Random videos i filmed of Meredith. There's the part of her frowning and when i touch her brows she smile hahaha that's so cute. Omg, i have officially become the kind of mother who thinks her kid IS undeniably cute LOLOL. Not the cutest, but just cute enough for me to continue keeping her HAHA.


sara said...

u have the cutest baby ever. bless her and bless u and Josh for doing a great job, it is hard to be a new momie but ur rocking it with class,I wish Meimei to grow up and be all u want her to be a very kind person and beautiful inside and out

Eileen said...


I saw you a few times at NTUC with ur family and helper. I wanted to go up and say hi to you but I was too shy. So I always tried to peep Meredith when she in her pram. I don't dare to go too near coz I always see Josh standing 3m away, eyes staring at all the "strangers" near you and baby. He looks..erm.. quite fierce when he is not smiling(haha).. guess he just wanted to protect you girls. But still, a loving daddy to Meredith. Oh yes, your baby really looks like Josh!

If I happen to bump to you again. I will pluck my courage to say "hi" and I hope you won't get shock. =)

Sysuen said...

Feel so warm to see this in this morning! i'm fan of you and baby Meredith! You are a lovely good mum! May god bless you and your family!! 😄

Janice said...

Yes, my bb girl used to do tt when she's like 2-3months old.. randomly staring somewhere suddenly and just smile~ we also believe it's her guardian angels, but ya, as adults, I do feel kinda creepy since I can't see!! so I also convince myself that she's playing with angels so tt I wont feel scared XD

Enjoy motherhood!

Anonymous said...

nice to read your blog about your baby. and don't stress out about your weight and body figure. I totally lose weight and my figure has back to my pre-pregnancy in 4mth month after I gave birth to my first baby girl in oct 2013. so be patience :)

Anonymous said...

Just want to reassure you, it's normal Meredith is playing and smiling with an empty space. My son used to do that when he was little too. :)

Luna said...

Lol, Meredith reminds me of grumpy cat (in a good way - they both damn cute and look so serious).

Unknown said...

My little girl was born on the same day as Meredith.. So each time I see Meredith's photo and video I feel equally loved! :) Anyway, it's normal for them to stare at one spot sometimes. I also believe it might be the Angels that they are interacting with!! Both you and Josh as doing such a great job as parents! Looking forward to see how Meredith will grow up to be a sweet lady! Jiayou!

Unknown said...

omg..she is soooo A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E !!

FILM more ya..they grow up way faster than u think...

Enjoy motherhood ^^

Reader said...

Meredith is so adorable and responsive, how not to love this cutie cute!
Love seeing her knitting her brows in seriousness.
Her chubby cheeks are so tempting; feel like giving them a tender squeeze.
Agree with Eileen that she resembles Josh.

Hanna Lei said...

She is so cute! -Hanna Lei

Anonymous said...

Yea I believe about the guardian angel and my mother used to pray to her every month. She told me while she was busy at work and I was zzz on my crib at home alone. When she came back she saw me zzz on the floor with no bruise or anything! She saw me smiling, laughing or crying for no reason also. She believe the guardian angel was there guarding me :)

Anonymous said...

Eh.. tummy time is for waking hours and not for sleeping.. sleeping on their back is the recommended position to prevent SIDS

Anonymous said...

Hi QiuQiu..May I know what brand did u feed to meredith...cause she so chubby!!!

Alice Lee-Yang said...

Omg Meredith is super duper cute! Hope to meet her some day heheh!😍

Anonymous said...

when he was a baby, my little brother would also stare at a spot in our room with huge eyes, completely trance-like for a few minutes. Then he would shudder and look away.... does that mean he saw a demon?????

Anonymous said...

Kids who r 3 years and below are able to see things (regardless the good or the bad) that we adults can't see. If kids encounter those bad ones, it will affect their growth...

Yua said...

I think you look amazing now with the extra weight. Your face seems less rigid and more plump and cute!

Anonymous said...

I've been a fan, following your Budget Barbie I was 18. (Admire how humorous, honest, and down-to-earth you are despite being a model.) I can't believe you've settled down and become a mother, Xiaxue as well. Time really flies!

Honestly Meredith is such a cutie (her lively facial expressions are priceless) and you seem to be such a caring, doting mother. It's very heartwarming! I've heard that such expressive baby's grow up to have high self esteem and be healthy overall because they are quick master interpersonal skills and such.

Anyways congratulations on your beautiful family and wish you all the best!