22 July 2015

Me-time is killing me


Sneaking an hour off from Meredith during her nap!!!

I miss miss miss going to Cleo Hairmake and let Sio shampoo and massage ALL my worries and stress away lolol. Seriously, every single time i can be bitch-mode on texting with my friends on the phone, or i can be worried and stress about something but once he massage my head i'm like..


Hahahaha. Until he have to wake me up when he's done.

And to be honest, i enjoy these little little bit of me-time. Although i'd miss my baby and when i'm free for example if i'm just sitting there getting my hair blown, i'd look at her pictures and videos haha!

So i'm not exactly away from her.

But yes these me-time spent shopping / getting your nail / hair done, is really healthy actually! It gives you a chance to be yourself, to talk to yourself. To understand everything that's happening around you. To reflect on the things you've said and done. To look at the people you mix with.. To really look at them.. And to be thankful for the things and people you have on your side..

I am very very thankful that after all these years doing what i enjoy doing, i am still growing. Growing into some new things, growing out of old things.

Thankful for all the new opportunities. Thankful for nice and genuine people i come across..

But at the same time i'm so torn whenever i have to go to work.

I keep feeling like work is tearing me and my baby apart from each other O.O

Is it just me =(( I talked about it a little on instagram but some people make sense. They tell me i'm already very lucky cox my working hours is flexible and since i work at home, i am still somehow home with Meredith. True also lah.

But do you know the feeling.. When you have to complete work on the computer and your baby is just right behind you on the bed or in the next bedroom.. Yet you can't really play with her T___T

Also i have to go to Bangkok for work this month end and omfg i teared a little bit just thinking about it LOLOL i am such a weakling haha. I was just away last month for Japan and this month Bangkok. I already turned down Shanghai for a product launch invite in July and it's killing me a little cox i've never visited China before =O

But i know it will kill me even more if i have to leave my baby at home for TWO trips in a month! So i bit my lips and turned down the invite to Shanghai T___T

After my last Japan trip i told myself i never wanna travel without my baby again.. But here i am, i find myself going to Bangkok soon (a place i loveeeeeee so much but now it's just a place that's gonna draw me away from my baby-time lolol) and during that trip i believe other than work, it's also consider me-time cox i just gotta take care of me.

So i don't know! Me-time doesn't seem to do me all good! It kills me a little also! How do all you moms do it really. I always look at working mums in the corporate world, take Pearl for example.

I find her extremely strong and strong-willed, as all of you working moms are.

It must be sooooo hard to leave your kid(s) in the morning to go to work T____T You women are superheroes!!! And it must be sooooo tiring to come home to them and to take care of them till they knockout. And then you knock out, and the next day continues.

Can't we all just do what we wanna do, when we wanna do it T____T We can't, okay =(

Sorry just wanna share my struggle with you all. And to see how working moms cope.

❤ ❤ ❤ Cleo Hairmake ❤ ❤ ❤
Central @ Clarke Quay Level 4
Tel: 6338 5250

Messy hair.. I CARE. Haha. Here to ask Sio to help me trim my fringe a bit cox i don't wanna tie them all up all the time, it makes my hair look even more botak lol.
Sio gauging how much to trim later. I love love love Sio~!!! Next we gonna dye a colour for me. Guess what it's gonna be?! Yup, brown. Sorry, that was not fun. LOL.
After my shiokanathan head massage and shampoo session~!!!
FML only picture i have with Sio before he rush to tend to his next appointment. It turned out blur.
NOBODY, i repeat, NOBODY can ever let me leave the salon with hair so styled so silky and soft~!!
And it last for dayssss =XX Hahahahah.
Herro. Lots of camho pictures below, i understand if you suddenly have something on =D HAHA.
Geh tiah.
Now my hair looks chio even when tied up =D New profile picture or what? LOL.

Got home and camho somemore. My top is from Lzzie =D
Double eyelid i used from Daiso is damn freaking good. It's soooooooo thin and has webbed design on it to hold your makeup / foundation. Anyway you may go see how it looks like on the latest Budget Barbie ep! Also you may stand to win one of the TWO APPLE WATCHES! Go watch the latest BB ep to find out how~
Tell me the eyelid tape doesn't make me look chioer!!! Hahaha.
Of course also thanks to chio hair from Sio =D Thank you Sio onni chan~!!!

❤ ❤ ❤ Cleo Hairmake ❤ ❤ ❤
Central @ Clarke Quay Level 4
Tel: 6338 5250

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Anonymous said...

Luv your phtotoshop skills. You look so different from your video.

Abril said...

I can relate to what you are saying as I was actually telling my husband yesterday that for the moment I'm not really enjoying beeing a mom (my baby is almost 3mo) is like I'm a working mom in the corporate world, so I am not full time with baby and also because I am a mom I don't really have time for me because as soon as I finish my job hours I'm taking care of the baby. My point beeing I do both things half and don't really enojy and I finish my day exhausted.

Anyway, is hard!

I just started to read your blog and to fully understand it I sarted from the beggining (does that make me a stalker? Hope not! :P)
I like your writing, makes me feel like you are actually talking a casual conversation.


Anonymous said...

Hi Qiu Ting

I'm also a full time working month and like you, my baby was born in March this year. It's been very exhausting going back to work after 16 weeks of maternity leave because I switched to a new job and have to learn the ropes. In addition, I pump for my baby and it is extremely stressful having to an available nursing room to pump on a regular basis. All the mothers there fight to use the rooms and it doesn't help that I have impromptu meetings back to back at times. So I always get engorged and very frustrated with zero mood to learn at my new job.

On top of it all, the worst is that my baby hardly sees me during the work week. When I leave, she is still sleeping. When I come home she is tired and cranky. I'm pressured to come back home by 8pm because she only wants me to put her to bed! Seriously! No one else can make her sleep, not even my husband or my mom. But at times, when I need to work a little late, I am so worried while thinking of my little one bawling for me at home. Breaks my heart.

So you see, it's not easy being a working mom and I really envy that you're able to work from home and see her and respond to her during her cries. Granted you have your overseas trips but you could make a decision to go or not. In the corporate world, we can't make this decision. I have to leave my poor baby for Hong Kong by the end of this year. Saddddd...

Anyway all the best to you and hope you feel better reading about the experiences of other moms. Motherhood isn't easy but when our baby smiles at us and grows up healthy and happy, all the pain and trouble are worth it.