13 April 2016

Texture Control @ Number76

This post is a shoutout to all my sisters (and brothers LOL) around the world who wakes up everyday looking like lion king / caveman lol. Of course there are things you can do to fix it, like shampooing before you leave the house, spray on some hair mist to tame your hair, make it look less crazy.

But what about the rest of us who can do nothing to "fix it" technically, cox we have curly hair T___T The kind that is unruly and frizzy and dry.. The only way i figured could help me, is to rebond my hair.

So i've been rebonding since i was 13 years old, when i understand what is shame. LOLOL. So i decided to do something instead of being called all sorts of funny names becox of my hair lolol.

But the problem with rebonding i have is that..

1) It makes my hair more dry and brittle after

2) It is unnaturally straight in a stiff and rigid way i buay tahan lol. Have you seen people who rebond their fringe by not-so-skillful hairstylist..? I had a colleague who has fringe like porcupine O.O Becox she had her fringe rebonded by a not-so-skillful hairstylist LOL.

3) For people with curly roots like me will notice this especially, that when your new hair grows out, there will be a very obvious bend line between rebonded hair and your roots. This is hideous i just can't

Don't get me wrong ah, rebonding still has its perks and there are salons that can do it well to reduce all the damages and aftermath effect! But i've stayed off rebonding for more than 2 years now becox i'm trying to outgrow all the rebonded hair and not have any bit of straight and stiff hair left haha!

Decided that my natural curl is actually good as hair ends cox it adds volume and gives me the 凌乱美 (messy disorganised kind of beauty LOL) feel that i love LOL. But it's just not good as roots near the crown of my hair cox if not it'd look like i have a huat kueh on my head fml.

My crown will be sooooo explosive and untamed and pong pong, i wanna die.

This is me and my crazy hair, already consider a good hair day. LOL.
Usually is like this LOL #TrueStory

Told Steve about my problem and how i wish i can have slightly straighter, smoother, more tamed hair at my roots but i don't want rebonding cox i hate stiff and unnaturally straight hair T.T

To be honest i was just lamenting i didn't expect him to give me a solution. I was already dealing with this problem by letting people wash blow my hair all the time lol and chose to live without the woes of rebonding but instead live with the woes of having unruly hair lol.

I went there just to cut my hair actually. But Steve said "Why don't we do texture control for you?"


It is magic that is what is it. It is life-changing for me lolol. It is a kind of treatment essentially.

A treatment that changes the texture of your hair, by making it extra smooth and extra soft.

Imagine my curly hair is all dry and tensed and very tight, that's why it's all so angry standing on my crown right. Texture Control acts like a mediator LOLOL to tell my curly hair to calmyotities and chill.

Unlike rebonding which comes in and strong-handedly iron all the hair to one even flatness, Texture Control simply make your hair more relaxed, soft, and manageable.

There's no flat-ironing involved, so your hair is still your hair except better lol.

A bit like changing the DNA and nature of your hair hahaha. Also a bit like godly touch, to make your hair a better person, more easy-going, not so angst, more easy to work with. LOL.

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But first of all, let's have a nice and comfy shampoo and massage haha.
Steve getting ready for my haircut =DDD See my curly hair, no joke hor lol.
水怪 lol.
Snip snap. I still wanna cut shorter but Steve suggest i take it slow LOL.
Curly hair, i care. Lol. People be like "whatever colour hair, don't care". I care. LOL.
Work in progress hehe.
While the Texture Control treatment sets in, here's a picture of how kind my hairstylist is hahaha. Kids under 5 gets free haircut at Number76, of course accompanied by the adult who has to be a member of 76! Join member super privileged one! When i was there my friend Jia was also there to get her free birthday month hair treatment!!! =OOO And i see how Amy take care of her just like she does with everyone customer!!! *thumbs up*
Me with hair just blown by hairdryer! No hot-ironing, just blown dry to a straight set! See my roots!
As compared to my usual hair texture, there will be no bending, no curly roots that becomes so obvious just within 1 month of rebonding, there will be no hair damage =DDD Cox it's a treatment essentially!!!
And then for my ultrasonic magic treatment!!!
76 also gives you these little packs of intensive hair treatment to maintain the soft and silky results of doing ultrasonic hair treatment. You only use these once a week cox it's very powerful haha.
After Texture Control.. Can you just please look at how my hair shines for you.. LOL.
Prelude to your royal chioness lol.
SOOOO IN LOVE!!! Not sure if with my hair or myself or just everything!!! Hahaha!
Sorrynotsorry kind of selfie haha. The kind that is unnecessary but you still post it anyway lol.
Thank you Steve!! =DDD
Also thank you for helping to take this picture LOL.
Please trust me, this is minimal edit LOL. I had to ps away my dark eye rings! Lol.
Omg i love the messy kind of chio hair so much!
Thank you for the pretty curls and thank you for the Texture Control treatment, Steve!!!

Now i wake up everyday with hair SOOOOO much more manageable than before!!!

And when i style my hair myself, like with curling, i don't need to worry about the roots cox it's not a mess anymore haha! =D Thank you Number 76!

* * * Number76 @ Orchard Gateway * * *
#02-23 Tel: 6385 6776
Book appointment online HERE


Anonymous said...

hi what camera are you using

Hanna Lei said...

Your hair looks gorgeous -Hanna Lei

Anonymous said...

How much does the treatment cost?

Anonymous said...

Hello!!! I have the same type of hair as you!!!! How long does this treatment last?