02 July 2008

Afterwards, FIRST UP!

Must go out with family first! Showing off my handsome nephew who thinks he is Rain. HAHA. Watch out for his honey-sugar tongue and his nickname for wooing girls is Cai Tao Kway (菜头糕)!!! What?! If it wasn't for my family, i really wouldn't have gone so far.. So strong..

Next must learn how to LOVE LOVE LOVE pretty, simple, CUTE CUTE things!All the pretty candies, chocolates, bearbear and lil tokens that you guys have gotten for me so far, i just wanna say a BIG thank you! Thank you for liking me even when i might be a big bad girl who are mostly busy somehow. Thank you for being nice.. Lovelies or not, LOVE =)

This contest made me feel happy even thou i'm like a big slim fool end of the day. Honestly, honestly? If i'm so bad, you are worst. So, YOU WON~ *rolleyes*

Told you guys not to go eat apples from wicked witches! Your Snow Yellow is here!!! HERE!!! *wave~*Boring..? Don't bet on this!!!



Joey said...

QQ, haha.. U finally have the time catch up ur family lah.. Happy for u.. Cos the past 3 mths, ur family really Love u alot.. (U know wat I mean, rite).. I also happy for u..

Dun eat too much sweets now when u at home.. cos scare wait u become fat.. nth to do, just onli eat, eat.. Haha...

Unknown said...

Camwhore. LOL.

Ephraim Loy 黎传志 said...

Haha. Sorry to keep spamming.