20 April 2010

Bloggers' Night - Orange Clove Catering (Got handsome Yutaki. LOL)

"Catering in Singapore is not a top dining option when you want to impress your guests, it is more of a convenient option one choose when they want a convenient option, not to miss is that it is also one of less costly way to treat a big bunch of people.
From the above, you may conclude that catering is more of a solution to a headache than of a option to enjoyment… and yes, this is how catering is seen in Singapore and ORANGE CLOVE would like to correct that!"

When was the last time you need a caterer becox you can't find someone in the family who would prepare the food for a party for you, and you know nuts about preparing food for a big bunch of people.

On two occasions i needed a caterer.

My 21st birthday, I had a family-relatives-only celebration, and that was already 30 over pax invited.

I was googling for caterer and then my dad offered to help prepare everything instead. So end up we were so kiasu, we had more than half the food left even thou everyone was so stuffed already. We might have prepared food for at least 60 pax. Imagine how much wastage that is.

Then on my 22nd birthday celebration, there were about 30 over pax too, i ordered food for 45 pax. There were more than half the food leftover mainly becox.. The food suck BIG TIME. I am not going to name names. But i gotta tell, the food was already cold and hard when it arrived. Then the prawns were not fresh and they were so puny. The chicken was so tough. The otah was so awful, no fish chunks, no fragrance, only stinky fishy smell!!!

I know, you sure think becox i so cheapskate, i order cheap food from cheap caterers right.

HELLO?! $16.80/ pax okay?!?!?!??! OKAY!?!??! Not $8.80 or $10 per pax!!! And still the food came in aluminium foils -_-" Damn ugly. We even booked a function room for the event. But it turned out bad right from the moment i saw the food.

So typically i would see myself searching for a caterer to solve my problems of not wanting to over-prep quantity of food and not wanting to do the cooking myself and end up serving my guest un-yummy food. Even when my family/ relatives ask me to help them check for better caterers, they always ask which one can deliver GREAT-TASTING food and is AFFORDABLE.

But after attending the Bloggers' Night by Orange Clove (the newest baby of Neo Group of Caterers), i will now also look out for service, enjoyment level and the presentation of the food. Actually i don't have to look anymore, anyone ask for catering service, i'd most probably ask them to go to Neo Group and find out more.

I think about it, averagely we need to spend a few hundred bucks to make up a party. What is that couple of hundred difference when you can get SO MUCH more than you paying for just any caterer who charges cheaper. Hello in this case, cheap things no good, good things no cheap.

One thing everyone enjoys at a party, the food!!! The rest is very subjective. But FOOD!!! Food always comes first in a party. Everything about the food has to be great! The people serving the food, the presentation of the food, the freshness, the taste, the quantity (better be more if it's yummy), everything about the food have to impress!

"Orange Clove Catering specializes in fusion dishes that embrace the best of western and eastern ingredients and believes that other than providing a feast to the stomach, we have the duty to provide feast to the eye, creative setup and presentation is one area we pride ourselves in."

Alright now i'm gonna share the picture i took at the blogger night. But thing is, i am using a miserable idiot-proof camera and everyone else (except Yutaki) seem to be snapping around with SLRs or SLRs lookalike. So obviously i can't show you pictures that will do Orange Clove's work of perfection justice but anyway, i didn't make an effort to shoot cox the food look so tantalising i went for it once i got there and i didn't stop until like many many rounds. LOL.

So okay, i was busy eating more than shooting. Again, BECOX IT'S SO GOOOOOD! =D

When i was nearing the venue, i was already greeted by the 'angels' flying around. It's actually just the staff there to help with the recept, all dressed in white. They were all so friendly and warm. Makes the whole event really comfortable for everyone. Like a gathering for friends and sort.

Menu of the day:


But i must emphasize on how much i love the Pan-Fried Snapper with Miso Butter Sauce!!! MAJOR LOVE! Omg i want it now again. Who's birthday is coming?! Invite me and cater from Neo - Orange Clove please!! Lol. If not i'd have to wait til my own birthday in June. But sorry, i will not invite you all. HAHAHA. Or maybe i will, but no one is allow to touch my fish =DDD

I had NiaoNiao along with me 8D
I really don't quite like her in this specs cox it makes her face looks small and thus make my face in all the pictures looks big =(

美食當前, 不多說了!!!

Everyone is becoming like me, starting with dessert and pastry first. Cox then the craving for savory food will only heighten even more!
不要問我為什麼這張照片裡笑的跟 "雞狗伯" 一樣 -.-"

Man, this IS good.
Refreshing and tinge of creaminess at the same time. Appetizers like that is GREAT.
That's many different layers of pleasure in one small cuppie like that.

Promise to give you Yutaki, and i will! LOL.
他沒事長那麼票亮干嗎嘛!!! 我恨!
Nothing to photoshop for him!!! SUPER HATE. LOL.


Check out the spread and the way it's presented.
And this is just small part of the whole set up.
I can't take a overall picture becox the event was so overwhelmed by people from everywhere!

And that's Niao Niao meeting Yutaki for the first time.
Shiate, my sister looks like a fan. LOL.

(This picture is here solely for Niao Niao's pleasure)
I do think both of them look quite alike somehow. LOL.
They both got the 可怜小貓咪 look.

And again. This Niao Niao 很情不自禁. LOL.

That's them at the wine-tasting session. I damn sad right, supposed to be invited blogger end up being photographer for Niao Niao. She go terrorize my blogger friend and now dominating my blog space with her crush. LOL.

Omg i don't know who this guy is.. But i so adore him!!!
I mean he's charming and he was so cute! When he's picking out the lucky draw i kept shouting "BLUE ONE! Pick up the blue one!" AND HE DID!!! Awwwww... *自 high*

And ta dang~ I won a bottle of white wine from Wine Mansion!!! =D

If not she stalk Yutaki home! =D

Before we realise, the event came to an end. And everyone received a voucher from the organiser. How generous right! And did i tell you right from the start that in the door gift bag, there were macaroons?! ^.^

And hey, say hello to my leopard prints nails with shiny glitters. D.I.Myself one okay! =D

I think you guys could see that i really enjoyed myself at the Bloggers' Night organised by Neo Group/ Orange Clove. When i look around, everyone was enjoying the food, laughing and chatting away happily with their friends. It was so delightful to just watch, and to be in it, i can only thank Orange Clove so much for the invite and THANK GOD I AM SUCH A GOOD BLOGGER to be invited. HAHAHA.

I think this is the kind of atmosphere you wanna create for your own party and gathering. And a credible brand in the industry with 18 years of experience in the field of catering like Neo Group can assist you in making it happen. With Neo Garden Catering, Orange Clove and Deli Hub, whatever kind of catering style you're looking for, i am sure you can find it at Neo Group.

For more information, you may like to visit www.neogroup.com.sg or www.orangeclove.com.sg

MUCH MUCH THANKS TO Jessie and Jane for the invite and thank Orange Clove for the warm hospitality showered on all the guest!

And must thank all the service staff that day. They were all so friendly and attentive!


Now you know what i meant by 可怜小貓咪 look hor?! =D

P/S If my post is good enough, i will extend a special invite to two of my readers! SO PLEASE TELL ME I AM GOOD! =DDD

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