22 April 2010

How are we alike

We all would love to have people, or just someone to love us.

To show extra attention to us. To want us. To care for us when we have problems.

In return, we want to make the person feel loved. We want to buy their favourite food home for them. We want to watch a nice movie at home with them. We just want to hang around them and be there for them when they need us.

A lot, we are like dogs. Or maybe for you guys to relate better, you can think of it as your cat, your pet pig, your pet rabbit (i am not so sure about this). I really only have a thing for doggies. Or.. Maybe Lion and Tigers are also for me. You know, something big and something that i can relate to that's nearer to a human. Or.. Maybe OrangUtan. No, not really.

But anyway. I feel we are all very similar. What happened was i got to discover about one stray mommy with many (used to be 14, everyday people take away some, now i think it's only 8 or lesser) puppies. She got pregnant thrice in a row. And when i saw her.. She was so exhausted, looks extremely undernourished and her elbows were all dried and looks very much like elephant skin due to her being in the industrial area and sleeps and rest on sand and stone.

I feel very selfish thinking this way but besides the sadness of just seeing her in this state, i feel fortunate for myself. And my doggies.

不要說我拿自己和狗比, i just feel.. That actually all we (doggy and us) need is someone. Just that one person to care enough to do things for us, without wanting anything back. Without condition. Just the one person who WOULD, who always will.

But some people, some doggies don't get that.

I know, you guys would say why don't i stop being so emotionally shallow and start to feel more for the starving people in Africa or something, but hello. I don't even get to see them except on TV and i don't really think i want to go there for them becox you are then a hypocrite, would you risk going there and come back with slow-festing diseases yourself? I watch Discovery Channel and National Geographic one okay *proud* and there was an episode about germs, worms and whatnot. Plenty of people have worm of different sort from that kind of country. And it will only cuase them trouble when the worm grows and give birth to more and then get to the person's brain/ lungs etc. It could take them 10 years to realise they have harmful worms in their body. The smaller ones can crawl across their eyeballs, medium ones crawl under their skin and the bigger ones feed on their body tissues. Okay, i just wanna tell you, i'd rather we talk about doggies and your pet now. Not human - human compassion.

Having said that, i am the kind who will give money to old ah ma begging. So don't think i live in my own world with my dogs only okay =)))

So in many cases.. We are all alike but we are just luckier becox we have the ability to speak. And the fortune of having a CHANCE, that people might understand.

But doggies don't have.

So we could only feel them, and do what we think we can do best for them.

Side tracking a bit, i do feel that dogs have this special thing. Like.. A wavelength that they can choose to share with certain people. You how some dogs are trained to detect a on-coming epilepsy before it happens and will get their owner to a safe place before their epilepsy attacks.

And before the 2004 tsunami, it was reported from various places that their doggies don't wanna go out, feel restless and the dogs that live in the wild, fed by the villagers who claimed that the dogs keep running up the hills and stayed away from the down sides of the village.

So.. My story is one time i had a major migraine attack, and i vomit and my fingers, tongue and back went numb and the headache was eating me up slowly. That time i was still sleeping on the floor cox i had no bed right. And my Love went out of the bedroom to get something which i didn't know cox i was sleeping right, and then i dreamt of Tiffany sneaking in and coming to me to lick my face. And then i open my eyes becox something wet went across my face, it was Tiffany there. And the very moment, i could swear i felt like i just shared a vision with Tiffany. Like a non-existing thing. I don't even know how to explain. Do you know what i mean? I KNOW I JUST SAID I DON'T KNOW HOW TO EXPLAIN, SO HOW COULD YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN, but do you know what i mean?!!??! =D

So anyway, i just wanna tell you guys to think before buying puppies from pet store becox they are cute. I mean yes i know, they are so cute!!! Everytime i go to pet safari at Vivo, i just can't help to think if i have a landed and a few maid, i will so buy the GR pup, the husky pup, the lab pup, and maybe a doberman from the pet farm that my Love likes. Hahaha. I know! Puppies are all so cute! And when they are for sale, and you have the cash, and your dad and mum allows, you will buy it! WHO WON'T?

Tiffany puppies then

Annuva with the silly tongue-out who has Daddy's one arm 3/4 sleeve, one arm long sleeve.

Titus the handsome boy now named 樂樂. He's got Daddy's chest hair.

Kiska the princess who looks like Daddy Drago!

And i am not saying NOT to buy. If they are so cute, HOW NOT TO BUY? I am only trying to ask you to consider adopting first. Okay, maybe my Love and i are not so guilty afterall, we did went to SPCA before we bought Drago, he went twice, me once, to check out the doggies up for adoption. We wanted the husky but was told that we'd be on the waiting list for that. And then we did see other doggies but OKAY YES, we only wanted a husky. So.. I am not so guilty of just crossing out the doggies at the shelter.

If any of you are keen to have a doggie, maybe you should see this page regularly. I check it once every monthly.. Just to see which doggies are newly up. I saw two husky up for adoption at one time, and i was soooooo tempted but i know i can never! At least not for now for sure =((

But huskies, GR and other breeds are always out fast. It's the cross breeds.

But if you guys give them a chance, you might never know if they could be the one that will be there for you, and always wants you!

I cried and cried watching "10 Promises to My Dog". And kept calling Drago "Bao Ma" for the next 2 weeks. Haha. Bao Ma is how the Korean girl call the doggie in the movie. There's something that i'd always remember,

"You have many friends, but i only have you"
from a doggie to owner.

Haiya i don't want to write anymore, just go and find your potential BFF. You might find it at SPCA.

Going to find the mommy dog now.



Jazzmine said...

OMG drago and Tiffany had babies before?? Like when they were living together with you at your house?? WOAH. that's so cool! You should totally do up a post on it!!!=DD

Unknown said...

Never knew your dogs had puppies before! they are so cute!
I've once been to huskies nursery with lots of dogs and pups! All with these amazing eyes! so super nice! That man their owner lives in the country quite far away place and have some assitants to walk the dogs. And they have planty of space in their property.