23 May 2010


Due to the many emails i am receiving that is downright ridiculous, insulting and impossible, I gotta voice this out, that I am not accepting any personal sponsorship to my breast implant.

Well unless it's from my siblings. HAHA.

And having said that, i am only accepting sponsorship from centres and clinics who can perform such procedures, if any that is.

Those people who just wanna sponsor becox they wanna touch, play or smell it afterwards, CAN JUST GO DIVORCE YOUR WIFE AND TELL HER YOU ARE UNWORTHY TO BE THE FATHER OF YOUR CHILDREN AND TOO DIRTY TO BE HER HUSBAND becox you wanna cheat on her over two B-cups of silicon / saline / fats. And you can also admit to her that sex hasn't been good. She will sure let you go.

For doing that, you still don't get to play with me but you can have my soiled pad for free.
Go lah, go do it. You gross, i more gross!

So don't bother emailing me if you're not a surgeon centre / aesthetic clinic or any of that sort.

Thank you =)


P/S Advertorial tonight with very pretty pictures of Jayelle and i ^.^


David said...


You are a fashion homerun!

Awesome and beautiful!

Great photos and refreshing poses!


QiuQiu said...

Thank you Dav!

Do you blog? =)

David said...


I am not a blogger.

My life adventures, or rather lack of such would put any read to sleep.