29 May 2010

My questions to you are..

Haha.. Since i'm already one of the Top Ten finalist for Best Modelling Blog at this year's Singapore Blog Award hosted by Omy (That's like my destination, reached already), and there's so many people asking me random stuffs, WHICH, i'm totally cool with it, i think it's only fair if you all can answer some of my questions also, right?

1) Why she so chio never get in?

 Her first nomination

 Her second nomination

 Picture from http://whitecrystal-nc.blogspot.com/

Hi Crystal (at night), no what, you are very chio =))


_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

2) You all REALLY like jagged jawline and face line with blurred details due to lousy liquifying skills in photoshop and SUPER white face in every pictures? That was a question okay, not an accusation =))

Oh hi~ 矇矇就是美?! Love my jawline!
 Honestly, i can't do as well as that-bad.

3) If, IF OKAY, if i look so blurred in all my pictures, why my friends in those same pictures still look sharp and clear? *guilty*

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

4) I was following "就想賴著你" starring Jerry Yan and Ella from S.H.E.

Now i am very confused. Question is, do i leave Donnie Darling Dear for Jerry Jello pie??



_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

I'm tired, time to sleep. You all go vote for me lah, at least i give you the minimal of whatever the category is about
If you read it as literal as it is from the chinese characters, it's Best Personal Pretty Pictures blog, HAHA. Tell me, if jaggedjaw wins, Yutaki can just burn his camera and totally just stop using photoshop and better, go back to using film. NOTHING TO PLAY ANYMORE ALREADY WHAT?!

I mean if you wanna talk about really eye-pleasing pictures, who can fight with him?!

I don't dislike anyone (lying), i just think it'd be great if the right people gets the right stuff. But then again, it hardly ever happens.

So yeah, maybe you can just continue enjoying the Boobs Out Loud.


P/S This year very ang-gong-gong! Got three Angs in the Top Ten for Best Modelling blog! ^.^


geck said...

hey qiu qiu

i love your last ps msg the best. ang-gong-gong!


QiuQiu said...

Yeah!!! Jiayou! ^.^

Crystal Phuong said...

Hey babe, So cool! Accidentally read ur blogpost about me, lolz...I wasn't lucky enough to get in so good luck to you ok! :D You are chio too babe!