03 November 2010

I found a way to take pictures!

In my house! Previously i was using this wall in my bedroom as the background, i'd set my camera on self-timer, place it on the printer, and then i'd step back to the wall and then it'd snap.

I have to constantly adjust the camera position becox i can never aim correctly =( There'd be the fan in the frame, and the lighting is always one sided becox that's just how the positioning of my bedroom is. So in short, i've been taking pretty decent pictures becox i salvage most of it in photoshop.
So! Today i found another way to snap self-timing pictures! Okay i didn't actually find it, my boyfriend was the one. He reads my blog sometimes so i can't take this credit. HAHAHA! If not i would have told you guys i was the smart one.

Now i snap pictures in the doggies' room! Mounting my cam to a light-stand. It's not a tripod so it can only take horizontal pictures. And the lighting coming in is facing me straight-on! WOO HOO!!! Even lighting! Plus doggies' room got no curtain. SO FULL BLAST NATURAL SUNLIGHT for me! =DDD

Don't worry hor, doggies' room is just for them to do their business, drink water and to have thier 3mins meal. I don't keep them inside to sunbathe. It's not hot anyway, it's just nicely lit. My doggies have more space than me =S

So here you have!

Natural sunlight, natural me without makeup, without photoshop.

LOLOL!!! Just trying my luck. Hahahah!

Totally love this colourful checks shirt from Fashionabee!
Can wear it this way..

Or simply just pull it over another plain top!

And this fluttering sleeves dress!

Sorry, i had to frame it up. HAHA!
I look like a princess from ancient time! =DDD

Who wants bigger looking breasts? Oh! ME! ME! ME!

If you like any of these and more, visit Fashionabee!
Love the quality and youthful collection!

And yeah!!! Love it that now i can take chiooooo pictures with much ease!!!


Next is to get a better camera. HAHAHA.



Anonymous said...

Your third picture the hair there u liquify until like wtf -.-

QiuQiu said...

I know. So?

Anonymous said...

what camera are u using?

Anonymous said...

Hi pretty :) I cant find colourful checks shirt at th blog url. May i know its at which category?

Anonymous said...

hey, may i know what coloured contact lenses are you wearing?

QiuQiu said...

I'm using photoshop contacts..Canon Ixus 60 camera and the category to find the colourful shirt is SALE =))

Anonymous said...

Hey, I think you've achieved a lot at such a young age. How's your skin now? It looks a lot better.