17 November 2010

Saving my face..

If you think this is me..
Watery eyes, fair skin..
You're wrong..

If you haven't seen the world's grossest face, you gotta find me here.
Be warned it's gross. Pus, inflammation and more pus on my face.

I also mentioned that it's gonna be taken care of by Adonis.

May the dark days begone! =D


I don't care how some of you might have certain perception for this branding, i'm going for whatever works for me! And being around for 30 years and still going strong, this speaks a lot about Adonis ^.^ And i'm so goddamn happy that they're helping me to regain the "BEAUTY OF MY FACE". Lolol! Don't puke, it's true! I think if i have clear complexion, no dark eye rings, no cracking lips, i'm actually quite alright! =D

I give myself a honest 6.3/10 and a confident 7.2/10 IF i have clear skin! So if i want to be a 7.2 without makeup on the chart of HOTNESS, i have to do something to my skin! Hahahaha!!!

But my face is as such, i give myself like a 2.8? =((
I look like i'm dirty and smelly.. ='( AND, unhealthy..

But NOW!!! I have ADONIS!

Photobucket The lighting makes the scarring and flaws on my face look a lot less obvious.
I'm with Audrey, outlet manager and my skin-consultant!
 See how tight i'm holding her shoulder? LOL. It says
"Aud, all my hopes are in your hands now, 我靠臉吃飯的"
LOLOL!!! No lah, i wasn't threatening her, i swear.

So it's all happening now.. From this room!

Photobucket I can imagine the thoughts running in Audrey's mind
"Let me see this.... Oh, wow. Oh.. Oh no, oh my god. HOLY SHIT."

BUT NO LEH! I ask Aud and she say there are worst cases, but they are professional enough to see solutions when they recognised the problem. So i'm glad i'm not being judged here! Lol. If i am a consultant and i see a girl with a face condition like mine, thoughts that'd run through my head will be..

"Walao eh.. She got wash face one not?"
"I bet her pillow case never wash for 3 years lor.."
"Omg, where's my hand sanitiser.."
"Shit, i think i touched the pus part"
"Damn it, can't sleep well tonight already lor. Thought Halloween over liao?!"

Okay, so i conclude, i better just stay as as blogger instead of commenting on people's skin. Hahaha!

Photobucket Let's see my face in about 100000000 times bigger. Haha!

 This is healthy skin, but it's not on my face, it's somewhere on my arms.
You see a lot of firm, neat triangles.

Now let's see the areas on my forehead and near brows.

I don't care. HAHAHA.

It's gonna serve as a reminder to myself..

To never ever ever ever let my skin become like this again.

So here we go..






Oily yet dehydrated.
Pus-sy and inflamed.
3D with holes.
WOW! That's a great combi! To become a freak!

Let's see the sides..

Sorry it isn't clear on my camera but i guarantee you, you won't like a clear picture anyway.

Hi, my nose. You bloody idiot. Shape kns, never mind.
Always grow pisai, never mind, i enjoy digging.
I hate my nose even more now.

So after looking at the skin UPCLOSEANDBIG, Audrey is explaining to me a few factors contributing to my face condition.


Lololol!!! That's not what Audrey says. That's what i say!

Becox Audrey say it's the lack of rest, diet, hygiene and perhaps also stress.

Becox i blog and surf the web too much (For who?! You all! LOL), i lack rest and thus when i'm awake at odd hours like 1pm, it's lunch time and it's too crowded to go eat outside so i eat whatever food i can find at home and it's always junk food and becox after eating junk food i sometimes (it's really all the time) forget to wash my hands and continue using the comp and then i might touch my face with it and then my face will gradually degenerate to this state. And when it has pimples, i don't dare to apply anything on it. And with  all that, i get stressed and when i get stressed, all the more i can't sleep, need more junk food and thus have dirtier hands. LIFE IS A BITCH, A VICIOUS CYCLE.

Haha. So point is, Audrey say the problem lies with me, i say it's you all =DDD
Hahaha! It's so 7-11 like that! =D Convenient, geddit?!

Audrey pointing out the parts that needs dedicated treatment..
It's almost my whole face -.-"


The room, bed, lighting and background music along with the soothing treatment after treatment done so gently by my beautician can put me to sleep in a snap.

When i wake up, i'm gonna be on my way to be a natural 7.2/10
Hahaha! ^.^

According to what your skin type is, it will be treated differently with various methods.

Mine in summary was deep cleansing, extraction (Although this part might be torturous to some of you, but think of it this way, you HAVE to do this! This is the part that makes me feel best cox i know dirt and pus and millia seeds are being removed!), moisturising, hydrating, eye area regenerating and in each process, there could be a few steps. So spending 1.5 - 2 hours just removing the undesire, soothing the traumatised, and treating the whole face with goodness, was REALLY shiok.

Okay i lied, i don't know if it was shiok or not, i fell asleep and only wake up time-to-time to check out what's happening. HAHAHA.

And after the treatments, there's a 'zen area' for you to chill and relax! Adonis have choices of a few all-natural flower/ herbal tea for you to soothe your mood and detox your body.

I never ever drink tea / coffee becox caffeine does REALLY bad things to me so i thank god these are caffeine-free! ^.^ Talk about everything going smooth, things like that i take into account. Haha. What, you don't know one lor, if i sway, everything small little things also won't go my way.


I want everything! Energy, detox and anti-flush!

And while i slowly, zen-ly, relaxingly sips my tea..

Yuki (my beautician) gently-gently explain to me some of the products that i'd be given to do home-maintenance. But both the products are once a week affair. So we'd talk about that.

With friendly and helpful staff at ADONIS, i know i'd be well-taken care of!

Thank you Adonis! Thank you Daphne! =D
Thank you Audrey and Yuki!
Thank you Qiuting! For being a decent blogger! Hahaha!

You want to see the results right?!

HERE! I very gut-lak lor! Everyday take one set of pictures!

Day one, in the night after treatment.
Temporary marks are expected becox impurities blocking my pores BIG TIME are being expelled.

Day 2, 3 and 4 were just waiting for the marks to go off and letting the traumatised area rest and recover! And i've been religiously using skincare product once in the day when i wake up and once in the night time before i sleep =D Actually i have pictures of my face EVERYDAY. But the difference is really not significant for you to see on picture day-to-day.

Day five! Sorry this one happen to have some sunblock on it!
Woohoo!!! I can see it happening anyway!

Now my face is a lot fairer becox on the 5th day i couldn't help it, i used the soft-peeling gel! When i'm supposed to use it once a week. I just wanna let the marks fade faster and the dead skin to be rubbed off! Hehe.

Simple steps to how the soft-peeling gel works!
Note that my complexion is not photoshopped and i only have eye-makeup on.

Have a suitable amount of the soft-peeling gel on your finger(s)

Start to massage around with it until you feel that the hydro is slowly turning dry..

And if you see these, don't freak out!

 Here! The SOFT-PEELING GEL from Adonis!
Help you massage dead skin cells away in a jiff! I think it works for me in a way it softens the dead skin cell slowly when i first started the massage, and then continual massage removes the dead skin cell. And in it is also essence that promotes cell renewal and prepares my skin to receive nutrients from moisturiser effectively becox now, there's no more sipi (dead skin cell) blocking my face! ^.^

You can get hold of a bottle from HERE!
Or visit any Adonis outlets to have your hands on one, or even easier, simply head down for Adonis roadshow to purchase the peeling gel!
22-26 Nov @ Raffles Xchange
Raffles MRT

Up to date (two weeks since visit) without makeup!
And only removed a little bit of my dark eye rings! =D

The next time you see a bare face of me, i got a good feeling that it won't be puke-inducing =D

Thank you again, Adonis! ^.^

You help teenage girls (just-puked) like me to battle our skin problems!
Haha, no lah, any age group, Adonis can help you.

Although i know it'd take a while more to clear all the marks, but from THIS to now, you must give us a pat on our shoulders already =D

I'm becoming more.. CHIO IN ALL WAYS! And a lot of effort is put in. From me and the people building me. Thank you =)

Thank you, readers.


Anonymous said...

CONGRATS QIUQIU!! i also wish i can go for this kind of skin treatment, but i just don't have the money to do so. now you are on your way to perfect skin = even prettier face!

Anonymous said...

wow u must be extremely rich! 10k for breast fillers and in addition, skin treatment. i envy u. if i have ur financial capability, i would spend a bomb on my sucky hair!

Anonymous said...

HI QQ! big improvement eh.
is this suitable for girls aged 15?

bet this is really expensive:x

QiuQiu said...

Anon, THANK YOU!!!! ^.^

Anon, i'm not rich. I am sponsored.

My bf's 12 yro neice goes there for facial mainly to remove blackheads on nose and millia seeds on forehead. Then a soothing facial mask. She join package with her mum.

Anonymous said...

Qiu may I know which Adonis outlet did you go to?

Anonymous said...

how much is 1 package ?!

Anonymous said...

I hope you get better skin soon! I would share my story with you but it seems tooooo long. I personally know how it feels. But, NO PAIN NO GAIN. Especially when they pick out your spots big and small, open or close. Where I go for facial, to compensate (I think!!) they give excellent massages. And they use awesome products on my face (cellexc) and by the smell of it, I THINK they use a mask they made their own. Cos it smell strong and herbal-ly. But good and soothing.

I wish you the best of results!

Anonymous said...

Actually from what I have gathered so far from reading some of your post, you don't seem to wash your hair all that often (you might have been joking... I don't know).

Anyway, oil and dirt can accumulate quite rapidly on your hair, and transfer onto your face quite easily during daily activities, especially in this weather. Therefore always shower and wash your hair before bed so you can go to bed with completely cleansed and moisturised face and hair. Never sleep on your pillow with dirty hair; it will transfer onto your face whilst you move around at night.

If you are afraid of drying your hair out because you are washing it daily, just remembered to conditioned it after every wash.

Hopefully things get better soon.

p.s. as long as you have no need to look glamorous (eg. just chilling at home), always keep ALL hair away from your face even though it doesn't look very fetching.

Anonymous said...

how old are you?
i have the same skin problem like you also, but i went to a proper skin doctor and they recommended me this acne vitamin, it worked like a charm! after few weeks, i see a big diff in my skin. and the best thing? i dont even need any extraction for it. :) the vitamin helps to reduce the oil in my face. :) all the best!

QiuQiu said...

Anon, i visit the Lucky Plaza one. Might change, it depends to which one i find more convenient.

Anon, price you have to see what skin type you are and what treatment you might take. Better for you to call them =)) Or simply walk in for a consultation.


Anon, yes i dont wash my hair that much =( And when i'm home i'd tuck my hair behind my ears.

Anon, i'm 18. Kidding! 23.

Girl_me said...

Dear Qiu Qiu,

I came across your blog through a friend of mine who is a reader of yours. I have acne which is 10 times worst than you, however you're much more fortunate than me seeing as i am neither pretty nor wealthy. I think you're really brave posting those pictures as other people tend to deny of their flaws while you don't. You're really original and no, you're not ugly. Your post made me laugh out loud and i really enjoy reading you. I'm envious of you! :)

~Lunaria~ said...

Hello again Qiu!Congrats on your skin improvement,and you new breast operation first of all!Also,i believe as well that you are very brave to post your pics like that,but your face features are pretty even if you had acne.I don't have acne,but i have dark circles which i hate ,'cause i can't cover them properly if i don't buy expensive consiler,and they won't go away no matter how much i sleep! Your consiler must be perfect though!Which one are you using?

Anonymous said...

pimples on the forehead are generally caused by stress. i used to have them for years, almost everyday.

if u have junk food, heaty stuff regularly, of course they will give u breakouts. so when u take these stuff, try to take chrysanthemum, green tea instead of soft drinks. remember it's those that are low in sugar or no sugar, coz sugar is heaty & bad for health. but take green tea less often coz it's very liang (cooling). too much is bad ah, wait dai ji dua diao..

and then, not enough sleep also make u heaty (xu1 huo3 - TCM terms)& gives u pimples.

do u constipate?
this will give u bad health, a lot of toxins inside ur body, bad breath, bad skin tone, tummy out of shape coz the shit take up space inside u, and PIMPLES, and bad money luck! don't keep rubbish inside ur body.
so u see ah.

i am guo4 lai2 ren2 of all the above mentioned. i got some of these knowledge from TCM doctors & fengshui practitioner, that's why i can tell u so much.

do u drink enough water? cracked lips is also caused by dehydration.

watsons or pharmacies sell a wide range of detox products. can check it out which one u think is best for u & ur pocket.

yes, cleanliness & hygiene are very important. i hope u take the advice of that Anon ok?

actually u can use different types of mask a few times every week or everyday. there're affordable ones around. those in jars or tubes, sachets are more cost-saving. for cleansing, best to use peel-off masks. don't forget, use cleansing mask 1st then followed by moisturising mask. if ur skin is all clogged-up with impurities then how absorb the goodness of beauty & skincare products?

good luck!

Anonymous said...

i used to go for facial sessions monthly and personally felt that the pimples would eventually come back after awhile.

after that i was recommended by a friend to see a skin doctor, prescribed me some medicines, went 3 times and now my skin is close to flawless already

i hope this facial sessions would work for you!

Anonymous said...

wow, I think you should do a tutorial on how to cover the blemishes from the acne! It would be cool! Because from your vids and pics, really can't see any zits at all!

Anonymous said...

Hi qiuqiu. Can I know how much did you pay for adonis? Cause I really wanna go.

Anonymous said...

how did you conceal ur skin so well? it's flawless with makeup!!!

Jasmine said...

hi qiuqiu

can u check for me if im able to buy the adonis tea?

Unknown said...

so glad your skin seems to improve dramatically since then!