09 November 2010

Behind-the-scene of our bo liao girlie camwhore session!

So i asked a few nice girls together for a camwhoring session since we've been tweeting each other so much on Twitter.

So here we go, pictures! ^.^

These are the names of the girls who were supposed to make it for this girlie session!
Crystal couldn't make it cox she wasn't feeling well!
And i find it REALLY unfair? Cox Gen's cookie has more glitter than any of us.

Look at all my bo liao stuff! And this is just mine! Sophie has a whole lot too!
I give her the most-on award becox she REALLY brought all the bo liao stuff.

Vanity table ^.^

Me thinking to self" Why did i choose green? I wanted pink.."
Sigh, end up green isn't really my colour =((
But i was too lazy to change it.

Becox i was happily snapping the girls in-action!
So i couldn't be bothered to change my eyeshadow colour.
Anyways, i know there's Photoshop to save the-endofthe-day.

Xtine (the girl in pink) WAS VERY NICE to arrive first, and was dressed in PINK! Lol! So i'm giving her the Early Nice Bird award. And plus pink is really not her colour! LOL! But i go and put bright pink eyeshadow on her! And she's like my little daughter who doesn't have a choice with a mum that goes, THIS! THIS WILL LOOK SOOOO CUTE ON YOU! Lol!!! Sorry Xtine! I swear i didn't know pink isn't really your colour!

Everyone else is happy except Geck who's serious and Soph looking emo at the back.
She's just gor-ing glitter nail polish on her nails!!! -.-" No skill one!
Just dip, dig and gor! Lol!

We were really happy to have My Hair Queen sponsoring our wigs!

I was on short wig, then i changed to this. All within minutes!
Becox they all look quite good on me! HAHAH.
Okay, honestly, except the blonde and the pink. I don't look good in those =(

Gen might be thinking: "Qiuting, what the heck, can you just make your mind!!!"

Yeah, i went back to the short wig. LOL. And changed to the leopard outfit again. By this time Xtine, Geck, Sopf and i are done mainly. We're just waiting for THE GRAND SHOWDOWN by Gen. Lol. This crazy one really went all out.

She's so into trying all the weird stuff. Oh yeah, the clean look with clean white top *shake head* lies. LOLOL!!! I mean yah, she's a bright girl and does only the right stuff and all, but when it comes to weird, i think she's scoring too!

And Xtine was going on about hungry hungry hungry. So while Gen does her BURLESQUE look, lol, we go attack the cuppies and cookies from Sugarie Sweet Bakeshoppe!

OML, so damn chio!!! And the cookie is sooooo buttery and yums! I love it!!!
Every bite got the pink pearls one! Luxury lor! Lol.
I feel like my sh*t will be sparkly already.

That's of course not all! =DDD


AHhhhhhhhhhhh~~~!!! THEY ARE SO CUTE RIGHT?!?!??!

Our cuppies had a chocolate cake base.

It's not too sweet, both the icing and the cake worked out REALLY, REALLY, REALLY well for me. Becox i can't take the ones that they typically sell, where they have this whole chunk of icing cream on top and the cake base is sweet and everything is just sweet, sweet, sweet.

The cake base is great too cox it doesn't flake out becox it's moist! No dry cuppies for me please! So hard to eat cox i'd keep dropping cake crumbs on myself!

Only for princesses ^.^

A little preview of our to-be blonde bunny..
She's gonna turn out to steal the show and she did!
Everything look soooo perfect on her lor!

While everyone choose the cutsey style, there're rebels that go vintage, old shanghai.
HAHA! Who else but the eccentric GeckGeck right!

And Soph was about to turn to the dark side..

Thank God she found something else to accessorize up with.
Final touch up of thick ah gua falsies.. And so we did round one!

Round two! Haha! Geck geck finally got sick of the furry tai-tai look!
But obviously Gen isn't giving up her blonde look!!! LOL!
She's like "I don't care, i'm eating my cookies! Nope! Not gonna change my hair!"

Soph acting like cute.. Haha!

The Crazies!!!

I swear all of them (Esp Gen!!!!!) took my Cute theme over the top, in fact, they BLOWN OFF the top, and went all out to be.. Ahem, let's just say A LOT more than Cute. But it's still chio nonetheless! It's just.. OKAY!!! Nevermind! You guys will get to see all the pics soon!

If it's crazy, Gen wants some.

 Oml. I might be doing the Everybody SMILE~ *SNAP!*
And nobody cares.. =(((((

 And the ultimate ang moh!!!

 Is actually quite cheena. Lol.

I think Soph deserve the Most-On award.

After the shoot..

 Geck playing a fool..

Can't thank the girls more for coming! I had so much fun snapping pictures of them but MORE fun photoshopping them! Next up.. WILL BE A LOT, A LOT more exciting. Becox.. By then, i might be a grown up already =))

For once in a lifetime, at least.

23 years.. Wished for plenty things.. Plenty things came true (read here). And none was sustained. Becox i didn't know what i wanted. But i just wanted it to know it. Like a headless chicken.. Running loose. It's really sad actually, that people think i might have done certain things, but actually whatever you're seeing now, almost everything, was a chance given by others to me.

I mean, you didn't know me before i got on negative news. You didn't know me before i appear on Budget Barbie. So matter of fact is, you wouldn't know me if some shit reporter didn't write shit about me, and you wouldn't know me if Munkysuperstar didn't give me a chance to be on Clicknetwork. Right?

But i don't know if there are things that i have actually done myself.

I mean, okay.. *do fake humble smile* Other than the fact that i am born like this, like sort of pretty, and tall, and not fat, and is actually quite cute, i think, HAHAHAHHA, other than these.. What have i done myself? Okay, also other than the fact that i'm quite diligent.

OH! I know! I'm diligent! That's it lor!!! =DDD

I'm diligent in making things happen for this! I mean c'mon! I gotta give myself some credit! I have been bumming for like.. Not very long, just 5 years in-and-out? Mostly out. But to keep this passion going, i actually put in A FUCKING HELL LOT of effort! Okay maybe it's not good enough only becox i haven't got a new camera. Haha!

BUT! From blogging-happy to blogging-struggle becox shit happens and then back to blogging-happy and starting to earn from it, i think i deserve some kind of acknowledgment! That i'm actually quite strong! As in i don't go commit suicide when shit happened! I didn't cry! Okay i did the first time, but after it's like.. No biggies.

But it just makes me feel really lost sometimes, and lose faith and all, when conversations always go this way..

- - - - - - -

Anyone: So what are you doing now?

Me: Oh nothing much.. Just put some stuffs online and earn a little bit out of it..

Anyone: Oh, so you sell things online?

Me: Not really.. I just write some stuff about the things i do and maybe sometimes some write-ups for products and services..

Anyone: Huh.. You blog is it?

Me: Yah.. Sort of..?

Anybody: Really can earn one meh?

Me: .. Normal lor, earn more, spend more. Earn less, spend less..

Anybody: Then many years down? You gonna keep doing this?

Me: I'd keep blogging becox it's my own blog no matter what lah.. But..

Anybody: Then what you wanna do next?

Me: *Err.. Like stop talking about this with you?* Oh, i'd really want to own a shop of my own.. Sell some stuff..
_ _ _ _ _ _ _

You know how it is when nobody supports what you do? Times like this i really am thankful for my dad, sisters, boyfriend, girlfriends and doggies.. And anyone who's been nice.. so far.


Steff said...

those cupcakes looks really damn cute ^^ made me crave for cupcakes all of a sudden :)

Xtine said...

Actually, i never knew the theme was cute. and by the way, i actually have a business idea to sound u out.

fattygirl said...

hi qiuqiu! :) wanna ask where you bought the rubber band (colorful round balls) at? the second photo of this post. at the top right hand side! I have been finding it for quite a long time already!! THANKS!! :DDD

QiuQiu said...

Xtine I said bring anything girlie and cute what!!! Lol! Come, what thing can make money, say.

Fattygirl, i got it at Daiso rivervale. But it run out of stock VERY fast. I saw it at vivo once, one week later i go back, no more. So when i saw it at rivervale mall, i have to buy one. Haha.

Anonymous said...

you deserve nothing. this is my frank opinion. all that you own now are too easy. if one day you turn old, will there be anyone to let you don their outfits?

NO. grow the shit up. take my piece of advice or leave it, it is your life afterall.

geck said...

your post is damn funny. (: thanks for making the effort for such a wonderful gathering.

YOU ROCK !!!!!

Just a fan (: said...

I think Anonymous just can't accept the fact that you are living an 'easy' life (I mean you have your problems too but i hope you know what i mean). You're definitely entertaining (your blog, budget barbie, tweets) & i'm envious on the amount of accessories you have ! (:

GenevieveWijaya said...

HAHAHA This is really an interesting post!!!

Unknown said...

the camwhoring session look so fun. I like the cuppies, so cute and pretty, do they taste nice?

Anonymous said...

darling, twat means vagina... just so you know...

fattygirl said...

:O my side here de daiso never sell leh! unfair :( anw i saw it at yishun today buy i didnt buy cause there's like so many different colours of hairs 'sticking' onto it *YUCKS*

Anonymous said...

You use your fingers to put on eyeshadow? omg...

Anonymous said...

a random one but is one of them models for Chicmoss? looks kinda familiar.

Anonymous said...

Harlow! Can i know where did you get those eyeshadow palette?

QiuQiu said...

Apple, I LOVE IT!!! YUMMYYES!!!!

Yeah i use fingers, fang bian.

Yup Geck use to model for that brand.


Coco Tai said...

OMG YOU'RE SO EFFING THIN! FUCK YOU! haha no, but seriously jealous no matter how pretty you say I am!