01 November 2010

When i say i wanna lose weight in November..

I mean it. So i got these from my sister. Both her and my brother-in-law lost 2kgs in 10 days. It might be a slow process but i rather do it slow and steady than to have drastic drop, and then later drastic ballooning of weight. It'd be bad for health if it's too drastic.

They look very bor (nutritional)!!!

And more of it, i heard this series here provide as much health benefits as it is, as a weight-loss supplements.

I saw inside the ingredient list, got hibiscus one!!!
Stated for use as a refreshing weight management drink or whenever i need a boost!

 And i got this two flavours for the shake mix!
This one says it's packed with 21 vitamins and mineral and other health-protecting herbs, anti-oxidants and fiber. And will help satisfy hunger!!! Wtf! So many things in one! This better be good!

 Got chocolate but i am not convinced chocolate can help me lose weight.
LOLOL! But that's just me lah.

Nuff' said. Haha! This is also used for people to maintain weight for fitness goals.

My 8 yro neice is taking some of the above too. It's prepared for her as a health supplement than a weight-loss thing, becox some of the products help to break down the unhealthy cells and then regenerate into good healthy cells etc. My sis talk so much about it to me, but all i hear is the weight-loss part. HAHA!!! But my 8 yro neice is raving about it as if she's some health/ beauty guru. LOL!!!

I'm not raving about the products hor, becox i am just starting on it, but i'm telling you how excited i am to try cox so many people commented that it's goooood!

Since life is so good now, i want to work on being healthier to enjoy a longer, easier life. Without much medical bills. Haha.

My sisters and cousins are all on this now, some of them started 3 weeks before me. If it's working for all of them (my auntie also lost weight. LOL. It's funny becox i've always known her to be plump and big and stout, i scared when i see her again she's all slim and gentle. I WILL LAUGH!!! Lolol!), it will work for me too! =DDD But i'm only hoping to lose 2kgs, and then i'd continue the rest as a health supplement. So probably gotta change the way i consume it after i achieve the 2kg weight-loss.

ARGH~~~ Being a woman is damn hard lor!!!


You may SMS/ email my sister to ask her more about the products and prices!

SMS/ Call: 81397676

Sorry guys! I paid about $250 to get the essential four.
Just so you're prepared. Health-related stuff, can't go too budget. Haha!


Aleanor said...

@.@ Just why do you think you need to lose weight??

Anonymous said...

i have these too!!:D

Anonymous said...

hey which is the one that your sister is drinking? :D

QiuQiu said...

Aleanor, i need to lose on the tummy and thighs.. And some one the arms =(( It's a girl's thing, right?

Anon, my sis and cousins all taking the essential four, two flavour shake so wont get toooo bored, protein mix, herbal drink =D Now me too!