02 November 2010


 That's me! Hahaha! Coincidentally i'm dressed in black with a sharp edge print on it.
And i'm tall and slanky, so rather sadly, i look like Megamind on the screening day =((

Thanks to Omy for the invite to premier of Megamind anyway! ^.^

I really love this movie!!! Definitely gonna be on my rewatch-and-rewatch list! =D

Laughed through it mostly!

Voices behind the faces!
Will Ferrell as Megamind and Brad Pitt as Metroman.
Hahaha! It's still funny now that i'm typing and thinking of some of the lines in the movie!

See that ugly monster fish? It's a minion! Hehe.
So it naturally gives me an impression that this villian, is like GRU! =D
Trying and trying and trying to be bad!

 For people who love heart-warming happy-love stories, Megamind movie has it too.
But it's mainly funny than loving thou.

Metroman, the man who should stay off music. It's not his direction in life really. Haha!
He should be a model-blogger if not a superhero! He's so much a narcissist!
"Now put your hands in the air. C'mon, c'mon, give it to me, c'mon"

 Megamind baby is soooo cute =DDD
And Metroman baby is just like a smart-alec. LOL. But it's cute too!

So the story is about this two babies, by fate, grew up in two different environments and turning out to be different. Obviously the big-blue-sotong-head is gonna be the bad guy right? And the one with shiny hair has to be the good guy.

But end of the day, who's really the hero?!

The good guy who wants to make a choice for himself or the bad guy who's bad becox he needs company and attention?
You gotta watch it! I don't wanna ruin it for you. Hehe!

This movie will make you feel good! Or at least it made me feel good =))
Everyone will have their turn to shine and show the beautiful side of them..
And it's happening.. =D

Megamind will be showing in theaters on 4th November
Remember to watch it if you want to laugh laugh laugh YFAO! =D