08 December 2010

Latest pictures of MooMoo


And these are MooMoo's new pictures. Please help find him a good family/ owner?

Loves to play bite bite and tug-a-war. Big dog but definitely still a puppy at heart.
7 months old. Will snuggle up and pretend to be the sweetest thing if you scold him.

Very alert, people can walk pass the house, but cannot stop to touch the corridor stuff, if not he'd do low-pitch barks as warning before he really barks. Will be your best friend and house-guard.

Handsome boy does this tilt-head act blur face when you call
"MooMoo" in high pitch. Hehe.

MooMoo needs a new home. Please help ask around?
Email qiutinger@gmail.com

Thank you. Thank you..


Anonymous said...

Hello , how big is moomoo ? got as big as a golden retriever?

Emmy said...

moomoo's owner: smaller than golden retriever a lit.. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi im that anonymous that commented below thr . Is moomoo toilet train-ed ? Cause my dad is looking for a guard dog for his office :-) .

QiuQiu said...

Hi Anon, could you leave your email behind instead? He is paper-trained. So you put the paper where, tell him a few times, he'd do his businesses there, both big and small.

Leave a contact thanks!