04 January 2011

The fire in you.

I remember when i was a kid, i was more persistent in getting what i want. And i didn't care much about anyone, anything else.

But i must have done a lot of stupid things and made plenty of silly choices in my life. Becox look at me, i'm nothing great. I'm only feeling great becox i like to be happy like that. And that's good enough for me.

Whatever gets the job done =)

One simple example, I SUPER FAIL in maths in Secondary School. Algebra is a bloody useless, proud-ass bitch, only engineers and scientists care to fuck. Sorry, had to express how much i HATED it.

If i wasn't cool-headed enough, i might have kill myself (Really, in secondary two, i sat by the window one night and i asked myself, if i die, does it mean i don't have to face meaningless numbers, x, y, a, b, c and solve useless sums cox i know i'd never need them in the future after i graduate) becox even if i figured out how to solve a Algebra sum, i will never figure out WHY I HAVE TO SOLVE ANY ALGEBRA SUM to start with. And that feeling was so helpless!!!

I don't want to be an engineer, scientist or mathematician what! Why do i have to go through this?!

I just want to look pretty and own pretty things and sing songs when i am doing housework, have one or two babies, go for hi-tea every other day, that's all. Maybe i was born to be a princess in modern time!

Like what if things were obvious when i was born?

 Like if i was born like this? Lolol. Okay not the race, just the dramatic pink ribbon on my head. Then maybe my family would know that i'm born to be chio and live a cute life.

 Or if during my teenage years,  i had somebody to tell me it's okay to be hiao, it's okay to overact, then maybe i'd be mould into a Drama Queen!

MAYBE! If my family didn't dress me up in tee shirts and shorts,
and they dress me up like this all the time.. 
 Then i'd be this now!

=( Seriously, there's this Early Human school in Little Fockers the movie, i am not sure if such school exist but i think i might be an achiever by now if i had studied there. Lolol. Just work on one thing you're good at plus interested in, from tender age, and then focus on it!

There should be modelling classes, blogging classes, vlogging classes and camwhoring will be a compulsory module =DDD

HOW??? Everyone wants to enroll in my school already right! Plus the world would be a better place without self-claimed models, without yucky bloggers who only shows )(, without boring TTM vloggers who literately can bore the shit out of us. HOW MY IDEA, GOOD NOT?!

So anyway, i was saying i super-fail in Maths right, after much persistence to figure it out and with much help from gfs, i got a A2 or B3 for Maths i think. In any case, i passed. And it's almost like a miracle. Okay okay, it's Maths. What's miraculous about figuring out Maths, right? Haha! But you get my point!

I'm writing this becox i want to remind myself on how much faith, optimism and belief means to me.. And how much it helped me pull through a lot of shit in life. I'm all good and going now, but the past two weeks were really sucky. It involves a lot of crying, anger, disappointment and uncertainties.

Becox i don't want to be a murderer of a good dog, a very good dog name Moomoo. And sending any pet to SPCA does open it to chance of being euthanize.

I sent numerous emails, make several calls and text almost everyone on my list to check who can help Moomoo find a home.

If there's still one more thing i wanna try hard for in life.. Now, It'd be to find Moomoo a home.

And thankfully, i found a place! It's not a home, it's a boarding place for Moomoo. We gotta pay but it's better than putting him at the industrial area and have him sleep on soil ground and have his white fur turning dark brown.

And the people there at Gentle Paws are really really nice and super good with doggies! Now Moomoo doesn't even whine when he sees us going off -.-" It's like he's more occupied with his two girlfriends in the same enclosure as him.

Meantime, if you guys wanna adopt a doggy, come with me to see Moomoo on Sunday? I'd be there walking, showering the doggies. Yeah, not just Moomoo, you can go interact with other doggies too!

So i'd keep trying.. It's hard, like a Algebra sum. But i'd solve it if i try hard enough =) I'd solve it if i have the fire in me, the burning need, to get it done.

And we gotta do this step by step.. There will be hope, for as long as we believe. There will still be hope even if we don't believe becox the one up there, is kind.

Jiayou, me, jiayou you! =D


Anonymous said...

Hello you look like 王心如 :) like 90%

Anonymous said...

Dear Qiuting,

I'm in secondary three right now and I totally understand how u feel back then! I suck at maths and science,this post is very encouraging!thanks!


Anonymous said...

I own a dog right now and I love dogs too. Seeing how much you are trying to get Moomoo a home warms my heart. :)

Anonymous said...

I hate algebra as much as you do. It really sucks!