19 January 2011

VDay or not..

How are you gonna celebrate Valentine's this year? Movie? Special dinner? Flyer? Picnic? Walk around town with big bouquet of roses?

You might think, anything, so long as you two are in love, right?! Haha.


If my bf bring me on a exorbitantly priced dinner, i will feel like we're being ripped of.

If my bf bring me go flyer, i'd be bored to death cox it moves so slow.

If my bf bring me to some mosquito-infested place for picnic, i'd be be damn pissed.

If my bf gets me even ONE stalk of rose, i'd go apeshit on him, and ask him to give me back the $25 becox what is his, is mine.

In short, i never thought much of Vday. It's not like my bf and i are not in love, it's just, for the past many years, we keep seeing irritating couples on the street, on Vday, acting silly. And we get very pissed. Okay i bluff, only i get pissed.

I feel like the girls holding big bulky stuff always judge me! Like they think they got better bfs / husbands/ sugar daddies than me. And that i am the miserable girl with only handbag and random market plastic bags in hand, and that i am jealous of them. HELL NO?

Carry teddy bear on the street very cute meh! Very dirty can?!?! The traffic dust and it'd be so crowded, your teddy bear will touch sweaty people please!!!

Vday is supposed to be a better-than-good day for me and bf! But if we head out, each time i see a couple doing silly thing, i'd feel angst surge for a while! And before it goes off, i'd confirm see another ridiculous pair of couple!

Click to see, i even made a post on how much a cynic i am of Vday before. Hahaha!

You suggest i stay home, so i won't get pissed? HOW LOSERISH will that make me?! Hahaha! Don't want!

Some more if stay home most likely means must cook. I choose to believe i am not a Cancerian anymore, and here's why. And Geminians are not homely. Hahaha. Reasons to be lazy, never-ending.

Anyway, like said, it's not like i have anything against Vday, it's the things that most people do, that i don't quite enjoy seeing on Vday!

So i am not asking, i am SAYING, don't overdo anything on Vday!!!

This year i'm thinking to do something quietly, peacefully, relaxingly, soothingly lovely, with my bf. Hahaha! Confirm we both will get to enjoy, plus not expensive, plus importantly, i don't get pissed!

And it something's much more different than walking around town, paying two folds the original price of everything to please your other half.

I urge you to consider!

VDAY Organic Facial Package for 2!
By Adonis

Usual Price: $380
VDay Special price: $80 for two pax!!!
Discount: About 80% ?!?!?!?!?!

What is this?!?!?!? Everything is usually more expensive on VDay lor! Think roses, dinner reservation, holiday getaway, EVERYTHING COST MORE ON VDay! But Adonis brings you 79% discount!

And that's not all!!!

Other than the Organic facial for 2 (duration of facial depends on individual's condition), there are other great deals INCLUDED in the package!

- 40% off organic chocolate from Cacao 7 organic chocolates and raw desserts

- $50 Dining Voucher at Friends Restaurant - 293 Holland Road, #02-04

Yes! So meaning you pay $80 for facial, and that's the price for two pax! And inclusive you get dining vouchers, fat-free chocolate vouchers!

And the best thing is you can redeem the facial and dinner from now til 15 May 2011 respectively, so meaning you may purchase it now, and then if you and bf / gf are both busy for this festive-febuary, you can still pick your most suitable date to visit the facial or the dinner!

AND WAIT AGAIN, that's not all!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stand a chance to win Swarvoski crystal worth $86 

You could win this when you get the Organic facial package from Adonis!

And it's limited to 38 packages! You want the best VDay ever not?!
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Email adonis.sales.enquiries@gmail.com

Contact number:
Desired date of appoinment and time: This is if you know already what day you gonna head down!
State desired outlet:
YOU HAVE TO EMAIL FIRST! Then the respective outlet will contact you and reserve for you if there is still any left! Cox this is only for the first 38, if you just barge in, you might be disappointed!

You want a special date this VDay. Don't go out there and fight the crowd. You two can have this most pampering, lovey-dovey time together =D And afterwards, still can use the dining voucher and chocolate vouchers anyway. Haha ^.^


J said...

Erm actually the new horoscope thing only affects those who are born after 2009. LOL.

patricia said...

How do you get famous? I know its a random qn. Just wondering.... =D