17 January 2011

How's it going for you!

Forgot if i tweeted that i was at Tampines1 with boyfriend a few days ago. And they have this Chinese Zodiac forecast standee placed at different places, in the mall. Each level has two or three Zodiac signs.

We spent 15 mins walking up and down, left right and around to find Rabbit (ME! I'm not 24 but i can't possibly be 12. But i'm not 24 anyway) and Rat (him!). Yeah we are the rodent tag-team, we are cool~ Hahaha!

(insert random cute bunny picture below so that post won't be boring and that people will believe you're not a 24 yro rabbit, cox you use cute cartoon in your post, 24 yros don't do that)
 Me! The 21 yro rabbit ^.^V

So anyway, both our forecast turned out bad. Mine a little more worse than his. But i super positive, i told him that the 12 zodiacs placed in Tampines1 confirm all lousy one. Becox Tampines1 must have this FengShui shop somewhere that wants people to go buy some crystal, some ornaments to change the luck for the Lunar New Year, so that's why all the forecast will be lousy.

So we all walked another 10 more minutes, we saw two other zodiac signs, also lousy. So we were A LOT more confident that my saying is correct.

Until we see the Horse sign. SUPER DUPER GOOD LUCK =( Jealous! Hate! Plus crushed our hope that it's just a gimmick that every zodiac is said to have bad luck for 2011 CNY, in Tampine1!

So anyway, FYI, coming CNY all the rabbits 犯太歲. Shit, most of my friends are Rabbits!!! If you're my friend and is a rabbit, please go bai bai or something.

If not don't come near me, i'd go bai bai, have my fortune read, and wear lucky-colour underwear, anything to keep swayness away. Hahaha!

2011 January already half way gone! How's your year so far? Best thing that happened is that i went for QPX. Lol. Now my armpit hair takes 3 days plus to grow stubs! SO MUCH better than the past, half a day to grow stubs -.- I think i got too much testosterone in me.

I got a good feeling, great things are gonna happen this year =)) Becox i don't believe in Tampines1 zodiac forecast, still. Hahaha.

(insert a cute baby picture to win your readers over becox everybody love happy-looking bunny babies)

Buai Buai~ =DDD