23 January 2011

QWeekly - What i did, beautiful deals and discounts, in one week!

How's your week!!! Don't know if you catch it, QWeekly = Qiuting Weekly. Read faster-ly, it actually sounds like Quickly. So Quickly, everything i did in the week, in one Magatorial.

I'm doing this and calling it a magatorial becox..

(1) Slotting in mini ads on my blog is getting very tedious.. And sometimes it really gets out of hand! Juggling the dates, the types of ads and all, MA FAN! So you may now email bongqiuqiu@gmail.com if it's to engage me/ my blog space for anything.

You may still email me at qiutinger@gmail.com for personal stuff. Like..

"what brand and type of contact lens you use"
EVEN THOU I SAID AND TWEETED MANY TIMES that i don't dare to use contact lens.
"What version of Photoshop you using?"
"I was approached by XXXX agency, do you think it's reliable?"
(click) WHEN I ALREADY EXPRESSED HOW I FEEL about street-scouters.

So i'm still reachable via my personal email =D Or better, Twitter! Haha!

(2) I'd love to share little thing i did with you guys! But most of the time when i get down to blogging about it, it's been done and over with for quite some time already =( So this summary keeps you and me both updated! =D

(3) Nothing much, it's just always shiok to see yourself on some magazine-like cover thing. LOL.

Hahaha! So here's what i did for the week! And in between each event, i'd insert an online store introduction/ discount for you, pay attention and you might have an idea of what and where you gonna get your CNY get-up from! =D
_ _ _ _ _ _ _

I've spent like two days touching up my 4th sister in all her wedding shots!!! There's like hundreds of pictures please!!! So i decided to only photoshop her. And that's what i did! So nope, i haven't been touched up in these pictures, but i think i look great! =D
From left - right:
2nd, Me, 3rd, 6th, 4th ^.^
_ _ _ _ _ _

Then i went to Artica to touch up my curly roots and did a new hair colour! Now my hair super smooth can!!! Thanks to the hair treatment too!!! I bummed in the salon for like 8 hours please =((((( BUT IT'S WORTH IT! ^.^

Here's how it looks like =D HOW?!?! Yeah, i'm a banger now. Hah! Colour is supposed to be ash green! It's gonna look more obvious soon!
_ _ _ _ _ _ _

Then i'm off to Adonis for facial!!! I SUPER LOVE FACIAL SESSION!!! Becox one, afterwards my face feel smooth and doing-doing, no impurities AND Daphne from Adonis will ALWAYS introduce me to the most lovely place for meal. My jaws are always dropped, eyes always opened ttm when i get to those places!!! =DDD Like this =DDD Lolol.

Daphne and Me =DDDD

Now i'm into this no-makeup, 素顏 but photoshopped look. LOL. It'd be over soon. Becox it's really quite a lot of job to photoshop a face without makeup! Hahaha! Plan was to look like Angelababy, without make up. She posted a picture of herself without makeup! I'm like, wooooo, still pretty! COPY on Photoshop! Hahahah!
 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 

Then just yesterday i joined MooMoo and friends to Pasir Ris park! It's FURRY DAY with Gentle Paws and Friends!!! ^.^ Moomoo is a lot more calm, a lot more friendly to human and paw-friends now!!! So he's still up for adoption if your family/ yourself/ your friends/ relatives keen!

MooMoo's many sides. Lol.
Cute = UGLY but Adorable!
_ _ _ _ _ _ _

This is the look of the cover! Err.. What look is this? NO IDEA.
Highlight of the makeup: Glitter at inner corners of eyes, white liner at inner-lower eye, ultra pink blusher. All i learn from Disney Princess Video Xiaxue did for Rapunzel look =D


Beatrice Liew said...

u look very pretty with the new hairstyle! <33

Lynn said...

Hello. how often do you touch up ur curly roots?

QiuQiu said...

beabelicious Thank you!!! ^.^

Lynn, about 3 months =)