03 April 2011

QWeekly - All the pretty little things =))


The other day before Hotseat i saw this =D How nice! I manage to capture almost the whole semi-circle! Yes, whole of the semi-circle. Lol.

 Little things that happen that cheer you on and up =D

 My top cost $1.70  Sing dollar. Bought it in Hong Kong! It's not bad right!

 Bag from PGmall Spreee
I told boyfriend to take a picture of me with the bag. And i raised my hand cox i actually want the rainbow too but he only got the bag and cut off the rainbow -.-
_ _ _ _ _ _

 Boyfriend offered to make french toast for me and i'm all like whiny cox all the french toast i've tried are thinly coated with eggs so i'm not a big fan. I might as well eat white bread like this, right? So he did a "double-coated with eggs" sort of french toast. AND I LOVE IT! =D Cox we had it with crispy luncheon meat and garlic chili sauce =DDDDDDD

 Random camwhore shot on cabby. HALLO, if you keep focusing on how huge my forehead is, you'd NEVER be happy. Lolol. Becox this post is about the pretty little things in life that makes people happy! Haha!

 After the event bf and i had dinner at a new Jap restaurant at Plaza Singapura. It's not THAT bad but the noodle they use is like normal Haymee (prawn noodle) de mee. Lol. And the ratio of the noodle VS the cabbage is 20:80 WHICH I DO NOT UNDERSTAND. My Miso butter noodle.

 Bf's Tontoro noodle. He was so sad and unsatisfied cox of the lack of carbo, we went to buy 15 bucks worth of bread. Horrible. Lol.

 Not kidding you. The vegetables are actually PILED up. So doesn't look that much in the picture but the actual leftover cabbage is about three times more than this. Not forgetting we ate quite a lot before this was left behind.

 I thought i look quite decent that day so i went home to get self-obsessed with my $3.90 shawl from Giant. Haha ^.^

Round one cannot take.

 Act sensual. Hahaha ^.^

Johnny Depp's girlfriend. Lolol.

Vest from The199Shop
Okay bye! ^.^


Anonymous said...

where did you get your brown vest from!!

Anonymous said...

20:80 simplified is 1:4! :)

Yingluv said...

Hey qq it was actually a double rainbow :)
I saw both near my house, there actually one really faint one in your first pic if you see the top left corner :) Haha :D

Anonymous said...

how come ur ash green hair drop to brown..

Capucine said...

I love your bag and ni hen mei don't worry! Haha :D

XueLing♥ said...

How did you do the 'Johnny Depp Girlfriend' look using the scarf?? :)

Cowabanga said...

Anonymous #2 - I find that slightly offensive. She's taking 100 as a whole to further elaborate her point. Stop being so judgmental :)

Anonymous said...

oh my! where did u get the brown vest?! i have been searching high n low for it. XD

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm kinda curious, how much do you spend every time you do your hair, I'm still wondering how much I should bring.

Anonymous said...

big forehead does not = ugly right?

Anonymous said...

u are mad chio. i swear.

QiuQiu said...

Brown vest from www.the199shop.com ^.^

Yingluv, it's beautiful yes!

Xueling, i just wrap the shawl around, and tie a simple knot at the back of my head.

Anon, i don't spend on my hair =)) It's sponsored. But usually rebonding the cost would be $250 for my length?