30 March 2011

My first LIVE webcam session and Budget Barbie!

If you missed the LIVE broadcast of HOTSEAT, watch the recording HERE! ^.^ Apparently a lot of people find me cute *not shy* Lolol. Really! Like everyone tweet me say i'm cute. HAHHA. Okay i'm getting a bit shy here *not really*

 Please check out the crazy questions i was asked okay. Click on picture to view!
From if my boobs inside got balloons, to what is a vagina and what is a G-String -.-"

FOR GIVEAWAY on latest Budget Barbie episode!
This Vivi inspired top =D

 Two cute pens where the cover can be stringed into a necklace

One flora pouch, pink smoked top, and a green/yellow top ^.^
View the Episode HERE! This time we go to Bishan and Toa Payoh!

And this is the weekly giveaway item on Budget Barbie Facebook page!
See HERE on how you may win this!

So many free deals on Budget Barbie!!! =DDD I hope you guys will like it! Cox personally, i LOVE free stuff. Lol. Okay bye!!! See you soon!


Anonymous said...

just wanna comment u r pretty natural.sweet too =D

Summer said...

You know I think i got scam once in Bugis! You say most things , $5 , $10. I bought one dress there for almost $50 or $60 leh!! ): SAD!!

SL said...

So im somewhere at the begining of your video and i just heard you burped... Like super loud. My laptop vibrated. HAHA! *Salute* =)

Anonymous said...

Its smocked not smoked. You pronounced it wrongly in your vid too.

Anonymous said...

Oh, forgot to ask during hotseat. Will your boobs explode when on the plane or at another place with different pressure?

Anonymous said...

Qiuqiu, I was asking you at the hot seat that sunday but i got spammed and you were reading my qn halfway but cant finish reading it so... Are you doing an ep on hougang? :/

QiuQiu said...

Summer, you'd been ripped offFffffff!!!

Shiok Leng, Lolol! I'm sorry~~

Anon, Hougang ep will be considered 100%!

MY BOOBS WILL NOT EXPLODE. It's filler injection. Not implant. Even if it's implant, it will not explode wtf.