14 August 2011

Ad: Harajuku Street Style - IN SINGAPORE!!!

Omg this post is so interesting i'm so packed with excitement just typing away here!!! =DDD

Becox i learnt a lot of stuff about Harajuku fashion while doing some research for this post! I had only wanted to show a few types of getup that is more relevant to what Singaporeans girls could wear for our daily life but everything else is so interesting i thought i'd post it up too! Lol.

So Harajuke Street Style is a BIG phrase. It involves many categories. Some of it are..

Where the girls have on SUPER LOTS OF cutsey accessories, that i figured, are usually FURRY, PUFFY, PINK, bright and maybe lotsa plastic on the hairclips. Lol.

Really dark with a tinge of.. Gloominess. Lol. I relate them to living dead dolls.

Another style pretty similar to goth, is the punk style.

The getup with black as main colour, some chain, and most of the time, a jacket. Also some studs/ black leather accessories might be seen along with the punk style.

The term translates to ‘black-faced’. The girls usually have bright coloured hair, really dark skin (faces) and white highlights on area like their lips, brow bone and undereye. HOW FUN IS THIS!!! They dress up in ultra mega luminously colourful clothes, from top to bottom, accessories to shoes!

HAHA. CUTE OR NOT?!?! I want also!!! This style is generally cute mascoty-look-alike outfits!!! I WANT LAH!!! I always see babies got bumble bee and bear overall. I also want my bunny overall =((

Awww.. So princessy and dolly!!!

And one more of the lolita style!!! Just do overturn cupcake dress, cute wavy big hair, and spice up the rest with a little bit of lace, frills, cute fine prints, ribbons and bows! =DDD

This style is actually more for guys who're into skater-fashion, something like a mixture of sports and hip-hop, jazzed up by colours, bold prints and bright accessories! So girls like the two above can don this look also!!! =DDD

There is also a few others like Visual Kei, Cosplay and maid O.O Hahah. Notti notti~~~ Okay anyway, google them if you're keen! They are very far-fetch from what we'd do here so.. I'm moving on from the wide range of styles, back to what we can relate much more easily to here!

Something simple but stylish.. Don a outerwear or throw a shawl over. A little bit of this, makes it's a the whole look a whole lot more interesting.

Checks and bow ties. A cool bob hair cut and top it all up with a geeky specs 8D

Don't forget to wear a cap whenever you can! =DDD I think hat adds to star-factor. Lol.


TANGS celebrates Japanese street fashion with the arrival of Harajuku Street Style Pop-Up Store, featuring the latest and fashion-forward collections from 15 Japanese brands on the forefront of Harajuku fashion scene.

See any familiar brands?!

Celebrated Japanese street photographers Rei Shito will be making special store appearances to launch the Pop-Up Store at TANGS Orchard too!

Where and When!

Level 3 at Playlab: 1st Oct - 2nd Jan
Level 4: 1st Oct - 30 Oct

So after seeing so many styles.. WHY DON'T YOU NAME YOUR OWN STYLE?!?! =DD There will be a Style-Naming game HERE starting on the 27th August! Start thinking about it now!

And on the 9th September, you can post up YOUR OWN styling pictures HERE for the Fashionista competition!!!

The prizes will be given out at the launching event on Friday 7th October at Tangs Orchard.Sponsors and prizes: CITIZEN, Dr. Ci:Labo, JCB

Just follow Harajuku Street Style on Facebook and you'd be updated!!! You won't want to miss the dates cox the prices are AWESOME.

Other than giving out prizes to the people who win the contest on Facebook, there will also be fashion show, goodie bag, opening sale and many more on the launching date!!! 7th of October remember!!!

Some tips for you!!! YOU ARE WELCOME!!! Lol.

Flip and pick: Look at pictures from magazines like Vivi, Mina, Popteen etc. I super giam i don't buy them O.O I borrow lolol. Flip through the magazines and pick up ideas from the 10000000 styles!!!

Layering: One way to stand out from the crowd would be to layer your outfits. Teeshirt alone might be boring. Teeshirt with a cardigan! Teeshirt with a exaggerated brooch! Sounds better? Wear your dress with leggings or a inner lining with lace! =D

Accessorize: From top to toe!!! Hair pieces, necklaces, bangles, handbag!!! Every tiny bit of accessories will help! Hats and eyewear will be perfect!!!

Makeup and Hairdo: Don't forget your hair and makeup!!! Match it with your outfit! Volume and liveliness is always good ^.^

Follow the pointers and improvise and post as many pictures as you like to stand a chance to win when the time comes!!!

So what i gather is that Harajuku fashion is about mixing and matching and spicing it up with accessories, taking care of the tiny details to bring out your own flavour from the outfit!

Random girls on streets of Harajuku looking fine.

It's really like YOU wear the outfit and not just throwing the outfit over yourself. It's beyond looking good, it's about displaying your character.

You can be a cross of styleA and styleB. You can be a mixture of Style C, D, E. You can be anything lah! =DDD So long as you're comfortable in them and you think you can rock it. Harajuku fashion is all about that!!!

Okay you think i talk talk talk no do right? YOU SCROLL DOWN AND SEE! Lol. Those are the outfits i got from a few participating brands!

- - - - - - -

- - - - - - -

How's my styling leh? Got Harajuku-ish not? Lol. Don't have nevermind, becox it's SINGAPORE influenced Harajuku style. Lol.

Where and When! TANGS Orchard
Level 3 at Playlab: 1st Oct - 2nd Jan
Level 4: 1st Oct - 30 Oct

Style-Naming game HERE starting on the 27th August

Fashionista competition on the 9th September!

Follow Harajuku Street Style on Facebook to stay updated!!!

I am excited to see how you guys dress up!!! =DDD


Anonymous said...

hi. may I know where's the place in your photo? thanks :)

smok√ę said...

wow this provides me a lot of great information thank you qiuqiu :) anyway i like all your photos! maybe you should paint your face black XD i hope you'll win! ^^

Anonymous said...

Qiu qiu may i know the venue of where all your photos are taken at for this post? :)

Anonymous said...

All the photos look super awesome!! :)

Anonymous said...

I seriously wish that you would dress like this whenever you go out cus' you really look good when you dress yourself up. You should really stop wearing shorts with just tee shirts.

aud said...

hey QQ, can teach us how u take soft focus shot? or u PS one?

Anonymous said...

Where are the 3 diff places u took your photos from?! It all look very professional!! ;)

Anonymous said...

that 'punk' outfit is actually cosplay of toshiya from dir en grey D:

QiuQiu said...

Anon, punggol! =D

Anon, ikr... I blame myself for being too lazy =(

Aud, ur pictures on ur blog very nice already!! Lol. I photoshop one, i also don't know what is soft focus exactly.

All pictures taken at Punggol! Near the river one!!!

Anonymous said...

Really happy to see you updating even when you're in genting! Really love your blog! Update more often okkkk?

Please create a youtube channel just like cheesie and xiaxue! I support you!

Anonymous said...

I like the 2nd look! The vintage dress + brown boots. Love the boots, so adorable.

Kurumi Sato said...

I done before ganguro!!!

Anonymous said...

hi i think i saw you in Punggol waterway weekend before the national day your quite tall and pretty of course..:) keep it up doll.

Anonymous said...

ur gladiators sandals spoil! haha but u can still pose so well :)

Anonymous said...

Superb photos, beautiful outfits & you look beautiful in them!
Looking forward to more :)

Anonymous said...

where did u get the boots from?

Anonymous said...

YOUR SANDALS SPOIL!!! Lolololololololol

petite said...

in the last pic, the hat from Daiso right? LOL. I was shouting in my heart when I saw it in Daiso and obviously I bought it.
I'm staying in M'sia but watching budget barbie so that I know where to get cheap stuff when I go to Sg.

QiuQiu said...

LOL! I know my gladiators spoiled!! hahaha. So funny i thought i can bluff through O.O

Anonymous said...

think the make up not enough leh.. japanses makeup very thick and dramatic one wor....
Maybe u can try to one more with shocking colours stocking ... rem japanese dress dramatically

Unknown said...

These photos are all quite fun :)

Anonymous said...

the photoshopped sky is kinda cool

Anonymous said...

Hi, may I know where did you get your dark brown boots from? Thank you :)

Anonymous said...

>.< Maybe you should try more bold colours or mixture of style of the clothes?? >.< Your style are more to mori-gal and I like! :D

Alyss said...

Love the dresses, they are cute! Love the photo's as well, especially the first one on the bridge and the ones on the dirt trail. :) Very nice! I wish I could find such cute dresses, although I only wear black. :P

PONPONPON! said...

oo its Kyary Pamyu Pamyu on that picture which u are talking about the nerdy glasses thingy. Kyary is on the left! she is very famous now and i think that is one of her earlier photos :o

Anonymous said...

Hi Qiu Qiu. I absolutely LOVE your yellow polka dot collar dress!!! Where did you get it? Please let me know. You should have a Lookbook!

Anonymous said...

can i buy the yellow dress from you? the one in the last photo. you can name your price!

harajuku Style said...

Amazing photos. I really love Harajuku style. Unique and beautiful costumes.
Of course, you look beautiful in them!
thanks for sharing