16 August 2011

Easy peasy D.I.Y Bubble hair colour =DD


Ready for my first ever youtube video?! =DDD

I was mentioning a few months back that Wendy was urging me to start my own youtube channel so here's a perfect time to start! =D Erm.. Perfect only cox i sat on it wayyyy too long! So anytime ASAP is good!

I am going to kick-start my channel with this video where i compare two foam types of hair colour in the market now. Foam type hair colour makes DIY hair coloring so easy peasy!!! But not all foam type hair colours are equally good. So here, i tested two brands for you all to see!!! =DDD You are welcome!!! Lol.

Watch the video!!!

How do you like it?! Special thanks to Yong Ming who helped me with the filming and editing. Now he's telling me he needs a one year break from me. Like just leave him alone so he can't hear my voice cox he's so sick of hearing me talk when editing the video. Lol.

Please watch the video and let me know how is it!!! =D Thank you~

*assumes that you'd watched the video already (please do if not you won't know what i'm talking about lol)*
I prefer the foam on the right!!! Becox it's so much luxurious!
And becox it looks a little like bunny tail lolol ❤

This is from the foam mixture on the left of the picture above =((
Dark spots are actually powder specks =(( And the bubbles are really rough and coarse. This makes the mixture uneven and therefore the colour results are also uneven.

Left side Liese Bubble hair colour. Right side brand X.

If you can see from the picture, the right side dolly (using brand X) has stain marks on her head as the mixture gets watery and starts dripping as i apply =( So not my fault okay. Lol.

Actually bubble/ foam from dolly using brand X disappear at around 10 - 15 minutes after applying it =(

On the other hand the Liese bubble hair colour works like shampooing! Except NO DRIPPING!!! Even when we shampoo our hair, there might be dripping. But for colouring your hair with this Liese hair product, i could vouch for it - no drip!

Now fast-forward to results!!!

Result of brand X =(((

I could only guess why the colour of brand X is so uneven!

1) The texture of foam is rough thus making it difficult to spread

2) There were powder specks on the mixture, that might have caused the uneveness

3) The bubbles were very loose and those they couldn't grab on well to the hair?

4) Residue at the bottom of the shaker-cup (VIEW VIDEO LAH lol)
Result of using Liese bubble hair colour.

Result speaks for itself =)))

For more info on Liese products or promotions, LIKE Liese Singapore on Facebook! I think they are giving away free samples on Facebook now!!!! =DDD FREE SAMPLES IS ❤


Ellie said...

THANKS FOR THIS QIUQIU!! You look soooooooo cute in the first photo ^^


smokë said...

I freaked out when i saw the two head wtf. And the video editing is really good. Subscribed! :)

You have to shake it HARD! HARD! :D

smokë said...

Anyway please upload videos often because i love hearing your sound! (pervert) Watching your videos just so relaxing (gross) :) IM YA BIG FAN!

Anonymous said...

Your skin looks really good in the vid! Good job

Anonymous said...

which liese colour did you use in the vid?

Anonymous said...

hi qiuqiu,

nice video! can you teach us how to braid your hair/fringe?

Anonymous said...

hey qiu qiu ur voice sounds exactly like how u look!

you should talk more :)

you are so adorable and pretty :)

Anonymous said...

Nice video Qiuqiu!
Can post video on how to braid your fringe? You look pretty!

Nur Norisah Nordin said...

It look so easy n simple.... I love it.... Will promote it to my frends....

Anonymous said...

u look like cheesie in the video.

Anonymous said...

can you do a post to teach us how get fairer and more smooth underarm.and what to use to remove.is such a vexing problem for girls!

Mia said...

Loved the video :)

But you should have said it was going to be a video advertorial

QiuQiu said...


I'd make more videos along the way!!! Tell me some stuff you'd liek to see!!

Next up is probably a braiding my hair video =.= ALthout i'm really bad at it, like quite anyhow.

Lia Octaviani Jayapranata said...

I already use Liese and LOVEEEE the color on my hair <3
I use chiffon beige *if I'm not mistaken ;)*

Anonymous said...

I agree with anon, your skin really looks good in the vid :D. Can't wait for more vids :)

A said...

Hello! May i know your hair color in this vid? :D

Celest said...

YongMing made the vid for u? Wow, u two r like sooooo close lah. Envy u haf such a great friend! I WANT!!!! Hahaha. How come so long no sign of him?

kxin keryn p said...

Love your intro pic. :D And gosh, you're so funny and cute in the video X)

Coco Tai said...

Brand X looks like frothy vomit >.< haha