08 August 2011

I float go~

Direct translation of "我飄走". Haha.

Been really lucky. Been able to do things i'm good at (finally) like shopping for Budget Barbie and having Clicknetwork's support.

Been really really lucky. Been able to have chance to hang out with people i totally adore and admire. Not in the way that they are famous, popular, xiaxue. But in a way they are nice, talented, capable individuals.

Been really fucking lucky, i am surrounded with friends, good friends who are good people on their own.

I'm not the best but i'm not bad, i should know that. They know that.

You're smart. But not everyone else is stupid.

I've always been really positive and optimistic. So.. I float go. LZGBZ.

No really, like for real. I'm going to Genting and i've never been there but people say got lotsa clouds. So i float go. Lolol. Be back on Thurs. I got postings scheduled lah so come back and visit me *insecure* Lol.



smokë said...
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TcPinG said...

Wuahahaha! I float go. I've learnt that. XD