28 August 2011

QWeekly - Randomest stuff

Went to Hair Cuttour to touch up my roots! And do this hair SPA treatment that i SO LOVE!

It's a SPA treatment for our hair (and it smells so freaking goooood!!!) instead of the conventional 'hair treatment' some hair salons might throw in for you as FREE, when you do colouring and rebonding. They'd say "FREE HAIR TREATMENT" but it always go down two ways.

1) They give you the HAIR TREATMENT after they shampoo your hair. And they massage it in, and there you have, HAIR TREATMENT. Lol. Just like how we might use our own hair mask, conditioner at home OR,

2) After applying the HAIR TREATMENT on your hair, they steam it for 10 - 15 minutes. There you have, hair treatment.


It's a FOUR-STEP hair treatment!!!

First we 'detox'. This special step is not just shampooing. It draws out the impurities from our  hair cells, the unhealthy impurities that keeps us from having bouncy, healthy-looking hair.

After washing our hair, if we spread it, our hair tend to tangle up in web-form like this. This is becox there are dead cells on our hair. Damaged, uneven, rough and these are the causes of why our hair will tangle up in a mess.

So here comes STEP TWO! The 'exfoliating' mask.

Don't worry it's not gonna make your hair strands thinner becox

1) Look at the specks, it's SO FINE please. So all it does is to remove dead hair cells and give you the NATURE feel. As the product stated. You know, like you're at the beach? O.O Lol.

2) You don't do this everyday!!! The effect is pretty lasting so i suggest you do it once a month in a salon.

Step three, pump in the goodness!!! =DDD Having rich treatment slapped all over your hair and steaming it in. Hi, i'm Megamind lol.

AND TADAH~ After your hair dries, it's like this. Then comes the fourth step, locking it in and adding the gloss and SMELLING GOOD! It's a sprayed-on serum that locks the goodness in your hair AND it works like hair-perfume. Smells like the ocean, refreshing!

My silky-smooth hair! And please notice my hair colour!!! I asked for some layer-colouring! Hahaha!! Okay lah, i didn't really ask but i say i don't want boring brown, so they suggested this colouring technique ^.^ It's like outer part of my hair is darker but the inner part is brighter. Loving it.

One thing to note, This Hair SPA Treatment is:
So there's no chemical that'd damage your hair, no material that'd give your hair instant positive effect but harm it in the long run.

Tel: 6284 4866 for appointment
Blk203 Hougang Street21 #01-55

Exit Kovan MRT Heartland Mall. Keep walking straight towards HDB side, find block 203 and you'd find them easily!!! =DDD


august said...

how much does the spa treatment cost? your hair looks GREAT!

Stephhiie Septembers*' said...

Yes. How much does the hair treatment cost? Does it depends on the length of ur hair?

GenevieveWijaya said...

pretty pretty pretty with those long silky locks!!!

Ellie said...

Hahahaha MEGAMIND!! Leng lui :D