04 November 2011

Good makeup products

Makeup products Smoochiezz sent me.

Product list:

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream - Tokyo - $10.50

NYX Cupcake Gloss 02 - $10.50 (for four mini cupcakes)

NYX Fruit Basket Gloss Set - $12 (For peach, pear, orange and apple)

MAC Lipglass - Early Bloomer - $17

MAC peachykeen blusher - $21.50

NYX Matte Lipstick - nude $11

NYX Tango With Bronzing Powder - $18

NYX 10-Color Eye Shadow Palette - $14

I know the mini cupcakes lookalike thingy super cute, as cute as the fruits are. BUT CAN YOU PLEASE SEE, THERE ARE M.A.C PRODUCTS in the picture!!! Okay the NYX products are all super good to use, i realise. But owning M.A.C product to me, is like.. =OOO =DDD Lol.

So i'm really excited.

Look at the bronzer on the far left! It's LEOPARD PREENS ONE!!!!
The look i'm doing will lead up to this! =D Minus the contact lens which is photoshopped on cox for the 37395th time, i don't know and don't dare to put contact lenses on = /
Do you skincare regime. Then what i did was bb cream, concealer, loose powder.
Then starting off with colouring the eyes. I LOVE THIS EYE SHADOW PALETTE!!! Good pigmentation is one thing, the colours on this palette is also maximum useful! Can use as highlighter or use for shading the side of your face if you don't have a bronzer.

If you read through the looong picture above, this is what you'd get after putting brown eyeshadow on your undereye. Next you apply eyeliner, mascara and if you'd like, falsis.

Shade the outline of your face with bronzer to make it look smaller. Brush some blusher on..
I'm using the NYX Matte Lipstick in Nude and M.A.C's lipglass in Early Bloomer. LOVE how SOFT my lips are and how SWEET the colour is!!! AND..
You're done!
My dress is from ClubCouture btw! Pretty ma?! ^.^ Great quality somemore!
Tadang~ Omg really love the eye and lip colour!!! Okay i also love the blush colour. And how the bronzer gives my skin a healthy shade of.. Bronze. LOL.

It's definitely shiok to use good makeup for once. Lol. I've been using the $1 - $5 kind of makeup for wayyyyy too long. Lol.

Smoochiezz brings you a WIDE range of beauty products, so huge you really need to check it out! ^.^

And the best thing about shopping with Smoochiezz is.. You get the SAME good quality, at a lower price. What's there not to love!

Shop now with Smoochiezz!


Unknown said...

You're looking gorgeous!

Nana said...

The cupcake and fruit shaped make up is so cute ^ ^ I like your dress

Kiwi said...

I really love this look. The baby pink is so pretty on you =]

Mei said...

Pretty! You look a bit like Shu Qi (舒淇)in the last picture :D

A Precious Mind said...

Hi Qiu!
You look very adorable in this dress!
I really can agree when it comes to the fact that NYX lipsticks make your lips very soft. I own two lipsticks from NYX myself and they're my favorite ones. :))

Margareta Vania said...

so natural makeup dear :D keep do your best!
God bless :)

from : http://margaretavania.blogspot.com

Maria May said...

I love your (finger) makeup :D It's so natural and elegant ^^

Vanilla Sencha ツ said...

You look stunning =) and you might wanna try NYX round lipstick in Fig or Narcissus cause they're just insanely gorgeous xDDD

Anonymous said...

where did u bought those NYX comestics ?

Anonymous said...

did you get a nose job? or photoshop your nose? it looks significantly smaller than it used to.

QiuQiu said...

Thanks guys!!! ^.^

Marie May, yeah i use fingers all the time. Too lazy and not sure which brush to use for what purpose O.O

Anonymous, i didn't get a nose job although i VERY MUCH want to. Haha. It's photoshop! =)

Anonymous said...

u look thin..shld eat more..but u r veri cute n natural=)

Evangeline said...

I like those photo of u with the background light behind. How did u do that? Look like some goddess haha!

Shely said...

I would totally order from that site if they ship to brunei!

Anonymous said...

which brand of concealer you are using? =)

Tiffany said...

Hi Qiu Qiu,

Always in awe of your makeup, so photogenic and so happy you are sponsored :) can i ask what is your top favorite base product? you mentioned u use 2 way cake, BB cream but didn't really mention the brand you use..hehe from a makeup post u did many months ago,i remember u just mentioned u used silkygirl concealer (2 of them, i remember ok since i am a loyal fan haha) but little is known of your top favorite base makeup..wonder if you can share pleasee? thank thank you so much, qiu qiu!! kiss and sloppy muack hehe

Unknown said...

Wow... gorgeous pictures with fabulous make up. time for me to get NYX Tango With Bronzing Powder.

Junorlaw said...

how did you photoshop the contact lenses?

QiuQiu said...

I'm using ths cheap concealer i got for $1.50 =OO My friend got it for me thou. So i have no idea.

And i photoshop the contact lenses on in layers.

jenn said...

this look is so pretty!! you look beautiful!