11 November 2011

Red and random

I hope you can figure out that this post is a super self-absorbed post and at the end of it, i just wanna get nice comments lolol.

But then again, red is really not my colour so i'm not sure. I got this flora head piece from the Elizabeth Arden event the other day. There's gonna be a great giveaway going on soon, here on my blog! So keep a lookout for it!

I'm so self-obsessed, i even did a another colour treatment to the same picture. Lol.

How? This one really too artificially fair liao lol.

OMG. I suddenyl realise i can answer random questions like i mentioned the other time!!! Like how celebrities get interviewed in magazines.

Okay i shall go see which questions i'd answer now. The rest i'd still answer but maybe another time when i camwhore for no reason again okay. Lol.

So this is the blogpost where i asked people to ask me random questions. I'd keep checking back. Fuck formspring. I can haz my own corner for people to ask questions. Lol.

Okay ready?! I'm a superstar now~!!! I'm gonna answer questions like the whole world CAN'T WAIT to know the answers!!! Like everyone cares about everything about meeeee~~~ =DDD Hahaha.

One stuck-up looking picture to get the ball rolling.

How to have legs as long and slim as yours?
I have long body and short legs in ratio but i guess you can do a lot of stretching when young? Lol.
Would like to know how to make eyeliners stay w/o smudging our eyes like nobody's business.
I think it depends on the type of eyeliner you use. Liquid kind, when dry doesn't smudge as easily as the pencil kind. And also depends on whether your eyelids gets oily easily. Mine does. I heard Elva Hsiao once said she will pat a light amount of loose powder over the applied eyeliner to make it stay longer. But i think you can really use eye primer now. OMG i am so long-winded and i am no expert lol.

If a fan of yours approaches u on the street for a picture with u, would you agree?
YES! *snatch camera over and snap self* lol.

When are you going to post pictures of your boyfried?
Maybe if we ever get married i will. Otherwise.. Never i guess. Lol.

How many ex boyfriends do you have?

How did you start out in the blogging industry and how did you become so successful (even before Budget Barbie)? 
I was a nobody in the blogging scene before Budget Barbie. Was blogging for leisure and to kill time i guess. And i really got lucky. Even now, i'm not like successful or anything in the scene but it's just more people reading my blog.

So what are your favorite drink(s)?

Shall quote myself randomly, picked out from the 'interview', to caption the pictures. LOLOL.
"And i really got lucky"
Describe a time when u were really, really REALLY pissed at someone.
Omg. I haven't been REALLY angry for very long. But i'd tell you that when i'm REALLY pissed, i'd cry O.O Yeah i have no idea why!!! It's so fucking embarrassing sometimes!!! Like OMG okay i remember now!!!!! LOLOL. This one fucking angry omg.

I was at Shin Nichi (a Japanese restaurant at Punggol Riverside) for dinner with my bf and my guy friend and then their food all came. Except mine. So i waited for another 25 minutes (I KNOW, I AM SUPER NICE AND PATIENT ONE), checked with one staff, who repeat everything we ordered, one by one cross out the food items that has been served, and then ask me what hasn't arrived. So i told her all the items that i ordered that hasn't arrived. Two different kinds of sushi and two chawanmushi.

The girl went away, came back 5 minutes later, say it's coming. So that's about 30 minutes gone.

10 minutes later, i asked the guy who took our order initially, why hasn't my food arrived. He repeated our whole list of order, and then ask the SAME FUCKING QUESTION, "What other dishes are you waiting for?" So i repeated the items missing to him again.

He came back, say it's coming soon.

10 minutes later, NO FOOD FOR ME STILL. So i asked another lady, who seem to be the manager, if my food is coming. She ask me "Sorry, which are the items we haven't serve?"

OMG OMG OMFG I WAS SOOOOO FUCKING HUNGRY AND ANGRY, I SHOW HER MY PALM, AND IT WAS SO DRAMATIC that few seconds. I was like "Uh, no no, don't ask me this again. I told your staff SO many times. SO MANY TIMES!!! Could you please go find out yourself, please?"

She was super taken aback and i don't blame her cox she might not be aware of how long exactly i waited. At that time it was about 50 minutes wait since my bf and Yong Ming has been served already.

So she say "Okay i'd check for you now?" and i said "YES PLEASE. Just get me my food"

Then i quickly look down and shake my head to pretend like i'm really disappointed, actually at that point of time i wasn't disappointed lah, i was really tearing up cox i was so angry. HAHAHAHAHA. Omg super paiseh please.

Anyway, i'd suggest NOBODY goes into that restaurant ever cox they made me wait for one hour all in all, without serving me my food.

Thing is, when i repeatedly said i'm missing my chawanmushi, the rest of the tables who CAME LATER than me, were still being served chawanmushi. Why?

I'd say it once, "SHIN NICHI at Punggol Riverside, FUCK YOU" Take this and keep it, you deserve every bit of it =)

"Just get me my food"

How tall are you? And how do you manage to stay slim?
I'm 172cm. And as much as this sounds grossly unbelievable, i have tummy and cellulite from all the camping in front of the computer. So i don't try to stay slim and i don't exercise for that matter. Hmm.. Okay truth is, i have worms inside me. No like really, i've seen worms crawling on my poop, when i was much much younger. I guess they eat everything that'd make me grow majorly fat?

"I've seen worms crawling on my poop" LOLOL.

Will you be having more of the charity events like last Sunday's flea?
Yes! There are still quite a lot of items with the shelter now, so i'd probably do one more flea in Decemeber.

When are you getting married?
If you meet my boyfriend please help me ask him. Lol. I can get a chio $5 dress anytime, as my wedding dress, if he wants to marry me. This is how hardcore-ready i am. LOL.

What's your ambition when you were young? Is it a very big difference from being a blogger to your childhood ambition?
I've always wanted to be a singer/ kindergarten teacher before i turn 17 years old. Then when i was 17, i came to terms that some kids are SO FREAKING IRRITATING, i might end up in jail if i ever have to handle them. But i still wanted to be a singer until i turn 20 and felt like i was way too old to start anywhere.

Somewhere along the way, i became a blogger and i didn't have to decide on it. It just happen. But i wanna be a singer mainly cox i could wear super pretty clothes and hold concert and have everyone look at me and listen to me sing, and appear on magazines and have my own CD album cover. Lolol.

I guess spamming you guys with random stuff on my blog like this, gets me the same kind of attention too so i'm good, i'm good! Lol.

"Somewhere along the way, i became a blogger and i didn't have to decide on it."

Qiuting, what do you want to see yourself to be in 1-2years time?
Optimistically, doing the same things, but becoming prettier. Logically, i should have my own small little business. Gotta do something other than blogging alone cox i don't expect people to be keen in me forever. Although i think i'd still be interesting 1 - 2 years from now LOL.

"Although i think i'd still be interesting 1 - 2 years from now"

QiuQiu, how long have you and your bf been in this relationship, how did you guys meet?
We're gonna be together for 6 years come 10th of December this year =D He's a photographer. Before we ended up together, he's a friend/ ex-business partner of my ex-boyfriend so i guess two long posts can't finish the story of how exactly we met but maybe i can describe how we decided to know each other better.

I ask him out for movie first. Hahahaha. BUT, that was PURELY a friendly invite. And then we started texting each other more and then i guess i was too cute to resist after that O.O LOL.

"I guess i was too cute to resist after that"

Phew!!! Okay so far that's that! There're a lot more questions but like said, i'd leave them til next time =DDD Drop more comments HERE and i'd check back =D

And i urge all narcissistic bloggers to do the same thing as me!!! Lol. Drop formspring for christ's sake, SOPHIE!!!!! I'm calling out to you, you hear me??? Lololol.


Unknown said...

Cool! I like it!
Your pictures are adorable!
Formspring sucks!
Great interview! Keep it going.
You answers are not self-obsessed really! You seems to be like a caring sweet person :)

나니 said...

You look amazing : D and dude, I hate nothing more than bad customer service.

Kiwi said...

I love the redness haha, especially that giant red flower thing (sorry, I don't know the proper name for it)
You should do a tutorial on this make-up look.

shinn said...

Haha! QiuQiu i feel you ! I tend to tear whenever i'm angry and it's so embarrassing for people to misunderstand me that i'm 'crying' . Uggggh :(

shinn said...

Haha! QiuQiu i feel you ! I tend to tear whenever i'm angry and it's so embarrassing for people to misunderstand me that i'm 'crying' . Uggggh :(

poppy said...

omg haha i like this!! especially the captions part~ so creative (Y)

Unknown said...

nice red color ! the first picture is more nicer compared to the second one.the second one look like Japanese...this color more suitable to pose with cool cool expression just like the first picture..like it!

Unknown said...

thanks for sharing your thoughts here!
ai ya girl..i asked a few times on the following qn lei but no answer *i felt like looking down and cry too* lolol

Always in awe of your makeup, so photogenic and so happy you are sponsored :) can i ask what is your top favorite base product? you mentioned u use 2 way cake, BB cream but didn't really mention the brand you use..hehe from a makeup post u did many months ago,i remember u just mentioned u used silkygirl concealer (2 of them, i remember ok since i am a loyal fan haha) but little is known of your top favorite base makeup..wonder if you can share pleasee? thank thank you so much, qiu qiu!! kiss and sloppy muack hehe

Celia said...

Can you please teach me (or us) how to pose for photos/look good in photos? I swear I look terrible in photos, which is one of the reasons why I hate fb. LOL. Thank you! :)

Lauren Cooper said...

Red looks pretty on you. You should wear it more often.

Shimin said...

why are you so tall and pretty??

AnnHui said...

The red, look good on you ^^. But then not really ngam to ur eyeshadow lo. Gonna have some extra try. Lol ^^. JiaYou

Mei めい said...

hhahaha so classic =))


Michelle said...

Hi Quiting, I wanted to let you know that I noticed on Budget Barbie you keep mentioning flora. It's actually floraL not flora. No offence yeah, just through you should know. (:

Klara said...

You are so cute >.< <3

Anonymous said...

I think u look good in red lipstick!

Mei said...

I think red suits you well. U look fantabulous in all pictures :D

Anonymous said...

i saw you today at ps, daiso!!! you're so tall and pretty :) actually I wanted to snap a picture with you but afraid you might not want it and I'm quite afraid to approac you... haha anyway, Love reading your blog!! :D

Xynn-eigh said...

You should have wardrobe changes! Then it'll be more like a magazine! Like pictures of you wearingdifferent things.

Anonymous said...

These pics should be your banner la dey !

wendy said...

hi qiu qiu your pics look pretty without doubt... but i hope u dont use too much photoshop.. kinda have that plasticy and fake look? no offense.. just wanna give a honest comment!

Anonymous said...

I think red looks very nice on you :)

Anonymous said...

The red flower looks good on you but don't really like the eyeshadow. Sorry cos your eyes look droopy from it. Think you need a bit more eyeliner and if use more brown eyeshadow will be chioer. :)

Crystal said...

SO pwettty! how i wish i could take a red lipstick so pretty as you do ! :) like!

QiuQiu said...

Gunila, thank you!! =DD

나니, that's worst than bad lor! That's HORRIBLE TTM~~!!!!

Kiwi, the whole makeup nothing special thou haha, really just the red lipstick.

shinn, yeah then how!!! Very hard to control and very loserish in an arguement one. Lol.

poppy, your name.. Is cute. Lol.

UNknown, i don't use makeup base actually O.O Like usually i do moisturising, then sunblock. I'm using Biore sunblock. The one with royal jelly and hylaraunic acid.

Celia, yeah maybe i'd do a post on that! Camwhore post yeah! Hahah.

Thanks guys! For the nice comments! *fishing for compliment, SUCCESS!* Lol.

Stellar {♥} said...

You look great in all your photos, I think this look really suits you! Classic and elegant!

Looking forward to your next Q&A session!(:

Rena said...

I like your first picture, so vintage! And your red lipstick <3

Anonymous said...

Hi @bongqiuqiu :)
Do you know where to get cheap polaroid films? Be it cartoon or not. I need it before the 18th and I'm in a hurry to get more than 20 I think. I hope you see this and reply me asap. Thanks xoxo.

Anonymous said...

Why do u like to Xiaxue? Is it becos u'r as bitchy as her so you get along?

Anonymous said...

Where do you buy your contact lens? It looks pretty :D