21 November 2011

Ad: sloggi’s “Love World” eco-program

Love World

Let's see! Let's share how we LOVE the world! I start first okay!

- I don't litter
- I hardly shampoo my hair LOL. Like i shampoo maybe once every 2 - 3 days. And i see this as conserving water resources!
- I take VERY SUPER SHORT shower!!! 5 mins max if not shampooing and 10 mins max if shampooing.
- I carry reusable bag a lot, LOL. Too often for my friends liking actually.
- At my place, we use only energy-saving light bulbs. It seems like it only makes sense to do so.

Off hand these are a few things i do.. Not particularly becox i love the world but happens so, it's eco-friendly!!! =D

Okay maybe not the not-shampooing part haha, but yeah, you get my point. Being a little bit more eco-friendly is not that hard really. It can be..

As simple as putting on a set of lingerie O.O No really!!!
Look at this sweetest pair of lingerie from sloggi - Rustic Rich series!!!

It's part of the sloggi's Love World program!

The fabric used to make these lingerie are Eco-care fabric. It's part of the program featuring sloggi and Sensitive Fabrics and International non-profit organization for the protection of the rainforest World Land Trust project, the purpose of this project is to conserve the rainforest through "one meter of fabric for one meter of forest"!

For every meter of sensitive fabric sold, the fabric company will donate a % of earnings for the area's protection.

Through the production process, the supplier is committed to respect to our environment by consumption reduction, recycling optimization throughout the entire cycle and; use of electricity from renewable sources. Check out http://breathe.sg/liveitup for more details!

And with all the effort consciously put into this program, HERE'S WHAT WE GET from the process of manufacturing the sloggi-es haha:

- SAVE 20% OF WATER used in it's production
- SAVE 10% OF ENERGY used in the making of it

And it's 100% made in Italy with the highest certified quality!

You know how i know?
Cox it says so in the little card labels that comes with the lingerie set lolol.

There. Haha.

High quality Italian fabric ensures maximum comfort thanks to its softness and comfort touch.

The material is SUPER FINE + SOFT!!!!!! It feels so smooth against your skin!!! And it comes in different cup shapes that will be suitable for any occasions! Doesn't matter if you wanna wear low-V dresses, or teeshirt or bustier top, anything, Rustic comes in different cup shapes to make you look gorgeous in! Find out more from the sloggi Facebook page here!

I say first, QUICKLY go like their Facebook page then come back and continue to read this post lol. Cox they have REALLY, REALLY, REALLY good stuff for giveaway and they throw great promotion very often. The coming giveaway, is gonna be the most awesome.

What i love is how it's sweet but not toooo sweet haha. You know, not too over the top.
The light blue lace adds a sweet playful touch to the country-style print. It will be great for young girls. Okay fine, i'm not a young girl but it'd be great for ladies of all ages who love to look sweet!!!
Here's a close up on how it looks.
In case you're wondering how my filler boobs are doing.. They are almost gone. Still some left but i have the in-built padding to help me out LOL. Yay! One more plus point for this set of Rustic. PADDED CUPS! Haha.
Look at the prints! So sweeeeet!!! But what i love most about this is the softness of the material. Go check them out in store and feel for yourself okay. Comes with a halter strap also!
This picture shows the halter. It also show me what "FML" truly means. Lolol.

Another lovely series from Sloggi - Frills

It's gonna be one of the most popular selling item becox of the material used.

And the material is..



And the material is.......


Super fine cotton.

Hahaha. I know what you're thinking. It's JUST cotton, you think.


You'd know the difference only when you wear it.

Here's what happened to me. I was told Frills uses super fine cotton, and that it is its unique selling point. I'm thinking.. "It's cotton. Dude. Cotton. How can that be unique?"

So what i thought i like more about this set from Frills is that it has no under-bust support wire thus it'd be perfect for me on a casual day nua-ing at home lol.


Yes i still love the fact that it's comfy to the max and it's so light and flexible cox there's no underwire, BUT, I LOVE THE MATERIAL MORE!!! It's sooooo soft!!!

Now i see. Here's why.

It's made from organic cotton. These organic cotton makes the material stretchable and the yard count is super high, that's why it's so silk soft and smooth!

sloggi Frills. Love the planet. So chic!
That's right! Being eco-friendly can be easy and stylish too! ^.^

Love how it feels on my skin!
Do you see the "❤ SLOGGI ❤ SLOGGI ❤" at the waist line? =D cute!


sloggi is running a giveaway of sloggi charm bracelet on their Facebook page!
Simple steps to stand a chance to win a limited edition

 It came to me in a box like this!!! Awesome! I take it as my first Xmas gift. Lol.

Atas not!!! By the way, i took these pictures myself *ahem* Which i think it's not bad. Lol.

Yes you can stand to win this sloggi bracelet with Swarovski crystal!!!

Here is how easy it is!

- Join sloggi’s Facebook page here (click)

- Post a comment on "What does sloggi means to you"

THAT'S ALL! Simple not? Good luck to you! ^.^

Remember to check out the Rustic and Frills collection in all sloggi outlets.


Unknown said...

you look so lovely in those pictures! So pretty! Great!

Anonymous said...

where did u get ur leopard prints hairband? so pwettty!

FiSh said...

wow they even have their own bracelet for the customers. it's nice, sloggi is a familiar brand for me, reasonably priced too!


Lully Ning said...

I want =.=.. but no money lolz.

Nana said...

You are so pretty!

Anonymous said...


may i know where did you get those fake flowers for xiaxue (blog banner)

Hannah Goh said...

Great courage to put on photos like that... I wish I had that! Haha. Well done qiuqiu!

Anonymous said...

I never realised you went for a boob job but seeing you speak out so openly about it (I went to watch your clicknetwork video), I think you're simply amazing. Thanks for sharing your journey.

ada said...

ok, i admit. i was totally in awe when i saw your bod. =p i love ur svelte & long lean figure! it's every girl's dream figure! How do u maintain it? do u eat very very little portions? =D

Simps said...

great post!

QiuQiu said...

Thanks guys!!! ^.^

Miss dblchin said...

Niceeee!!! Totally love ur setting and backdrop!!!

Anonymous said...

You should wear angel wings or boa and dress up, so you can look more like a Victoria secret model. :) love your blog.