18 November 2011

A very random update

You guessed it right. Random means no chio pictures of myself. Lol. And mainly words.

It's not like i haven't been doing anything! THIS TIME SAY REAL ONE. Hahaha. If i'm lazy i'd tell you guys. Yes i still play Sims Social but i'm not (so) obsessed with it anymore.

I've been playing with video-editing software quite a bit! It's very fun!!! But i get very sad when i see so much of my flaws that i can't photoshop. Haha. Yellow teeth for one, big pores for two, small eyes for three. Sibeh sian. Oh oh oh, and my nose very super fleshy in close up shots!!! =(( I know, i whine too much about my looks, like a irritating teenage girl. Sigh~ So much work need to be done on the face and teeth!

Sometimes i wonder how many people reading my blog is happy. Like.. When i blog, i blog thinking that everyone who's gonna be reading it, is in a good mood. It's like no post is dedicated for the heart-broken ones.. For the disappointed ones.. For the unmotivated ones etc.

So this is for you!!! The people who don't feel appreciated at work.. The people who then become unmotivated and disappointed thinking life is a chore. This is for you! Okay lah, bluff you one lah, this is for my girlfriends haha.

I hope you all go to work feeling motivated! Just think of the money!!! =D With the money, we can do lotsa things!!!

Haiyah, i also don't know how to advise anything about work. Cox i forgot how to work with people in a common enclosure already O.O Hahaha. But I work with bf and two doggies everyday. It can't be that hard.

The trick is to give them some treats, praise them every now and then, day pass easy.

"Tiffany~!!! You're so cute!!!"

"Drago~!!! Why do you look so handsome today?"

"Darling, our dogs are so cute hor? I love you!"

Hahahah. You probably can't use the same lines at work but the idea is the same. I guess if you make an effort to let people know which part they are doing great at, and make them feel like their effort is being noticed, people feel good, they will then make an effort to inform you why you're so awesome also.

In a nutshell, love makes the world go round. Haha. Not really. More like.. Niceness. Niceness makes the world go round.

You treat people nice, people treat you nice. No matter what.. At the end of the day (after work hours), everyone is rushing home to join their family.. Rushing out to meet their friends.. Rushing off to meet their other halves. Everyone wants to go find what makes them happy. Nobody's world revolve around the office just becox they love it. Becox i deduced HERE, that nobody likes to work. Lol.

But if you have to work for money, then be the one to make your work place a awesome place to be!

Everyone is just trying to make a living. Be nice! You all gotta camp there 8 - 10 hours a day! 5 - 6 days a week! 4 weeks a month! 12 months a year!!! Definitely worth it to TRY make it a better place.

Jiayou ba!!! If there's a major bitch that refuse to accept the positive energy at work, you can only try this much. Plan B is to try get rid of her. And if that is impossible, Plan C is you da xi jia (jump ship). Lol. Good luck. I love you two!!!


Lully Ning said...

Agreed~ Only way to make work (or wherever you are) better starts with yourself & your own perspective (:

Anonymous said...

I like your post :) It makes me happy after a day at work! Thanks for that!!

FiSh said...

hahas random post but still i like it :D keep it up

Anonymous said...

Jus curious, what's ur full time occupation ?

QiuQiu said...

Yeapie~ It's positivity!!!

Anon, i'm a blogger. Full time slacker O.O

Anonymous said...

Hi QiuTing, Read from Xiaxue's blog that u managed to find the hearts romper that shes wearing on taobao, do u mind sharing the link? Thanks!

My Writing Therapy said...

QIUQIU! i love your hair on your banner! did you colored it at a saloon or DIY? what color is it??

Anonymous said...

Qiuqiu ! may i ask when will there be another swap and shop flea ? (: