25 November 2011


Online shopping just got sweeter (yet again!!!)!

Jipaban.com is holding a BLACK FRIDAY SALES

“Black Friday is the day following Thanksgiving Day, traditionally the beginning of the Christmas shopping season” quote from Wikipedia. Yes, listen to Wiki and begin shopping now.

If you no want listen to wiki, you'd still wanna shop on Jipanban becox the discount you're about to get, is madness.

25th November 2011
12.00am to 11.59pm

Here's what i manage to source out from Jipaban. You know, the best stuff i can find at affordable prices.

So i'm sure you can find a lot more nicer stuff on Jipaban (by just increasing your budget by $2, $5, $7, you can get choose from a WHOLE LOT more of selection on Jipaban!) but i'm budget-barbiesh like that. Lol.

You can click on the name of the items to be linked to it directly ^.^ You're welcome!

By the way ALL the items i picked out to match the item, can be found on Jipaban. So just browse through the whole woman's fashion section! Lol.

After 25% discount, it's only about $14.90 =DDD So affordable plus i love heart prints!!! This one so colourful somemore.

I also found some of the stuff from Jipaban that i could match the hearts sweater with ^.^ Must especially mention the crossed Laced-up Leggings!!! After discount it's only about $11.90!

Oh and don't forget to match it with a cute accessory ^.^ This Cakecake Ring should be good!!! After discount, it's only about $3.60 =OOO BUY!!!
- - - - - - -
I love this tee cox it's so adorable! Got doggy one lol. Plus, after 25% discount, it's only $14.90 around there!!! You cannot miss the Globe Trekker bag too, to add on to the earth tone dressup!!! ONLY $14.90 after discount =OOO

Some rings to complete your earthy look haha. 4 Vintage rings for $3.60 after discount!!! FOUR RINGS FOR $3.60?!?!?! MADNESS. One ring would only be 90cents!!!
Picked this simple and smart-casual dark grey dress cox i like how it already look super nice on it's own! But if you'd like to accessorize it, the Metallic Tiny Brick Cuff will be a great choice for $4.40 after discount!

OMG SO MANY THINGS AT SUCH AFFORDABLE PRICES!!!!!! Oh wait, there's more that i want!!!

This 9 in 1 Bangle set! After discount only $6.60! How can i miss this!!!

AND THIS ONE PLEASE??? SO KE AI!!!! All your non-living stuff will look alive with the INANIMATE Stickers!!! It's only $4.50 after a 10% discount!

And this handsoap also cute!!! It's the Wishy Washy soap! It's shaped like a magic lamp, rub it when you clean yourself. Haha, like what happens when a magic lamp is rubbed, your wishes will come true. Lol. No, not really. But you can have higher hope it will! Haha.

25th November 2011
12.00am to 11.59pm
Remember the sale is only ONE day! Shop with Jipaban now!

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FiSh said...

how i'd wish jipaban malaysia has such sales too :(