17 January 2012

CNY for me is..

So i'm back!!! I hope you're still here *guilty face* Sorry i was saying! I need to earn lotsa money for CNY! And it's becox..

1) I have to spend more, A LOT more than what i'd receive for CNY, on CNY. Gotta buy the biggest can of abalone for my dad X 2 cans. Lolol. Just to beat the rest of my 4 sisters. But then this is really a bit silly cox end of the day, they happy only. Cox everybody gets to eat more abalone! Which, is still a good thing! Yeah we love fighting for it during steamboat time! Haha!

2) I gotta go play bumper car (at least two rounds!!!! =DD) at Ang Bao River. One ride is 3 tokens. One token is $2. Also i gotta try like five rounds at the digum stalls, before i realise my aiming/ throwing/ shooting skill sucks. One round is 2 - 3 token. So you get the drift. Fun will cost. AND WAIT, the shit part is i'm not the only one playing!!! Ah Bong (my nephew) is playing too and he's super niao one, he won't use his own ang bao money one lolol. So i'd probably end up paying for him.

3) Aside from bumper car rides.. Each and every year i'd be taunted to play other rides. Which is REALLY STUPID. One, it'd eat into my already sad amount of ang bao money. Two, i'm just scared lah okay. Lol. The first time i gave in and said okay was when i thought that that ride looks REALLY harmless. It was just a few flying elephant thingy, and they were just going round and round, and very mildly, up and down as they go round.

And then right after the ride, i puked. I was slightly less than 10 yro. I remember cox my sister (3 years younger than me) was so so so so small then! And she is a cb who LOVES all these rides. Omg why am i so angry. LOLOL. I'm angry cox she will always think she very super li hai just cox she dares to play these rides!!! "Come lah! I also dare already! Why you don't dare!" Bitch please, my life is super precious. LOL.

So i stayed off all rides other than bumper car rides. Until i was..

This big. I'm guessing this was when i was either 15 or 16. More likely 16. Taken at Ang Bao river.
And this is a horse but when i took the picture of this picture with my iPhone, the light reflected on the horse and made it look like it's a ugly unicorn that i was sitting on. Lol.

So yeah. That night i agreed to my first (and last) pirate ship ride. WORST CHOICE EVER. I couldn't enjoy the snacking and supper afterwards cox i was so nauseous and giddy lololol. And felt like a total loser cox after the pirate ship ride, my sisters went on with other rides. And i was just looking sick and sad, standing around with my parents, waiting for the rest to be done.

Why do i do this to myself~~~ Why do people do this to me!!! Don't taunt me!!!!!!! I AM NOT A HUMJI, it's my body's fault. Lolol. If you ask me, without having to factor in my body, i'd say i'm a fearless person in the heart and soul. LOL. Okay, not really.

One ride is 4 - 5 tokens at least. So i'm gonna have to cater for these rides in case i feel like a bad ass and i agree to play. Lol. So all in all, i have to spend a lot of money at Ang Bao River!!! Still got food leh? The food there is all sold at ridiculous prices one! But once a year, so.. Bah!

4) Ang Baos for my parents.

5) Taxi fare up and down Punggol - Bugis - Punggol for five days at least.

6) CNY celebration with the girlfriends =DDD

7) MORE new clothes for Baby Yurou =DDD

8) I don't really have anymore points but i thought 8 pointers sounds more prosperous so yeah lol.

Okay that's all! Now is camwhore time~ Lol.

Did this makeup for the Love, Bonito ad you'd see below.
The 'wings' at the end of the eyes. I really anyhow draw cox i don't know how people get the nice and clean-cut kind!!! But i thought mine turned out pretty nice also =DDD Lol.
Yeah that's why both sides turned out different from each other =( One side more thick, one less.

But doesn't matter! Cox you can fix problems like these easily!!!

Just follow these steps:

1) Look at the picture

2) Squint your eyes

. . . . . . .

. . . . . .

. . . . .

. . . .

. . .

. .

How? Prettier right!!!!!!!!!!!!  HAHAHHAHAA.

Can't even tell the unbalanced eyeliner applied on both sides =DDD

How you look at things will decide how happy/ unhappy you are.

Lol. OMG. Did i just say something intelligent and deep again?!?! =OOOO

It just came so naturally and i didn't need to quote iheartquotes or girlquotes O.O

#Notsureif i'm a natural philosopher or troll



Anonymous said...

where did u buy the red top/dress ):

Joranna said...

Hi QiuQiu! May I know what contact lens you are wearing in that picture? Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your show,Budget barbie and admired you a lot.
However,recently,I(in fact many of us) knew an arguement betweeen your two friends.I don't stand on either side.However,I agree that your blog is somewhat similar to Xiaxue.hmmm...Can you have some creativity?I believe you have your own style right?Moreover,I have also watched the videos about the Olay campaign...I agree that what Silver said.Cause as a reader,I witness that too(through the video).:)

edaong said...

OMG!! when u said to squint your eyes and look at your pic, i bobo go and follow what u said lo!! and found myself so bendan.. ): but i had a good laugh! u awesome!! <3

edaong said...

OMG!! when u said to squint your eyes and look at your pic, i bobo go and follow what u said lo!! and found myself so bendan.. ): but i had a good laugh! u awesome!! <3

Anonymous said...

Qiu Qiu! I have registered the Makan session with you at holland village. How do I know if I've been selected? Please reply!!!! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

hi :)

i've always secretly enjoyed watching budget barbie and especially loved the latest episode! i love your disarming candour, your tell-it-like-it-is humour, and your general real-ness! :D

i realize you've deleted the blog post about that girl. i don't know either of you so perhaps i'm in no position to comment, though from a passer-by's perspective, it seems like she is mainly in the wrong.

BUT i was watching the razortv interview you had
with her and reading her post about your trip with her to haji lane, and it seems like she really really likes you as a friend. she was very supportive of you throughout the interview - she pulled this black string off your shoulder and behind you so you'd look more presentable, she defended your decision to go for breast augmentation, and she seemed to lap up your jokes etc.

i might not know you guys in real life to make such a judgment, but as a girl, with my experience with friends, i think it is likely that she was upset/jealous that she was losing you as her good friend (she evidently sees you as one), so she sought all means to be part of your life again. sure that doesn't justify all that bitching behind your back (that i have nothing to say haha).

well that's my two cents worth! :D will look forward to the next episode of budget barbie!

Anonymous said...

hi qiuqiu, i finally read your blog again after so long and you've become even prettier! i remembered crying along with you when i watched the boob job video of yours. anyway, could you share what lenses were you wearing in this post? and possibly a makeup tutorial to teach us how to get this look? because it's really very pretty!

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why did you delete the previous blog post. You forgave her?

P/S: No offence intended.

Anonymous said...

You look like a doll! SO pretty :D

Anonymous said...

Hey QiuQiu! May I know which mascara are you using? I love how much volume your eyelash has!

Anonymous said...

Can you do a make-up tutorial on your make up (or you did before? :/)?! :D It's really pretty!