01 January 2012

New year must have new post


I wish this blog would gain more and more nice readers! Nice only thank you. Not nice one can keep reading, one day somebody will love you and you'd be happier =D And then you'd love me~ Or maybe not okayguy.jpeg

Anyway~ I've been thinking that i must blog something today cox it's a new year!!! =DDD

So let's see what intelligent topic i can talk/ share about. NOTHING~ =DDD LOL. So i camwhore. Camwhores gotta camwhore.

So i'd just do a 'magazine interview' blogpost like i did HERE! Answering all the questions that you guys left on this post, in today's post! You can continue leaving your questions for me in the comments! I'd answer them when i do a post like this! =D

Alright! You ready?! LET'S ROLL!!!

 Let's say this is the front page lol.

Ever compare yourself with other bloggers? (In terms of blogging style, social network, etc) Ever feel inferior about that?
I compare myself with a lot of bloggers mainly to see who prettier LOL. Kidding. I do compare but i'd only compare myself to people (or blogger, whichever) i don't quite fancy or don't really know. Always feel better to know that you're better than someone you don't like O.O Hahaha. Truth. I don't compare with friends or bloggers that i know personally.

Hi Qiuting, I'm kinda curious of your height and you seems to be like super tall :D Mind telling me your actual height?
I'm 172 or 173cm i don't even know i swear. Haha.

Are you willing to do free advertorial for charity? :)
I already did! Will do if it's for charity! Will not do free advertorial for the kind that says "Ask your readers to buy from us and we will donate 10% of the earnings to..."
"Always feel better to know that you're better than someone you don't like"

Have you ever considered to "upsize" your boobs again?
Not at the moment! The next thing i wanna do is to reduce my nose base. That's about all (for now)!

How does your boyfriend look like? And how did you two met? Why don't you post your bf pic here? Are you staying with your bf now? Haha. Loves!
He looks like.. Hmm. Plump? Keeps a goaty. Not hamsum one! LOL. But qing ren yan li chu xi shi, only i think he hamsum! He was a common friend of my first serious date. Lol. He's super private about his pictures on the internet, he doesn't even have a picture of himself on his facebook! Yes we've been staying together for about 6 years i think!

I really want to know, how come you can has so much self-control when you shop!!! I always budget myself when shopping, but I end up splurging on $40 on a pair of shoes fml T.T
To really get the idea of "budget" rooted in you.. It's important to ask "Can i find this cheaper somewhere else?" Lol. I always ask a lot of questions like, "do i really need this?" or "Buy already i will wear how many times?" but all these questions is not gonna be strong enough for you to put the stuff back. I always think ccb, the owner is earning like how many times profit from me?! Example, if she sells it to you at $40 and she has a shop, you can probably buy it online for $28. And you can buy it in china at $5. LOL. That's why i'm so reluctant to spend. Yeah you don't get to go to China, but at least try to find online first before buying anything! Online always seem to be cheaper cox there's no need to pay overhead! Fact that i've been fucking poor before helps a lot too. Not like i'm rich now, just not poor like last time, buy a $3 top also have to think half a day lol.

"Fact that i've been fucking poor before helps a lot too."

What will you do if a baby penguin drops from the sky into your arms?
AHAHAHAHAH!!! Simi sai!!! I'd freak out first moment!!! Shriek and all. If the penguin is calm and doesn't flutter its wings, i'd camwhore with it or take some video or something. And then i'd put on makeup, and then call the news centre =DDD I hope i can get interviewed and appear on TV with the penguin LOL. Then after the TV crew gone then i'd call AVA or something. For them to bring the penguin back to the bird park or something.

Hey, Qiu. this question is from a movie. Leap Year I watched recently. And I find it really interesting.
If your house is on fire, and you have 60 seconds to grad your things, what would it be?? :D
I will grab both my dogs on leash, leash them outside, rush back in to grab my handphone and pouch (inside got cards and ID etc and a bottle of vaseline O.O). If still got time i'd grab the desktop.

How would you want your wedding to be like? =)
DON'T GET ME STARTED~~~ It's gonna be a super loooong paragraph! Lol. But i cannot share details cox i scared people snatch my idea. Somemore i might have a long way to go before i can have my wedding, don't make me excited for nothing~ Lol. But i thought about it already thou! The whole idea is CHEAP and CHIO and i don't want to throw big big banquet or show kind. I want everyone i love to come, and give their blessing (and red packets) and enjoy really yummy good food, and then me and bf will just fly off for a good honeymoon. Don't need diamond ring, i'm very cheap to marry! Also don't need wedding pictures! Just good food, happy people and take airplane enjoy airplane food while on the way to honeymoon!
"Don't need diamond ring, i'm very cheap to marry!"

Why are u so disgustingly unreal?
Fuck, i'm confused. I don't know if you mean i'm too pretty untill i am disgustingly unreal or my character is disgustingly unreal. LOL. Not in a mood to answer hate questions cox it's new year so i assume you think my pictures are so pretty it's unreal LOL although i'm pretty sure you don't mean it that way, the answer is, Photoshop plus a bit of tian sheng li zhi. Lol.

Hihi. What do u use for your eye makeup? share with us :D
Concealer, pressed powder, double eyelid sticker, eyeshadow, eyeliner. No particular brand.

Hi Qiu Ting, Why is the lighting for your photos always so nice? Do you use camera lights ( if they exists, I mean), and if you do, can you please let us know how it looks like and where to buy it?
I am using ringlight now, you can get them at sim lim square for $160! Which floor exactly i'm not sure my bf got it for me. It's.. Round! Florescent light, black rim.
"Not in a mood to answer hate questions cox it's new year"

Hi qiu!! What's your skin care routine like and what's ideal holiday destination? ;)
I usually wash my face with biore marshmallow whip facial foam, then i'd spray hylauronic mist, then apply moisturizer. That's all. Sometimes, i only wash my face with clear water O.O If i have on makeup i'd use biore makeup wipes first. I ONLY LOVE COUNTRIES WITH SHOPPING!!! Prefer cheap shopping! And cheap food =DDD Like Bangkok will be my number one choice, then Malaysia, then Taiwan, then Japan/ Korea =DDD

Why do you like to copy Xia Xue ? Because your blog and her blog is exactly the same . And why are you so vain ? You are not that pretty you know.
How can my blog be like a blog with 50 thousands readers a day? WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU NOT VAIN?! Show me your picture, why you no picture!!! WHY ARE YOU NOT VAIN, HUH?! You should be vain =D Every girl should be vain in some ways. I am very pretty, to me =)

Hi qiuting! How do you deal with scammers or attitude problem blog shop owners?
Hmm.. I hardly buy stuff from blogshops so i don't know how to deal with their attitude problem but i guess you can just avoid buying from them next time? And ask as many people as you can to boycott them =D If they scam your money, you call police, very simple. I love to call the police =DDD Everytime i get a chance to call the police, it's like the highlight of my day.
"I am very pretty, to me"

Hi qiuting! :) How do you (try) to keep your blog fresh and always interesting for your readers? are there any secrets or tips you use while blogging to make posts people would want to read?
I'm trying now as you can see!!! Lolol. Nothing to write about? Nevermind, SHOW PICTURES!!! Lol. Got stuff to talk about, good, support with pretty pictures!!! =DDD I personally don't have secrets or tips but i think clean layout and decent pictures are important. And it'd help if you update often.

How to become famous blogger in SG?? I want to be sponsored 100000 things also D:
I don't know =OOO If you know how to be sponsored 100000 things please tell me!!! Hahaha. But if you ask me how people make it, other than Wendy who's one of the pioneers plus post solid content plus good with photoshop, plus is vain, plus is interesting (so there, those are a few ways i listed already), i guess the rest make it with content/ looks/ boobs/ luck/ cool character.

Hi qiu qiu:) how do I get rid of chubby cheeks and ultimately achieve a face that is as slim as yours?:)
Hmm.. There's a face slimming tool where you have to bite this device for a few minutes a few times a day. You can go check online, not sure which shop in particular sells it. Not expensive one. Heard people say it works. But i use photoshop.
"I guess the rest make it with content/ looks/ boobs/ luck/ cool character."

OKAY!!! That's all for this time! There are a lot more questions i haven't answer! My neck hurts! For now you can leave me a comment and i'd answer it the next time~

The rest are just closed up shots of my makeup today. Taken with the dslr. Got very impressive? Or no have? I thought it looks similar to what my compact camera does!!!
 I also realise my eyebrow is too red or light. But in real life it matches the hair colour but don't know why in pictures my hair turn more black. Sai. Tian Yi Nong Ren.
Falsies and lip colour both from CANMAKE =DDD LOVE IT!!!
The dress i wore in the pictures above are actually three skirts.

Cox i ran out of new clothes to wear. LOL. So much for a new year. But this is making something new out of all the good things you already have. Hmm.. Something to think about.


mxvhelle said...


Unknown said...

Woah. The last picture totally blasted my mind. You made 3 skirts into a dress! Awesome. :D

Miyo said...


The 3 skirts dress really impressive!! Haha you win!!

Anonymous said...

Your outfit is very creative. Impressive! :p

Anonymous said...

So creative! Can you share how you did your make up? It's really nice, like a model in a magazine.

Anonymous said...

You look a lil bit like Sophie XD

karen said...

hey qiuqiu how to do the freaking "arc" thingy below your boobs?!?! lol. btw i know sometimes you use some products(mostly cosmetics) from daiso or black queen.. so dont you scared that your gonna get cancer? lol , just curious though. btw support you as usual cause you are too funny when posting tweets or blog posts using hokkien..

J said...

Last question answer: But i use photoshop! Nice one. (Y)

Anonymous said...

Hi QiuQiu

Where do u usually shop for clothes? (etc pasir ris,toa payoh)

I like the way u dress yourself and i like your attitudeeeee=D


Anonymous said...

3 dresses = 1 dress = mindfuck hahaha

Isa B said...

love the 3 skirts dress idea!! love ur makeup too!

simminxuan@hotmail.com said...

Oh my....the combination of the 3 dresses are so classy and elegant.
I thought it was an expensive piece of dress.

Popiah said...

this is my first time commenting on your blog because I really find the 3 skirts idea ingenious! *thumbs up* happy 2012!

Popiah said...

this is my first time commenting on your blog because I really find the 3 skirts idea ingenious! *thumbs up* happy 2012!

QiuQiu said...

Hello!!!! I'm very surprised you all think the 3 skirt is impressive!!!

Then you all should see what i can do with my bathroom towel O.O LOlolol.

Karen, so far i think i'm still surviving O.o Lol.

I shop at Bugis street mainly! =D

Thanks guyssSSss

Unknown said...

amazing last picture. You know with imagination and creativity, you can have a beautiful dress!! haha

Unknown said...

Looking very glamorous! Especially the makeup :) The three skirts as a dress - wow, I wouldn't be able to pull that off!

Anonymous said...

What does your bf works as? Do you still live with your parents?

angela992 said...

Thanks for answering my question about self-controlled spending! I'll try my best to use your tip when shopping for this CNY's clothes! Cos I'm also poor )):

And the last picture = mind-blown.

Well done! (Y) ^^

elaine said...

Hi QiuQiu :) May i ask where did you buy your double eyelid sticker and what brand? Is it those that can apply make up after putting it on? Thanks !

Anonymous said...

hi qiu! can u make some make up tutorial like u have done before? cuz i foundit is so simple and pretty ! :D

Light Love said...

gorgeous shots! :)

Anonymous said...

Hello QiuQiu,

Which brand of hair removal products do you use and would recommend to others?

Anonymous said...

you're awesome! I like how you deal with the hate comment! :D

Bianca said...

You have such a pretty face and nice body! OMG I envy u!

Minnie said...

I love your eyebrows!! Btw have you tried eyelash perm?

Fellie said...

Hi qiuqiu!:) may i know which shade of e canmake lip colour u use?:) its such a pretty colour!!:)

Anonymous said...

Hai qiuqiu!

I was reading your blog posts in 2008/2009, why does it seem that you did more modelling in the past for blogshops as compared to now?

Xiaoqing said...

Love your magazine-interview style of blogging!!! :)

Jovis said...

"I am very pretty, to me" GOOD ONE! I think you're pretty too. =D

HeddaHK said...

"Always feel better to know that you're better than someone you don't like" Soooo true! I compare myself to girls I don't like to make myself feel better...It's kind of mean, but at least I don't share this with anyone else, haha :P

Anonymous said...

How come u she de spend money on nice food in restaurants when ur so thrifty?!

Ying Hui said...

OMG QIU U LOOK SO PRETTY. I wanted to ask where u bought the dress, but i realised that u pieced it all together! amazing!!

Ignore the stupid haters... They are definitely not better than u.

Love the way u buy cheap and nice stuff! Thats pretty different from other bloggers!

Happy new year! Continue to blog! I love watching Budget Barbie cause u give us great tips!! Have a great year ahead :))

Anonymous said...

Hey qiuqiu love this magazine interview style post!
Do you mind doing a post on how to make those diy outfits ( eg the 3 skirts dress/ bathroom towel like you said haha etc) ? It's so creative and im poor so please share your ideas with us! Thanks loads. ;)

SinYee said...

3 skirts= 1 dress. level of Awesomeness : QiuQiu! xD

Anonymous said...

hi qiuqiu! please share how u converted the 3 skirts into such a beautiful dress! its awesome! :)

Kathryne said...

Hi QiuQiu

I love reading ur blog n i love ur personality cos ure soooooooo funny n spontaneous! in fact everytime i read i smile to myself or giggling alone while at work.

I love knowing the fact tht they r girls out there who still shop for cheap stuff!! Bcos everyone arnd me r wld normally go for a $100 dress. i love shopping to death n bangkok is my fav shopping spot too.

and i wanna share something. i saw a movie recently called Marry Me starring Lucy Liu, i rephrased one of their interesting lines, "nvr move in with a bf bcos they will never gonna marry u".

Anonymous said...

You can own the best fashion blog already! So creative!
My question is: What's your most embarrassing moment?
Did you ever considered of becoming a singer/dancer?

Hengz-恒♥ said...

Your dress really nice and impressive

I was like 0.0 when I saw the last photo xD

Phoebe said...

Wow, i can't think of this idea to made 3 skirts into a dress! you are damn awesome!! <3

CandyKelly said...

hey qiuqiu! i love reading your blog! i always check for updates one! especially the BB! cos i also BB kind one. lol anyway i wanna ask you how you find all these cheap good lobangs de! and how you got ur makeup right de! and nice eyebrows! i go shop and get eyebrows pluck also not nice ley! i need help!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hahaha i think you're so funny!:D Esp this " I love to call the police =DDD Everytime i get a chance to call the police, it's like the highlight of my day."! You're such a humourous blogger i love reading your blog!

Anonymous said...


I love you blog! You are pretty and funny and I love your heck care the haters attitude!! Tutorials on make up please? :)

Anonymous said...

okay i cant believe that dress is made out of 3 skirts. i was gonna ask you where to get that dress from! kudos to such an imaginative outfit :)

claireaudreylim said...

qiuqiu you are so cool and creative lah!!! :D

Anonymous said...

Hi Qiuqiu! I really like you but your blog has you always post alot of ads and it's kinda boring to me.. It's just my opinion. It will be good if you do posts like.. umm i don't know maybe like Xiaxue types of posts.. It's just a suggestion.. Otherwise you're awesome :D

Anonymous said...

i love your pleated skirt!!! where did you get it? :DD
and you're AHMAYZEENG. 3 skirts to a dress? wow.

Anonymous said...

u look v pretty with your hair tied up! much prettier than with your hair down...!! look like actress SHU QI! haha

-.- said...

eh, show us a pic of your bf's legs next time leh!!!

Anonymous said...

qiuqiu, u tgt with bf how many yrs le ah? why dun wan stay with your parents? :O

hyaralee said...

WOW you're really creative! Never thought that your "dress" were actually made up of 3 skirts. *.*