31 January 2012

Wouldn't it be nice?

Each time i pass by big houses i'd think to myself..

If i'm so rich, i'd have many dogs in the house, with the help of many domestic helpers, i'm sure we can manage the poop and pee, the showering and maintaining of the doggies' lifestyle etc. And they'd just have fun all day long in the front porch, backyard, and then go sleep in the house when it's night time. No grass in the house. No grass. No trees. I hate crawlies. Just cement and tiles.

And i'd build a play house for the doggies. Haha. Wouldn't it be nice?! It'd be VERY nice!

And then if i have A LOT of money, i'd give each of my sisters one big lump sum. They can do anything with it. Buy a house.. Start a business.. Keep it in the bank. Whatever. I'm sure it'd make them happy. Lol. I'd be happy to receive a lump sum like that.

Anyway there's a lot more things i'd do for the people i love and like, if i have A LOT of money. Although i don't actually know how much exactly it'd take to make someone happy. Money is definitely a big cost. The rest of it i guess is just the token. That token that people keep counting when the money is not that big. Lol.

I also realise that i'm a lot in a daze. Too amazed. That there are money to be earned if you reach out far enough, stretch yourself hard enough.  Some of us might never be motivated enough to do that. But each time i think about MooMoo still being in the shelter, and i think about how much more i gotta go before i can tell myself "i worked hard", i feel guilty. MooMoo is my sister's dog but i understand there's only so much one can do. And i haven't hit my limit. I still have a lot more to work on, earn, and give.

It makes sense. If i make a lot more than i need, then i can give it to the people i love who can then solve their problems.

Now the question is.. How much is "a lot more than i need", I also don't know. Having savings is apparently not good enough anymore. Maybe it's greed. Or maybe i'm becoming selfish. Maybe it's me rather taking things in my own hands and solving the big general problems than to pass out resources and trust people to solve their own problems.

I need to be a king. LOL. So that i can have A LOT, to give out.

Educating someone would only work if that someone takes it in and become a better person. If not.. I rather i solve your problems for you, so you don't get to fuck us all up.

But then again.. There's only so much i can do too.

Cox i'm not the king yet. Lol.

Sigh. Since i'm not the king, i guess it's easier to live my time telling myself 尽力而为. Just do and give my best and hope for the.. Worst. So then i don't have to go through the same emotional shit from having expectations.

Anyway!!! I've wanted to do something to my nose since a long time ago! Like when i was 13 i think! I can spend a very long time in front of the full length mirror just looking at myself. I have this other handheld mirror, and i'd place it in a angle, where i can see myself in different angles. Lolol. It's majorly fun and it's one of my favourite past time when i was younger.

So okay here are some pictures of the nose that i have now, and the nose that i want. The face structure is not photoshoppped so you can help me see also!

The change that i want is not very drastic right.

It's just removing the small hump to even out the nose bridge, and then prop the bridge in between the eyes a little. Mainly is to make the wings on the side of the nose to be less wide. And maybe trim the tip a little teeny weeny bit. Lolol.

It's all the minimal changes but that's a complete nose job. Lol.

Wouldn't it be nicer?

I hope you will have a really awesome Dragon year. I'm sure i will!!! =)


sheree said...

i prefer your nose now ! a little bit of natural if also nice !!

Joanna said...

Nooo! Your nose is perfectly fine. Like honest honest honestly.. I know it's your choice and all but imo it'd be a waste of money >< please reconsider =(

Hannie C said...

ya.. agree with Joanna.. no need to be too perfect.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you that the nose that you want is generally looked upon as more desirable. It does look nicer, but your nose now is quite nice too! You are already pretty, and if you choose to get it done, you will be perfectly pretty too. I guess people can't really tell you whether to do it or not, but I think that if you will feel happier or more confident with your desired nose, then do it!

Unknown said...

I think your nose looks great the way it is. It's actually not even a big difference.


♥Forever the ugly duckling ♥ said...

No you are perfect just as you are :) Qiu you are so beautiful I wish you could see that xo

Unknown said...

Never new you have this lamp... it's really not obvious if you not like emphasize it. It never shows in videos so. I think this nose is quite nice! I can't even imagine smb troubled with it! not worth it! Really! I think you can norrow your nosebridge with some make up and be just perfect.

Anonymous said...

if the change isnt that drastic,
why make yourself go trough all that hassle and pain? (not even talking bout the risks involveld)

i mean.. the time/energy and money spent on the nose job could spent on something else more important...

but thats just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

I'm on the same boat. My nose is okay the way it is right now. It's not particularly ugly, but I want some subtle changes to my nose to refine it. I'm hesitant to proceed because there's always a risk involved in surgery.

What if it goes wrong and I end up with an ugly fake looking nose?

I also don't want to put foreign object in my nose and I don't know if I can get the nose I want without an implant.

It's really tough to decide whether it's worth the gamble.

If i don't do it I'll never know whether I could've gotten my perfect dream nose.

But if I do it I may end up with a fucked up nose.


Best of luck to you, and me, whatever we decide!

Shely said...

Not very significant changes but costs a lot! I don't think its worth it to be honest but if you decide to do it, blog about it! :)

Fashion for less less said...

agree with joanna. there isn't a major difference between the nose you want and the nose you have now ! :x

Heart said...

Please don't its a waste of money it's not gonna be something noticeable anyway.

Heart said...

Nuuuuu please don't! Whats the point it won't be noticeable anyway.

Ashley said...

QiuQiu, I've been reading your blog here from Canada for a long time and never commented yet. I just had to comment when I read this post though.

One of the reasons why I really like your blog and keep reading from so far away is that I like that you look like more of a "natural beauty" then some of the others such as Xiaxue and Cheesie.

I love reading both Xiaxue and Cheesie's blogs actually, but you know they always have perfect makeup and perfect hair, sometimes it makes you feel bad about yourself and your style because not all of us have the time to do all of that.

But now after reading that you want plastic surgery on your nose... I'm sorry to say I am a little disappointed. To be honest, I do not see the obsession with Asian's and small noses. Maybe this is a thing in North America, but all my friends and I are completely confused by why all these girls in Asia are obsessed with their nose.

I think that when I see photos of models and such, I can tell immediately who has had nose reduction. It usually looks un-proportional... by making the nose look smaller it makes their face look wider and rounder I think! Is smaller nose worth larger face? I think I would rather look like I have a nice slim face and cheeks. I mean think of it, you aren't reducing the size of your head so by reducing the size of your nose you must be making something else look bigger right?

I can understand removing the bump, but please do not make your nose look skinny. I don't think it looked nice in the pictures! :(

Kiwi said...

The difference is so subtle... and even you said that the change is not drastic at all.
Why waste the money and go through all the effort to do something like that if the result difference is so little?
You look fine with your current nose la

Anonymous said...

Your nose now is also nice what! But I understand we girls will never be satisfied! =p

Auntie Lian said...

You are a very sweet and sensible girl, Qiu-Ting...

The way I look at it, there's only two changes needed - you need to sleep more and put on some weight where it is needed.

Your features are perfectly fine and your personality more than makes up what you think is "lacking" in you... you are a great pal and dog-owner to be with...

Anonymous said...

you are already so pretty! forget the nose job and use that money to bring joy to the ones you love like you said.

unless its free or sponsored of course.. free things just take

QiuQiu said...

Hello!!! You all really think so huh. But i've always wanted to remove the hump on the bridge, and the wings to be less wide. The tip and all i don't really care.

Hmm.. Okay, what if it's $650 only, and done by a VERY VERY good and popular doctor? Lolol.

Anonymous said...

obviously hinting for a sponsorship

Anonymous said...

I don't usually like to leave comments but this time I think I should.

Don't do it lah.

Your nose is already fine. If you need to change even that, then you must be too perfectionist. And I will really start seeing you as a dumb xiaxue follower with no character/personality. There are many things you can improve in your life other than your physical appearance.

Deej said...

I think your nose is fine but if that is really what you want then go for it.

I am a guy and I am also planning to have a nose job. My nose is so flat.

I am loving your blog QQ!

QiuQiu said...

Anon, don't be silly. I've already paid deposit (can withdraw any time one thou) to pay for my own nose job. You're a pig.

Anon, why is it that doing nose job = wanting to be xiaxue? Does everyone who bleach their hair/ dye their hair wanna be Xiaxue? I don't think you mean evil intention but you have to make sense if you're trying to leave a comment thinking you're making a point.

Deej, thank you!!! If it really bothers you, then do something =)

Anonymous said...

I feel you, my nose bridge is really high but i majorly hate the bump on it. Sighhhh

Whizzer's Rose said...

Hi again Qui, My parents used to tease me for having a "flat nose" when I was younger but miraculously it seemed to have grown when I got older. I don't have the perfect nose but I've learn to accept and love it. I'm not against plastic surgery though, if it is something that you really want, then go for it however, I read that you just want to do something minor maybe you have to think it over coz you might change your mind later and want something else like a higher bridge or nicer tip so then it would or might cost you another S650 later. Even Xiaxue opted for a second operation.

Also about the price, maybe you should put it as your second or third priority-plastic surgery is kinda sensitive especially done on your face, it can make or break the way you look. Go for quality instead of price. Anyway, I trust your decision :-)

Anonymous said...

booohoo :( you already very pretty ! don't do it hahaha :) <3 we love u just th way u are <3

Anonymous said...

qiuqiu, does the doc who will be doing your nose doing eyelid job too?

Anonymous said...

QT, let me suggest a very simple solution; just get fillers for your nose. It is non invasive, works just like surgery but better, becos it is more natural (subtle difference) and there's no cutting or whatever scary stuff. You should be able to have a straight bridge and that should also naturally scale down your 'wings'. The only drawback is that it may last two to five years depending on individual and then you may want to do it again. (becos the filler is bio degradable hence it is temporary only. But I'd say it's good enough.) one more tip is that when you are at home or free time, can just clip your nose with the nose clip ( those for swimmers) they are painful to use so just clip for say ten minutes ba... Ok no need to thank me, I just thought you really don't need a surgery lah. I agree with you on the B job but not this one though K, take care. (KC).

QiuQiu said...

W.Rose, thank you!!! You're very very sweet. I'd read up about the doctor a lot!!! Mostly good review the only bad ones are that he only deliver natural looking jobs.. And some people prefer more drastic ones. So they are not happy with what he delivers.

Anon, thank you.. =)

Anon, yes he do. But i never read up on the success rate for that.

KC, hmm.. but fillers wont prop in between the eyes for long. Like in a bit of time, it'd be pulled down by the flesh over it.

Anonymous said...

You just look at yourself when with XX and all. It may appear as if they are so pretty but honestly, they look too perfect till fake. It has a plasticky look. You, on the other hand is totally natural. Twenty years later they will wish they didn't do it and you will be glad you didn't.

Mochi said...

I can totally understand your desire of a "nicer" nose. As my father is Lebanese, my nose is very big and not straight.

I absolutely hat my nose and the sight of it in the mirror or especially on photographs makes me feel very ugly.

I cannot help myself, I always notice it. Whenever someone snaps a pic of me, I always have to see it and check if the nose is acceptable on the picture, if not I will insist that the person takes the pic again.

It's my biggest insecurity. And of course other people notice my big nose too and whenever they mention it (intentional or not) I feel so awful.

If I ever had the guts and the money to undergo surgery, I would fix my nose.
Just a little bit.
I don't want a big change, I don't want a complete new nose. I just want it to be straight and less prominent.

The nose you wish to have is in fact not a big change from your natural nose. The surgery wouldn't change the characteristics of your face.
Therefore I would say, if you really want a change, go for it. If you feel you can be happy with your current nose, keep it, its unique and beautiful. =)


QiuQiu said...

Anon, Wendy doesnt look plasticy/ fakely beautifully in real life. I think 10 years down we will all look chioer leh. Cox minor treatments n augmentation is to maintain lol. See fann wong! Freaking 40 liao still getting prettier!!!

Yuna said...

I dont think you should get a nose job! i'm not against it, but your nose is really nice already! i just think there are more cons than pros to a nose job...

Anonymous said...

once you start, you won't stop. i have nothing against PS but honestly i feel there's no end to it. "oh just some fillers won't hurt". "i've wanted this all my life". "it's semi-permanent". and so on.

yes we work to pursue what we want - otherwise why do we chase money blindly? Gotta reap the rewards & benefits right? BUT. they can be put to greater use. the dogs. your sisters. your life.

Then again life and choice are both yours. i always wanted to have braces to correct my teeth and only managed to do it at about 22 after saving enough. SOme people thinks i can do without because it looked ok. But i never regretted. it felt like something not everyone can resonate or understand. like striking something off the bucket list.

No, because it's not noticeable and there are greater things to do with the money.
Yes, because it's for you and you only. Read somewhere - like peeing in your pants, others can see it but only you feel the warmth :)

anyways, did you photoshop your skin? COndition seems to improve a lot! no marks / scars?

Anonymous said...

Can feel e world changing! Everybody believe
Plastic surgery is nt a big deal anymore! But i believe being natural is e best thing! No side effect n u made looks at e most impt thing above good health! Y u want to land yourself in long time maintenance meaning u
Have to keep on go for review with the doctor! I can understand your feelings when you decided to do boob job! But your nose hao hao de lez! Abit feel u addicted to ps liao! N dun forget as u get older! U will tend to get illness easily! I am nt cursing u! Then u will really start to regret! Y nt use e money to buy supplements for urself or smth! :) i am typing this because i truly cares for u!

QiuQiu said...

Yuna, Yeah.. But some people thinks it's very important if it affects them =( And i'm some people.

Mochi, thank you!

Anon, i know that feeling. I actually have a list. Invisalign is top of it but it's so expensive so i'm jumping to the next thing i can afford. Which is this. When i'm older a bit more like 30 years old or so, i'd go for a brow lift. Cox now my eyeslids are already saggy. So i agree with you leh.. PS is a bu gui lu. Lol. But i think it's a good thing if one don't get overly obsessed and wants super drastic result..

And yeah, my skin condition improved. But there are a few pimples like three, that i healed away with photoshop. Lol.

Anon, yeah i also got worry about the after care. Like i heard every 5 years have to go change the silicon implant. So i'm at this point.. Where i'm FOR SURE doing the alarplasty (reduce the wings) and chipping off the hump, but implant is still considering. Will have to consult the doctor first. I heard sometimes if he thinks your nose is already fine, he won't even wanna do it for you O.O

Anonymous said...

You are pretty enough QQ. Don't twig anything. You just need to sleep more.

angela992 said...

When I saw your post and the pictures in my head I was like, "DO IT!!" Not to say that your nose isn't nice now, but you edited it till it's even nicer, and yet it's soo natural and fits your face!

And then I saw all the comments about how it's a risk and that since the results your aiming for really isn't that different from your current nose..

So I realised that it is really quite true.. All these small "imperfections" can be "hidden" by shading with make up! To me it would make more sense to use make up to "change" your nose in this case.

I'm also pro-PS bcos my own nose is huge at the tip and the wings also too wide and I wanna do it too. Make up won't really help me. believe me I tried :/

I feel that if you wanna do PS, do it on some other part that you die die cannot change without PS (e.g face shape, etc)

But whatever you decide.. Wish you best of luck with it! Also, please blog about it and share!! :D We all want to read! :D

Anonymous said...

you do know what will happen like 15-20 years from now right? your skin is going to sag and you implant will look super bloody obvious. and everyone will be like "eh that auntie nose job fail." and please lah, be realistic. do you think you will have enough money to do augumentation every 5 years?! NO I DONT THINK SO. you only have a diploma, and even better resume got almost little or no worth to it. yeah, u may tell them in the future that you're one of the popular bloggers in singapore last time but you think they will give a damn?
5 years from now, im sure your popularity will already drop to the extent that you are barely surviving by just blogging.
please, imho, just save your money right now to prepare for your future when this blog eventually dies out and when u cannot apply for a job because no one wants to employ u cos of your lack of job experiences.

Anonymous said...

you do know what will happen like 15-20 years from now right? your skin is going to sag and you implant will look super bloody obvious. and everyone will be like "eh that auntie nose job fail." and please lah, be realistic. do you think you will have enough money to do augumentation every 5 years?! NO I DONT THINK SO. you only have a diploma, and even better resume got almost little or no worth to it. yeah, u may tell them in the future that you're one of the popular bloggers in singapore last time but you think they will give a damn?
5 years from now, im sure your popularity will already drop to the extent that you are barely surviving by just blogging.
please, imho, just save your money right now to prepare for your future when this blog eventually dies out and when u cannot apply for a job because no one wants to employ u cos of your lack of job experiences.

yumiikaz said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
QiuQiu said...

Anon, IKR =( my dark eye circles.

Angela, thank you =) See you this Sat!!!

Yumi, lol i dont like this characteristic O.O i dont mind moles thou!

Anon, OH SHIT. I dont even have a diploma actually. I think i better go have a panick attack now. Dude.. Positive thinking taught me anything is possible if you set good intention and good effort to make it happen. I won't starve to death, if that's wht you worry for me with genuine kind intention.

Anonymous said...

Your nose looks good enough, at least it's not flat.
Anyway, is the dog moomoo u mentioned now in Gentle Paws?

Anonymous said...

yeah i really do have good intentions. sorry if i sounded like a PMS-y granny just now but please reconsider your decision! and no, i am not a anti-plastic surgery maniac.i understand that you want to look better and stuff cos that's what everyone ones but the surgery might actually do you more harm than good.
with an implant in your nose, there will be things that you cannot do anymore:
1. dig your nose(yeah you know that right?!)
2. sleep on your side
okay, i know that there are other things but my mind is blank right now. and yeah, you get the drift.
so please reconsider your decision!
i read somewhere in your comments that you only paid $650? and that the doctor is a very good surgeon that produces great results.
don't you find that a little dubious? why would a good doctor only charge you $650. even so, the final results might be photoshopped! plus, the negative comments left might be left by the doctor himself. it doesnt make sense that a person wants the nose to look less natural looking. why you anyone want to tell the whole world that their nose is fake judging by its appearance?! everyone wants a nose that is natural looking so that they wouldn't be any speculations right?

also, a fake nose is very easy to spot. firstly, because it is too straight. and also cos the implants juts out.

so yeah, judging by the final results that you want, i feel that you should just save up your money instead of just wasting it away on a surgery that is so subtle.

Anonymous said...

You should do as you want. Because if you feel that a part of yourself isn't nice, then you should do something to correct it. Its your face, its your choice.

Further more, after you do, you will gain more confidence.

Anonymous said...

Gosh the only thing lacking from u is fats. U need to focus more on looking less anorexic.

Candy Monster said...

your nose now is already nice! although the nose you want looks more polished, it's okay i guess. your choice lah~ if you feel good when you get your nose done then go. haha.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous: WHY won't quiqui be able to "2. sleep on your side"?

I have done my nose and I sleep on the side all the time!!! -__-

Anonymous said...

oh, i also think your appearance would improve more if you invested the money in better products for your hair; i mean, the upgrade from your current nose is like: oh okay, i guess it looks better, but it's not like the old nose was bad in the first place. but with silky, smooth hair, people would be like: wow her hair looks amazing! definitely an upgrade from the dry and frizzy days! (sorry, i guess your hair just bugs me much more than your nose)

QiuQiu said...

Anon, yeah MooMoo is at Gentlepaws = l

Anon, sorry i thought you meant to tell me off in a mean way!!!

Anon, got before and after pics ma!! Do you like it a lot after wards?

Anon.. But on my end.. The hair doesn't bother me as much as the nose =S

Anonymous said...

Looks like your mind has been made up.

Anonymous said...

qiuqiu, you are pretty please dun make any changes, stay natural. :) Im not sure if ur aware that you in this web. They blog about all beautiful babes around the world.


U r one of the best in singapore. Hope what I shared with you, are able to make u think twice.

u r beautiful.

Kurosaki R said...

I think the nose that you want is very nice - it makes your eyes look bigger. The nose that you have now is fine but if you are 100% sure that you want a nose job then just go for it!

I want to correct my nose too (Bigggg and uneven wings plus it's abit piggish looking. I don't want to be able to see ALL of my nostrils when I look straight into the mirror. It's very annoying - I must always make sure that there are no boogers because with a nose like mine, anything in my nose can be seen really clearly and I don't even have to tilt my head up to see. FML, even when I take photos with my head tilted down to take photos, still can see some nostrils), but I'm afraid of how it might turn out as my nose already look like post-nose job noses of some people, just bigger.

Anonymous said...

ur nose is perfectly alright.
fuk man...it's ardy narrow n sharp n high enuf. tat little hump is too insignificant to go for a nose job. end up u have too perfect nose n ppl will think tat u did a complete nose job n e whole nose mite be fake when u u did was jus leveling e hump..
e width n ht fits ur face perfectly. y wanna make it even smaller n look like a spider w small face big eyes tiny nose?
so many ppl will die to have ur nose.... it realli doesnt justify to take any risk for surgery if u ardy hav very nice nose. unless if u have big fat nose flat birdge watever... then go do it. but now ur nose is desirably n naturally nice loh.

Anonymous said...

u r very beautiful.. dunno if u did any enhacements like DY n XX. but at least u look pleasing and natural even if u did sth. n pls stop there if u did. keep it lookin natural pls.

u have very small sharp face most sian gers want. ur nose is perfect for your face. make it smaller n narrower will make your face evry unproportional n your face esp your forehead will look like alien with your new nose. and if there is not a big issue with your nose, i dont see y u need to take the risk of ruining aready a beautiful nose.
if you juggle up the picts and remove the before and after wordings, really cant tell which has been photoshopped. they all looked almost e same. if you dont tell, dont even know theres any differences.

Anonymous said...

Hey would you mind telling me where to get your surgeon? Is he located in singapore?=) Thank you so much.

vintty said...

just gain weight n u shld get some fats on ur chest....

Anonymous said...

I was searching online about 'alarplasty', and i happened to find this page. My advice is, if your nose bothers u, change it. I used to have a bump on my nose and a too-bulbous tip, until i had a nose job years ago. Then instead of calling me cute or pleasant or pretty, everyone started saying i was beautiful.

I'm thinking of having another surgery to reduce nostrils, cos my nostrils are a bit wide. But for this surgery, must really get a good surgeon cos otherwise it can leave visible scarring. Just my well-intentioned advice to u. Good luck!