02 January 2012


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The National Council Against Drug Abuse (NCADA) and Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) are organising an Anti-drug Online Gaming Challenge on the ‘Life Does Not Rewind’ Facebook page.

Over a period between Dec 2011 to February 2012, three online games will be launched consecutively, on the Facebook fanpage. During the period that particular game is up, players can submit their scores for that game and stand a chance to win the weekly prizes worth $150 and an iPad 2.

This time round, what you'd win is iPad 2 (32GB) for one lucky winner and 16 lucky winners will win one pair of tickets to iFly! iFly is major fun one lor! I've been there once before!!!

Yeah you saw one of the perks of playing the game already! Other than the fact that it's really fun (i'd share more later!), you can also win prizes EVERY WEEK!!! Yeah EVERY WEEK!!! Read on to find out how you can be one of the lucky winners!

So are you ready?!?! =DDD The game i'm gonna be sharing with you is..

(02 Jan 2012 – 29 Jan 2011)
I had the opportunity to attend the media preview of the game.
"In real life, there is no chance for you to rewind"

One of the creators of The Right Choice giving a brief introduction to the game. They are a bunch of really talented students from Singapore Polytechnic!

To be able to incorparate entertaining gaming and educational information together, to make it a EDUTAINMENT that young people like you (and me lol O.O) will enjoy playing, they deserve a big round of applause!!!
Me trying the game for myself!
I also want to win the free iPad 2 one! Lol. Kidding, i can't win. YOU CAN! so read closely okay!
The Right Choice will take you through a short story and all you have to do, is to follow through the story and make choices when required. You choices will affect the drug abuser in the game. In this case, your 'brother' Xavier in the game.
This is Jeremy. You are Jeremy. Haha.
Make every choice wisely in the shortest possible time! Becox you wanna win the iPad/ iFly tickets right?! NO! *stern face* Becox Life Does Not Rewind and you have to make the right choices! Haha.
And as you go along, there are mini games for you to figure out! Make sure you clear them fast!

OMG this is my favorite!!! =DDD Spot the differences between the two pictures and you'd find the clues you need to proceed to the next level! Good luck!!! I added a little clue for you!
One more mini game within The Right Choice!!! This one i give you one answer lah. Cox it's very difficult for me! Lol. That's becox i never pay attention during the previous mini game. I keep wanting to just quickly find it!!! *competitive*
To know more information before you start playing, you could also click on "Extras".
Other than identifying for you what different kinds of drug looks like and their names, so you have a better idea, within the extras, are facts and information about the drugs and the harmful effects etc.
There will be parts where you have to make choices again! These are the friends/ family of Xavier. You'd have to know how to source for information from them or ask them to help or you could choose to take action ASAP! I KNOW RIGHT! Decisions are hard to be made sometimes!

I made a few wrong moves in the game also!!! But lucky i can replay the whole game and make the right choice! However.. In life, this does not happen.

As the campaign tagline ‘Life Does Not Rewind’ says, all games do not have the ‘undo’ function. So players cannot go back to the previous step and the only thing we can do is advance and move forward in the game. Bad decisions made, cannot be undone.

In many ways, this game really reflects on the reality of life. Yeah it's fun but there's an important message behind it. Behind this game, behind life. It's all about making choices..

To eat, or not to eat? To go, or not to go? To be, or not to be..?

Need be, or need not be..?

I am confusing myself already. LOL. But really! I make bad choices in life! Bad choices that ruin my mood, bad choices that spoil the day. Bad choices that make me regret a little for up to a few days max.

Bad choices i made are luckily, usually 1) have small consequences to answer to 2) doesn't affect my life long-term.

Getting involved in drugs.. Is definitely gonna be a bad choice. One that you'd have to pay for. Other than the harm it does to your body, it'd also hurt your family and friends =( Also, all the time you need to spend getting the drug out of your system. I'm sure you can spend all the time doing other stuff!!!

Go out and eat yummy food, stay home and whip up yummy food, watch TV, go out play a sports with a few friends, go shopping!!!!!! Make friends, sing karaoke. Anything! Anything but drugs.

It's like a hook you know! Easy to get hooked on, hard to get yourself off the hook.

After playing this game.. I learnt that even if you're not the one abusing drugs, it's still crucial to note tell-tale signs and pay attention to your loved ones. And stop them early if you detect anything suspicious of them abusing drugs.

More than that.. I learnt that if you abuse drugs.. It's usually your family that has to go through equal, or more trouble than you. There can be no reason to put them through that.

In summary i thought the game really makes sense!!! It gives us a chance to play the game from this perspective (family of drug abuser), prompting us to make the choices that are for the better sake of our loved ones.
After trying out all the games..
This picture is not related to this post but i thought i look like a superstar with so many reporters suddenly keen in what i have to say about the games. Lolol.
A picture with the REAL superstars of that day!!!
One more! They are such geniuses please. When i was in school.. I.. Nothing. No as in really nothing much. Lol. But at least i didn't take drugs!!! =DDD Look! Now life is not bad!!! =D
Jayne and Lydia ^.^ Hi, we're all active happy functional people who don't abuse drugs LOL.

The Central Narcotics Bureau has been doing booklets monthly to create awareness and now they've even try to reach out to youths like YOU via social media and other sharing platforms like blogs =D

So please appreciate this and do ourselves a favour. People want to steer us away from bad stuff, we keep ourselves away and free too!

If you know of anyone or anyone's anyone having problem with drugs, please pay more attention to them and get them to seek help! They'd be thankful to you for life!

Life Does Not Rewind – This is the core message the games are developed based on. Through playing the games, i hope you'd have a better understanding of how drugs will affect your life negatively, with huge consequences to face. And understand how you can steer clear of drugs, get out/ help someone get out of a drug addiction and never touch drugs again.

With this, i guess all of us should spare a thought for the people around us who love us.

And not hurt them by hurting ourselves.

Join Life Does Not Rewind on Facebook!!! They constantly got fun and interesting updates one!

Win weekly prizes worth $150 and an iPad 2 (32GB)!!!


Xynn-eigh said...

I really like how unlike other bloggers you blog about many differed things and not just bimbotic stuff! You'll blog about good/bad service, cam whoring, traveling, BB but you'll also blog about things that will help our world/society like adoption centers for dogs, dangerous illegal beauty products and drugs! Which is why I read your blog. Many of my friends don't understand why I read your blog but I don't really care. I admire you :)

S said...

I always look forward to your blog entries because you're very entertaining! :) My favourite blogger really - to think when I first read your blog I simply dismissed you as a bimbotic blogger, but after my boyfriend told me that you're actually very funny I returned and he was right! You're also one of the few bloggers he follows which is definitely a rare occasion 'cus he mostly dismisses bloggers as wannabe ah lians. So all in all, I love your blog (and so does my bf)! Write more please <3

DUKA said...

i like your brown camera case. I got one in black for my S90. :)