08 January 2012

QWeekly - Nonsense is fun =D

Went to cut hair with Mich the other day and when i ask for a picture, she gave me this SUPER HAPPY SMILE. Like i did here. Lolol. She's crappy. Lol. 
- - - - - - -
Super Crispy buffalo wings from Obolo! Obolo used to only serve pastries and luxurious dessert (i love their Noisette cake!!!!!) now they have their savory menu!!! =D At Katong I12.
Mushroom soup served with fresh bread. Love how the mushroom soup is thick with nice texture bits in it! And the mushroom, cheese and ham sandwich i ordered, was nice, but the serving was SO huge i can't finish. Mainly also cox i ate half of my bf's order. COX I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!
The Cajun Chicken sandwich. Look at the chunks of ingredients. Super worth. Anyway if you guys wanna go to obolo, other than trying out their food menu, you must also save some stomach space for their dessert cox those are the cannot-miss one.
- - - - - - -
Picture from the other day, while filming Budget Barbie!
Huiying, me and Tre =DDD Producers of Budget Barbie.
DENG DENG. Sneak peak of the special guest from USA for the next Budget Barbie ep!!! Sharon!
A fish is looking at us.
I rerecently like to wear jeans again. Cox these are major comfy.
My mirror seems cleaner now hor? Lolol. NOPE. It's not my mirror. Lol. It's Clicknetwork's mirror.
Disturbing Huiying and Trey while they diligently work their asses off. Lolol.


Dukadukes said...

The producers look really young!!

Xynn-eigh said...

Yes! Go for the flea! Old School used to be where my school, Methodist Girls School, was situated. Our alumni is working hard to prevent the demolishing of the building as it holds great meaning and history to us. So help us by attending this worthy cause please!

Unknown said...

I like the jeans on you too! Very nice look! proper! :)

Anonymous said...

i love your jeans, where did you get it from?

Sharon said...

Hey Qiu! Wonderful post as always! Can't wait for the new episode!

Anonymous said...

I like your jeans?! Where u buy?

QiuQiu said...

Hello! Jeans from F21! $19.90 only!!!!! Fucking good cutting and comfy max!!!

J said...

Love the shoes, where did you get it from? :)

Anonymous said...

Hiiii do sharon have a blog?