28 March 2012

Today do, today post.

I'm sorry i've been really busy doing stuff. What stuff you ask. I also don't know what stuff!!! Real one! I busy busy busy but i don't know what i'm busy with! o.O

The only thing i know is that everyday went by pretty alright!!!

Most of the days are awesome actually!

Like today, the day went superbly good cox Mich met me at Cineleisure to help with a write up.

And then we went to Wild Honey with my bf who joined later.

And then after dinner we even went to dabao cake from Antoinette! =DDD

And in between Huiwen SUPER NICE, come help me take stuff to pass to some company.

Oh Huiwen~ You're the prettiest girl i've ever seen in the world and if that's not enough, you're the kindest soul!!! HAHAHAHA. KIDDING~ Lolol. Just trying to praise her cox you all say i always defame her lolol. And also cox she was heading for some atas event and she was all dressed up with a chic clutch. But later i pass her some big bulky bag with a Hello Kitty printed on it. HAHAHA. FHL. Yes, she have to carry it to the event. Ke Lian de Huiwen also never tell me it's a atas event!!! I'd have take it back, real one. Lol.

Okay i've been blabbering. And you know what i'm gonna do?!

CONTINUE BLABBERING! Haha. Here to fill in what i did today so you all will remember me.

Me and Mich at Wild Honey.

If you ask me.. Standard of food dropped tremendously. Tunisian de sauce is bitter i have no idea why. The mushroom in English and European breakfast is tasteless. The only thing that is nice out of all, is egg. Cheh. Good also! I won't keep craving to go back =DDD Also it didn't help they ask us to leave the restaurant after our food, saying there are 5 pax waiting outside. Booooo.
^.^ Thank you mm for helping me with all the stuff!!! You are awesome!!! =D
Bf took this for us. It's the only one shot out of 6 that is okay.. Haha.
One camwhore shot! HOW AH?? I never photoshop my eyes too droopy liao!!!
Outfit i'm wearing is from Jipaban! =DDD Love the sweet flora top and the grey cardigan matches it pretty well! Okay lah, my F21 canvas shoes a bit ta-match.
This green fringe dress leh!!! NICE MA!!! I took it from Jipaban also one =DDD I revamped my room a little bit with help from Bf! So far i LOVE IT!!!
I think it'd be perfect for party although.. I don't party.. o.O Camwhore also good! ^.^
And does this knitted cardigan make me look Jappy?! Haha. Credits to Jipaban too!
Also, i take you all de advices and draw my eyebrows darker than in Phuket. Sophie bought this eyebrow concealer for me in Japan one ^.^ Sigh.. I am so happy and loved!!!
 Considering green is my lucky colour.. If i wear this i confirm heng heng O.O
This is the last shot!!! Visit Jipaban if you see something you like and to see more!

I will be back with more please keep reading lah! =D And i think i know what i might have been busy with. Formspring. I am bongqiuqiu. Haha. Mich and Zhen also is on it! They say they hardly get a lot of questions so please bombard them. Lolol.

Okay okay. So much yadas. Bye bye bye bye!!! I AM A BIT HIGH ON HAPPINESS!!!


Anonymous said...

undroopy eyes <3

you look pretty :)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Something weird abt your forehead, seems droopy/heavy?

Anonymous said...

Something weird abt your forehead, seems droopy/heavy?

Jessica Ho said...

Omg love your eyebrows! They look so koreanish. Please do a makeup tutorial on it!

Anonymous said...

Just watched the new ep of budget barbie ! You are so cute , thx for sharing with us so much online shopping website :)May I ask where did you brought the dress that you are wearing at the blogshopping ep ?

Anonymous said...

girl, your mirror is so dusty!

AnnHui said...

you look good with the cardigan, also also... compare to previous post and current last few pict. of this post . is CHIO~~~ nice nice :D