23 March 2012

Beach, please.

Here's more pictures from the Phuket trip and our stay at Andara! Find previous post here.
Breakfast at Silk restaurant! Great place to settle your meals during your stay at Andara.
Bryan seated at the chairman seat likeaboss. Lol. I was late for breakfast so no time to snap much!
Other than the buffet spread you saw above, you can also order from their ala-carte menu! =D
Back to the suite to chill a bit before heading out to the..... BEACH!!!!!!!
Outfit to the beach. Inside got some loser tankini or dressini LOL. It's a dress swimwear with like swimming boxers. Lol. My dress is 100baht ($4.50) by the way!!! =DDD
Cheesie and i on the buggy from the resort heading for Andara beach lounge at Kamala beach!
Beautiful scenic beach on the way.
Alaric and Sophie. I added the glow and sparklies of happiness for them haha.
Art or not!!! The back got motion-blur one!!! Me, Cheesie and Huiwen ^.^
Not sorry for all the camwhoring pictures cox i went to Phuket with the intention to camwhore!!!
And so i did. Lol.
Kamala beach is beautiful!!!
There are many water sports you can try out. Para-sailing, banana boat, jet-skiing etc.
Or you can just take in the beautiful sight and do nothing but chill.
Andara beach lounge is the best!!! Look!!! I let the pictures do the talking.

Okay this one not as beauitful as Andara beach lounge so i must do a bit of hard-selling. Lol.
A bar to mix all sorts of mocktail, cocktail, fruit juice you'd like.
With Huiwen~ Like this we don't look alike le ba. Lol. My face looks sharper haha. AND BY THE WAY!!! I say first!!! THANKS TO HUIWEN FOR HELPING ME SNAP PICTURES AT THE BEACH!!!!!! She is super love one, so helpful and not SOOOoo vain. Lolol.
One with Wendy ^.^ She is siao on one, she brought like 5 - 6 outfits to change for the trip. Thank you for this trip again omggg!!!! It's awesomeeee!!!!! =DDD
Look at all these camwhores. Sophie at the back i don't know how that picture will turn out for her on her camera becox she doesn't look very sunshiney trollolol. Her facial expression says more "Yeah, i'm on the beach lor, normal lor" than "OH HI~~~ I'M ON THE BEACH WITH A COOL DRINK!!!"
I didn't want to post this picture but Wendy smile until so kai xin at the back i'd post it! =D
Lying on the pillows and cushions and towels on the bed, with the sun on me. Cooool..
While Mike and Alaric do their bromance..
The girls are at it again. Lol. The nicer shots are all in Wendy's camera!!! Very excited to see them!
Behind the scene. Lolol. Eekean the photographer.
Share some spot light with Cheesie. And then..
EXCUSE ME CHEESIE, gotta do my solo again. Lolol.
The flower on Sophie's head finally make sense. HAHA.
Happy shot of me taken by Huiwen And no that's no zao gng. It's my polka dot bikini bottom.
I'd laugh everytime i see her cox she's just SO funny. Not like she's trying to be but she just is. Lol. I mean what the heck is that, a spade she brings everywhere, if you noticed.
One more with Sophie! More me. Lolol. Omg i am actually feeling a bit bad spamming my camwhoring shots like this!!!! But it's not going to stop me!!! I went a long way!!! Lolol. So..

Wendy and i before our massage! Yeah! Can have massage by the beach OMFG THIS IS THE LIFE. I want to be super rich and free and have a beach outside my house and have massage there. Lol.
This picture Wendy has the kind of smile you see in spa advertisements. Lolol. The zen smile.
Hi me~~ =DDD
Us being kneaded under the brolly under the sun. Awesome stuff really.
Brace yourselves.. Lolol. Okay lah not say a lot. A few only =X
I'd like to think BinBin and Shuyin are ogling at me. Hahaha.
Went back to the suite to chill a bit before heading out for lunch!!! =D So camwhore while waiting for the others!!! I thought this straw hat looks okay..
Bought it for 150baht!!! =D
Sophie and Alaric still got time to yuan yang xi shui. We only had like 30 minutes to freshen up and then head out for lunch! Lol. But then again, never use the pool also very wasted.
LOOK AT EEKEAN =__=" She say i look like some Taiwanese socialite with the hat. And i was happy for a while cox i thought Taiwanese + Socialite confirm quite chio! Until she say.. It's..
Xu Chun Mei *dump hat on floor and stomp on it* WO BU YAO~~~!!!! WA MAI~~!!!!! Lolol. So i stop wearing the hat and she took it to wear it for one picture. Lolol.

Awwww. Mango sticky rice i always love you!!! YUMS MUCH!!!
After lunch we walk around a bit and then we head back in tuktuk =DDD

Sorry i can't bear to delete any more pictures than i already did cox i had such a great time hanging with these people and i want to remember that with as many pictures as i can!!! =DDD
Back to the resort and this time we are at the POOL VILLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE MAX. The villa is UNBELIEVABLY HUGE. I will get lost in it i swear. The pool and the view

It'd be great for wedding celebration and for company retreat.

One act you zai xian zai picture taken by Shuyin. Lol.
^.^ Me, 0.5 Huiwen, BinBin and Shuyin ^.^ Okay and 0.5 Wendy at the back hahaha =D
Added the flowers in frame becox i wanted a tropic feel to this picture. Apparently if you're not Angelababy this won't work. FTS. Lolol.
Wendy lacking a Jack.
The only decent shot i manage to get with the view. I am not very happy with my camera anymore!!!
With Xiao Wen. I think it's only when we smile with teeth then we might look A BIT alike. But i have double eyelid =X Lolol.
Cheesie and i in a romantic shot lol. Really super thanks to Huiwen one, help me snap all these pictures! I don't dare to bring my camera to the pool cox i scared i clumsy!!!
I look like the unloved child. LOL. Cheesie look like the loved and happy one. Defug.
Okay shoots. Over 70 pictures already!!!!

I'd continue the next time! The pool villa at Andara is freaking awesome one!!! The villa super spacious and huge, nevermind, you can arrange for people to cook, BBQ and mix cocktail/ drinks for you and your companies!!!

So you know where to head with your family/ friends/ colleagues if you're heading Phuket!

As mentioned, Andara is running a Stay More, Save More promotion (Receive 25-30% discount!!!).


Unknown said...

oh wow! I love your skin tone & its glowy! I came across your blog recently and i'm loving your funniness and your face!

Anonymous said...

no wonder u have no boobs... so tall yet so skinny.. no flesh at all! how to have boobs?? u will topple over w that height n skinny frames n boobs.
gain some weights for goodness sake!

Anonymous said...

now i know why you have no breasts...
how to have any when you are 1.74m tall only weighs 46kg???!!! your bmi is only 15.
when i was weighing at 43kg(10cm shorter than u man), bmi 17, my breasts only Acup...and i was very skinny looking. so how can you expect to have any breats w bmi15???
when i put on weight and weighs 49kg, I can fit into B-C cups now. Im still slim(w tummy now since i don exe) but I have breasts finally n friends said i look better than my boney frames.

All you need to do is put on weight instead of fillers whatsoever nonsense. And you are way too tall to be weighing just 46kg.. biangz....

Pearl said...

Gosh you all look great in this post *^_^* <3 it seems that you have the best vacations X)

Aki No Yuutsu said...

This is the first time I'm commenting here. I live in Bangkok, and been reading your blog for a while! Love these photos!!! you guys are super cute.!!!

QiuQiu said...

Choloe, i never get sunburnt super heng!!! Thank you!!!!

Anon, i guess it something i have to live with and be at peace with for a long time until i go do something about it again right.

Anon, no i don't want to put on weight..

Pearl, THANK YOU ^.^

Aki, thank you!!!!! ^.^ I love Bangkok!!!!!

FiSh said...

the bar with cocktail looks so pretty! :) lucky you to have such a chance enjoying so many beautiful moments with the girls

Latest: Anything IS Food!

Anonymous said...

http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-rHn6uzeSn2g/T2tRVJtHGhI/AAAAAAAANy8/SkZx4g7ykDM/s1600/IMG_2833.jpg the photoshop error quite bad here! quick fix it! :3 don't have to publish

QiuQiu said...

Fish yeah =D

Anon, which part leh? I hardly ps this pic much.

Anonymous said...

why must you keep defaming huiwen all the time?! so what if you have double eyelids? isn't it more sad that you have and she doesn't but she still looks more natural and prettier?! seriously. and your face really looks damn weird after botox. why go for cheap stuff when you want botox?! it's your face?!

Anonymous said...

qiuqiu u know where to do plastic surgery in thailand?

yaya said...

awesome place!nice photos! i wonder did u go to the beach to sun bath?

Anonymous said...

the masseurs are they male or female?

look like man but they have boobs?!

geck said...

hello qiuting! you re looking good , catch you soon <3

LITTY said...

To anonymous, I only see more "thank you hui wen" than defaming hui wen.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photographs taken. All of you are very pretty :)

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed reading your blog. You're so funny, hahaha! Stay sunshiney!

Anonymous said...

I have to agree, you do look like xu chen mei, why don't you wanna gain some weight?!

Anonymous said...

you look better without double eyelid stickers. they make your eyes look fake and misshaped. ironically, it's most obvious in the shot you point out how you have double eyelids which huiwen doesn't and the following shot with xiaxue. you shouldn't try hard to force the differences between you and huiwen. huiwen is pretty so when people say you guys look alike it's not a bad thing. but if you must, use glue or fibre instead.

Wengie said...

Why are you so cute ><!!!

Anonymous said...

so young and quite a whore

John Rowe said...

Thank you for these gorgeous photos! I've been to Kamala beach as well. There is an interesting place to spend an evening - Phuket FantaSea - supposedly the most exciting show in Thailand. Actually, it was absolutely fantastic and well worth the money. The buffet dinner was exceptional with plenty of options in a very large dining room with friendly staff. We went mainly for the show. It definitely was the highlight and should not be missed.