14 March 2012

Too happy?

Is there a thing as being too happy?

I feel this crazy need to express how happy i am everytime. Cox i really feel TOO Happy!!! I don't know what to do about it except to say "I AM SO HAPPY!!!"

I ask my bf why am i feeling so happy, almost all the time.

He say "Just like Tiffany lor. She's a happy dog. It's just her, she's just happy. No reason to it"

Lolol. Not a very good explanation.

And then i got quite a few Formspring questions (yes i got a formspring =X You can shoot questions HERE) asking me why i am always so happy.

I also wonder, why would anyone ask me why i'm so happy! Thing is.. WHY NOT?! Haha!

And the truth is.. I'm not always happy. I mean there are times when i get very frustrated and have sudden bout of anger and i really feel like i want blood. Like when i cannot get a cab, like when people cut my queue, like when service staffs are rude/ lazy and purposely ignore me, like when people KEEP asking me rude questions on Formspring haha.

But then i try to remember things i learnt from The Secret (thanks to Wendy and Mich for sharing!) and i try to control my thoughts. Quickly turn them around to think of positive, good things. And it'd all be better. Good things will happen when i want them to. The Secret say it's the Law of Attractions =)

And i think why i'm happy generally, other than being positive, i'm also very contented. Contented and thankful with all the things i have, the people i love who love me back, the people i am nice to, who are nicer to me back, the things i put heart in doing, earns me praises and attention hahah ^.^

And i feel EXTRA confident and happy when i know that even though life is so great for me now, it's only gonna get better. Even better, yes! And i'm excited to know how great it's gonna get exactly! ^.^
Yesterday i was having dinner with Ming Zhou, Shiyu and Kah Wei and we were just talking about some stuff back in school days and they reminded me of a super gross incident lolol.

Sy and Kw was saying how awesome it is i can't laugh much now and they think that if i can forever be so shu-nu (demure) it will be great. Cox they didn't like me in year one (although we are in different classes during year one!!! These judgmental people lolol) cox i always laugh so super loud. Like in the foodcourt they can hear me laughing from far far away and that i'd hit the table repeatedly until i calm down. Hahahaha. Why i so easily amused i also don't know!!! Lolol. 我的笑点超低的. Lolol.

And having friends like Yong Ming and Ming Zhou didn't help. They are just SO FUNNY!!! And Pei Xi, Kristie and myself are such great joke topics. LOL. Joo San leh.. Nothing wrong with her so i guess she's just enjoying the jokes on us. Lol. This post and this post i wrote with all their faces in it, you can go reference and read it if you're keen! ^.^ So happy i met them from Poly!!! No cert, no shit, but got 7 good friends out of it, not bad!!!

Anyway the gross incident that Ming Zhou reminded me of, other than the fact that i always remove my shoes during lecture and during class..

Like this. Found this shot taken by i forgot who. LOLOLOL. I AM HOPELESS.

Other than this.. Ming Zhou say.. The worst thing he ever remember me doing.. Was that one day i went to the toilet to shit halfway through lecture.

And then i came back a while later. And i sat down. And i ask him.

"Eh.. Do you smell shit?"

He say don't have.

So a while later. I ask him again, "Are you sure you cannot smell shit?"

He say no and ask why. And i say

"Becox there's no toilet paper in the toilet just now"

.......... K i think we're done here. If you choose not to come back to this blog ever again, i'd understand.


So from then on, all my friends think i'm dirty, unhygienic, smelly, germs-infested, gross. I can understand!!! I fully understand why!!! 我原谅你们对我的偏见!!! Haha.

So anyway. I had such a great evening. Felt SO super thankful i met great people like them =) My life is filled with nice people omg i am so lucky!!! For real!!!

And becox i practice the wise 'teachings' from The Secret, and i strongly believe in it, i know they are just gonna be even nicer to me, and that i'm gonna have more nice people in my life =D

Last time when i want something, i might sometimes feel unhappy that why is there so many things that i want, and then sometimes i question and have doubt of ever being able to have it.

But now i know that whatever i want and believe that i will get, i get eventually =)

Alright, just a post to blurp out why i am so happy. Haha.

By the way how do i look last time? Hahaha. Got chio not? The puma jacket you see is they share-share send me on my birthday one ^.^ I really am very loved.


Ying said...

I love how real you are!! This post power. Got me laughing so badly. :D

Anonymous said...

I honestly agree with your statement :) you believe you will get it, eventually you will get it :) thanks for sharing!

Phua said...

hahah this post is so cute :P

Anonymous said...

love this post, brighten up my day! You didn't complete ur poly?

QiuQiu said...

Thanks guys! Anon, nope didn't complete!

afifs said...

GROSS!!!! hahahhaha

afifs said...

Law of attraction~~ it's soo popular last time....but I am still using itnow...
btw,ur soo gross!!! hahaha....if I'm in ur position,I wont even ask if I smell like shit!!just put a lot of perfume!! hahha

Spirited64 said...

omg you are really daring! I salute u!

Anonymous said...

The Secret is a book? I wanna read it too!

Risse said...

Omg your feet! Haha you're so funny, I just watched a bunch of your Budget Barbie videos and I am now a fan! This post was totally cute too, stay happy. :)

jo said...

im so negative and uncontented most of the time!!
i really need to learn from u!
but i dont know how to learn from!
any articles i can read or??

thanks in advance!

Anonymous said...

Are you and XX on bad terms w Jessica now??o.o

Anonymous said...

Hello qiuqiu,
You're really an authentic and real blogger ! Thank you for being so true to your readers !! And your character and personality really really resembles one of my close friend .. She's very 38 and talk like you , very funny and cute .. haha .. continue to blog more!

QiuQiu said...

Afif, LOL. Don't have perfume, was self-conscious about it!!!

Anon, it is on book, video!

Risse, thank you! ^.^

Jo, The Secret lor!

Anon, Thanks!!! I'd continue to blog!

Anonymous said...

i love how happy and funny you are!!! Make my day happy whenever i read your blog!:D

Marissa said...

Yay! u finally answered my fs question. lol. everytime i am down i will visit ur blog and try to be as positive n happy as u are. like ure so carefree (not the pads brand). and after a few visits to ur blog since like last year, i feel like i wanna change myself to someone better and happier. seriously i was always having "side effects" every time i log in to FB and see my friends' happy/successful life progress. but now i jusr couldnt care less anymore. i just wanna live my life to the fullest n b happy!

Simple Person said...

lol ...
well there is always water right..
n it is cleaner....

Anonymous said...

Omg lol @ the do you smell shit part xD. & you look pretty cute in the pic leh.

Isabel said...

wth you dare to tell people about there not being toilet paper HAHAHHA!

Anonymous said...

You look so pretty in the photo! (:
Didn't notice what was so disgusting about the photo until i read the text LOL. Maybe cuz i do it myself too haha!