20 March 2012

Phuket is ❤ - Part 0.1

It's part 0.1 becox there's only like 20 plus pictures and i have 400 over pictures from the trip O.O

Haha so i'd try my best to filter!!!

Thanks to Wendy for the invite and Andara Resort for the trip!!! =DDD

It is the most beautiful place i've been so far =)) And i'm super grateful i get to go for this trip!!! Cox the whole time i'm happy!!! Everyone who went on the trip is super nice and caring and considerate and FUN!!! =DDD

Here's a list of everyone!!! Wendy, Mike, Sophie, Alaric, Cheesie, Huiwen, Gillian, Bryan, Shuyin, Binbin and Eekean  =D You all can go see their blogs for more pictures!!! Cheesie de blog got bikini pictures of the girls one =X Lolol. I help her bribe you all. Haha.

Okay first, a camwhoring shot of myself. Dinner with everyone while waiting for our flight.
Sitting outside the gate and thinking that my legs looks nice O.O Hahaha ^.^ This angle everyone's legs also look nice cox all the muscles and fats are hanging below lol.

One shot with all the vain girls in it. Minus Cheesie cox she's flying straight from Malaysia!
The book Eekean brought to show all of us =_=" BinBin, Shuyin and Huiwen sitting together. And everyone also is seated with someone they know.. Except..

Me. I'm placed one isle away with strangers. Okay lah, not say very foreveralone. Lol.

Arrived in Phuket ^.^ And there's airport transfer arranged by Andara. First thing we were offered when we get in, is cold towels that smell oh-so-nice to freshen us up after the flight and bottled water. Even bottled water also got cold and not cold one. Super considerate i must say =D
Arrive at Andara Resort and Villa! =DDD That's Huiwen looking happy with the wreath of flower the friendly lady at the concierge put on for us to welcome us.
Chilling at the lobby is relaxing enough. Really. Got sound of water and a super comfy couch. Plus they served us welcome drinks + wet towels again. Love already.
Me and Sophie ^.^
ME and Huiwen. I didn't bother to PS these pictures cox it's already so blur. But i scared if i don't post Huiwen will feel hurt lolol. So here, Smelly and Dirty!
I was lying down like this and stupid Huiwen say take top model pictures. So after a few failed attempts.. I manage to get the picture above. Lol. Still quite fail actually.
Chin down better. Lol. Got emo ma?

Group shot!!! =DDD
First thing that greeted me when i step into our Pool Suite.. Is Huiwen's butt. Lolol. She's like "OHHH~~ OH MY GOD!!! LAZY SUSAN!!!" Siao one, like she and Susan hen shou. LOL.
The Pool Suite.. Is so gorgeous and spacious.. I think i can live there forever!!!

They even have FULLY FUNCTIONAL KITCHEN!!! Completed with baking oven, dishwasher, stove, and ALL the plates, bowls, utensils, knives, pots, everything lah!!! You no need to bring anything but yourself!!!

You see the living room common area? Outside the window panels.. IS OUR PRIVATE SWIMMING POOL!!!
It looks something like this but more spacious in real life! =DDD

The house also has music systems you can choose to play their zen-ish music (which Eekean always blast in the house lol) or you can dock your own music. Best is they have cable tv and there are soooo many channels to watch!!! =DDD

No no. BEST IS..


Freaking awesome!!!!!!!

There are 3 bedrooms. Twin bed, double bed and Master bedroom with attached bathroom.

I AM VERY JELLY this bath tub is not mine!!!
Comes with the shower room also. Wo hen jelly.
Mini bar and the coffee/ tea is complimentary one!!! Sweet. Oh not as sweet as all the complimentary fresh fruits!!! I don't know i ate how many mangoes and grapes and longans!!!!
Went over to Wendy's villa and it's a Penthouse! It's the same thing as Pool Suite except the pool is on the second level. Cool much!!! They cooked dinner and it was pretty yums!!!!! The vege especially!

After dinner we played cranium and actually before we actually played cranium, when Wendy was explaining how to play Cranium, cao Sophie already proclaim "I don't want to be in the same group as Qiuting!!!" HAHAHAH. Eat shit, Sophie.

Then never mind. Finally the group is split into Shuyin, Cheesie, Wendy, Eekean and BinBin, one group.

Me, Sophie, Alaric Huiwen and Mike, one group.

And they were saying how unfair it is that Mike is in our group cox he knows a lot about American-y stuff which will help us win the game. And then smelly Huiwen say,

"But we have QiuQiu in our group!!!!!!"

And everyone is like YEAH MAKES SENSE. Lolol. Everyone agree that me being in the group is a liability *stares* Lolol. Pui!!!

And we play and my group win, and we play again, and my group win again. Haha. By the way, losing group pretend, and never do any of the two forfeits they are supposed to! Boooo!

It was a super super great night ^.^ I went to sleep really happy that night.
And i bought this floral romper from F21 cox Wendy say we can all get the same thing to wear and act chio for sleepy time at the resort. Haha. So must camwhore to make the purchase worthwhile.

That's all for now!!! There's like 340 more pictures =.=" I'm still sifting the better ones up.

Thanks to Andara again for the super relaxing and beautiful trip!!!

Their pool villa and it's SO BREATH-TAKING i don't even

This is a picture of the Pool Villa taken from Andara's site. Will share more about this on another post!

If you're looking for a wedding venue, Andara would be have the perfect venue for you! Their pool villa will be a great choice!!!
After wedding recept you can chill in the villa with your partner and just chill the days away. I want! I mean i want to get married lol ^.^ I also want to go chill at Andara again!!! =DDD

If you wanna hold your birthday celebration or any kind of corporate events/ wedding with, you can also host it at Silk restaurant inside Andara. The restaurant has amazing view. Pictures next time!
Collage of a small part of the pictures that's coming up!!! =D We had SO MUCH FUN!!! ^.^

Good news for you!!!

Andara is running the STAY MORE, SAVE MORE promotion!

From March -October 2012 you'd receive 20-30% discount from regular rate.

If you mention that you're referred by any of our blogs you'd get USD50 spa credit on top of this promotion!!! ^.^ THE SPA IS AWESOME ONE. Will share more on the next post ^.^

One picture before we all remove our clothes. LOLOL. Kidding lah, i suck, my swimwear is the dress kind. But after that i also got change into Sophie's bikini!!! megusta.jpeg


Anonymous said...

yr face somehow looks plastic and stiff after botox.

prefer your old self. :)

Nana said...

Qiuting! Your hair is shorter! It looks so healthy and soft :)

HitomiNeko said...

Love all the photos! looks freaking fabulous ^^

xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo

Anonymous said...

fucking ugly la

♥Forever the ugly duckling ♥ said...

You look gorgeous my dear. So jealous of your glam girley trip :) xo

Hippo said...

how tall are you ?

Anonymous said...

Hui Wen and you can pass off as sisters. Haha.

FiSh said...

i see wendy's hair becomes purple already? @_@ but anyway nice group shots with the girls! all are so slim looking *envy* :)

Jessica Ho said...

Omg you look like twins with Huiwen in these pictures! The place is so gorgeous!!!

Danken said...

QiuQiu..your legs are beautiful!! But Sophie's legs look even more tremendous.

dayveed said...

wah so fun. nice pictures! huiwen and u do look alike in the pictures haha

Anonymous said...

so funnn, I wished I am at andara's resort now too >.< This place is awesome!

Anonymous said...

Don't you feel kinda jelly/sad that your bf don't follow you to these things? It's like both of you have your own lives. I mean of course every couple have their own time n all that but this is too... much.

Evangeline said...

HAHAHA, the last picture super funny! Machiam like some advertisement! Also look abit sot, staring at nothing XD

Anonymous said...

you shouldn't control your food intake, you are way too thin.. Even xx thinks so too.

Alena N said...

OMG I´m so jealous. XoXo. Lovely photos.

QiuQiu said...

Anon, will ah? =/

Nana, THANK YOU ^.^ Actually i bluff one lah, i did my hair the day before in salon, then i go to Phuket one. Lol.

Hitomi, thank you!!!!!!

Anon, you ah?

Marina, ^.^ Girly trips are the best!!! Everyone loves the camera!!! =DDD

Minako, 172cm.

Anon, YEAH I GET THAT A LOT!!!! notsureif.. It's a good thing HAHAHHA.

QiuQiu said...

Fish, YEAH! Wendy dyed her hair purple! But went to swim in the pool, and it became white/ grey/ purple/ pink @.@

Jessica, HAHA. Okay lah, look like Huiwen also not bad thank you!!! =D

Danken, yeah. I hope you mean it in the not pervertic way O.O

dayveed, yeah a lot of people saying it you can see.

Anon, no leh, my bf don't like places like that. I like cox of good company, friends and can camwhore a lot =DDD

Evangeline, will meh!!! I thought it's quite yang guang. Hahaha.

Ali, thank you ^.^

Anonymous said...

Why didn't you sit with anyone in the plane? There were so many of your GOOD friends!

Anonymous said...

Qiu Qiu so chio =D

Hui Min said...

hi ^^ u are so pretty , ignore all the nasty comments that others may make :)

Kristel said...

Y U NO model yet?! I think you are so cute!

Cutebun said...

I love the last photo!!!