07 June 2012

Blogshop Empire

Blogshop Empire @ Far East Plaza #01-51
A shop to look out for if you're in town! There'd be a discount for my readers so keep reading!!!

If you love blogshop-shopping but sometimes would love to take a look and have a feel of how the outfit fits on you, how the material is like, or how you can mix and match it with other stuff from other blogshops, then Blogshop Empire is just the shop for you!!!

And it's conveniently located in town at Far East Plaza so whenever you're near, do go check the stores out! Be prepared to be greeted with.. A LOT, A LOT, A LOT of..

Spotted any of your favourite blogshops?
Top from Pinned Up Closet and bottom from We Are Rubbish.

Other than clothes Blogshop Empire carries bags and clutches too!

Some blogshop brands have accessories and bags for sale as well!

AND MORE CLOTHES. You'd be spoilt for choice!!! No matter what your style is, Blogshop Empire and the blogshop brands they carry, will have something for you. Just look at the range of colours! Monotone black with details, bight summer style, sweet floral, vintage prints etc.

Leopard prints chiffon top from Everyday Life Store

Black washed denim shorts from Skinned.

Defug weapon is this. Lolol. Kill in style.

Expect to find shoes to match your edgey outfits at Blogshop Empire!

Two more shops! Look out for HOT SELLING items! They usually run out really fast!

I snapped this off the mini display TV found everywhere in the shop. If you see something you like, you can just ask the staff to help you get it! You can also see how the blogshop models match it!

Top from Wild Pixie Lights. It's very simple and easy to match! ^.^
Floral shorts from Bliss and Co

Some interesting prints i found from the outfits at Blogshop Empire. You really would need a lot of time to dig and flip!!! There's too many stuff to see!!!


Show a picture of my blog (snap it on your phone, or just log on and show them on your phone) or Mention to the staff you read the discount from QiuQiu's blog (yeah me lol) and..

GET $1 OFF EVERY ITEM you purchase from Blogshop Empire!

That's not all!!!

Enjoy the same discount at Bliss and Co (Far East Plaza #01-61)

This store is running Great Singapore Sale and gives discount up to 70% WHAT THE F YOU WAITING FOR lolol. Make your way there now!!! They have bags too!!!

Also! Blogshop Empire has another store at Far East Plaza #01-102 and yes, you get to enjoy the same discount of $1 off every item from this shop too!!!

The two shops are selling different stuff so be sure to check out both the shops to source out the best of what your favourite blogshops carry! =D

AND ENJOY THE $1 OFF EVERY ITEM WHILE YOU CAN at these three shops!!! Blogshop Empire is out to make you happy one. Lol. Good luck! Make your way down soon as you can!!! They update their stock pretty regularly cox things sell out really fast so you don't wanna miss any of it!

And please, don't forget Bliss and Co at #01-61!!! Up to 70% discount!!!


suzmellisa said...

Hi Qiu, how long will this promotion will be going on? I'll be in Singapore on 15th and hopefully still can catch the promotion. Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Just fab!!!!!!!
and have the most enjoyable trip to Japan!!!!!
I'm super sure you will have tonz of fun!!!!!!!

Laura said...

you look so beautiful (:

Patti said...

again wishing i could be in singapore! ^^'

Anonymous said...

hi qiu qiu plse do a tutorial on that hairstyle plse! tq

kristy said...

hey qiu qiu, when is the promotion valid till? won't be back in sg until 24th jun.. ):

QiuQiu said...

Hi guys! I think it's all the way on!!! At least for the whole month of June!!! Or through the whole GSS which will end in July!

Anonymous said...

Really, snapping a pic of your blog will gurantee one dollar off??!

Unknown said...

Where exactly is this in Singapore? I'm from the Philippines but I'll be in Singapore just to visit this Store. hmmm


Fritz Dayle Libante said...

Where exactly in Singapore is this? I am from the Philippines but will be in Singapore to visit this Store.


Unknown said...

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