20 June 2012

Emoda Fashion show A/W 2012

Hi, yes, me, treated like a superstar in Japan. Lolol.

Was invited to attend the EMODA A/W fashion show in Japan at the "Touch Me" collection showcase. It was such a surreal experience. No no, the fact that it could even happen, is unbelievable!

Ok, I didn't know about EMODA so much but as i google about this brand, I found out they have GLOBAL ONLINE SHOPPING SITE! (www.emoda-webstore.com)

When my manager told me i'd be flying to Japan for a fashion show i thought "This is it, i'm famous already" LOLOL. No lah, i knew i was there to attend the fashion show, not to parade in. But still!!! It's super awesome much!!! And Cheesie and i later found out that we're gonna be attending the same fashion show and we're like happy!!!!! But then later i was thinking to myself..

"Shucks. I have not much idea what EMODA is about and what kinda style they carry" =X

So i've been doing a lot of googling and research. Haha. And i really thought it was gonna be all black and white and grey and maybe some denim blue. See their brand concept here!


You guys know i love colours ^.^ Happy colours, bold colours, tie-dye colour even.

I just love colours!

And EMODA never neglect people like me! Thou they are more heavy on the monochromatic themes, there are still stuff for people like me who loves colour! In fact, EMODA offers what i'd love but make it a lot more forward and clean-cut. I guess most of us will call that high-fashion. Japanese call it the MODE style. No wonder it's the most popular fashion brand in Japan!!!

Based on the concept of Mode, EMODA continuously come out with new unique designs with much attention put on styling, material and form, seeking to satisfy ladies' fashion needs and encourage us to wear clothes our way, mix and match it to our desire to feel and to werk FASHION and STYLE!

Me and Cheesie at the "touchME" collection event is held every season.

EMODA is one of the brands featured. I really really wish to go back to Japan to attend their fashion shows next few seasons and more seasons to come!!! Cox they make the show so breathtakingly great!!! ='D Just sitting there watching is a super moment i can't describe.

I told Cheesie, who knows, maybe next season she'd go back and be modelling for EMODA since she love the brand for so long already. Okay i don't be greedy, i'd be happy just attending again haha ^.^

Launched in 2009, EMODA has already secured top popularity and reputation among the young ladies market in Japan. And this is how impressive please?! It's only been what? 2 - 3 years since they started?! I'm guessing the producer behind this brand must be super stylish, hardworking and knows exactly what she's doing. And Google affirms it. Ena Matsumoto is her. More about her in a bit! =D

Me doing interview for Tokyo Kawaii TV ^.^V Somehow it all happens for me, all the great things.

Cheesie doing her interview.

Ahem. Thanks to Josh for snapping these pictures for me He's the best for the whole trip!

Nami San took this pocture of me. I thought it looks awesome. Okay enough of my celebrity look-alike pictures. Lolol. I show you the REAL celebrity in Japan!!!!

DENG DENG DENG~!!!!! Ena Matsumoto right beside me!!!!!!!!!! =OOOOO

Isn't she super pretty?!?!?!? And she look so stylish and sleek i feel like my curls (that took me 2 hours plus to fix up) are lame =_=" And my carefully concealed pale lips are lame too. I just wanna look like her suddenly!!! Lolol. Yeah, i'm losing it in Japan. Hahaha.

With Nami San and Cheesie San LOL ^.^
ONE MORE with Ena Matsumoto! Cheesie look super pretty here!

One with Chigira San ^.^ Hello, i took a lot of pictures with Ena so far hahaha. Like four =O Lol.
One side of my curls disappear cox it was soooo rainy that day! =_=" Me and Josh shared an umbrella that's one side got wet HAHA. Super ta-glam.
A picture of all the Japanese girls. HAHA. Yeah, me included. FIVE DAYS of Japanese air!!! I think it at least means i can be Japanese when standing beside a Japanese celebrity, no?! Lolol.

Okay bye media~ Bye~ Everyone wanting to interview me~ Bye~ I know, i'm so famous in Japan~ Lolol. Kidding. Time to head in for the fashion show!!! =D
These are just some of the cameras and TV stations camping at the end of the runway.
Me with the runway behind me. Excited!
Excited is excited but didn't forget to camho. Lolol.
Big face. ROAR.
Me and all the nice people from Apparel Web.
One last camho shot of us ^.^ How is it that Cheesie's face is so small yet it's big when placed beside Ena =_=" She ownself also say one. And it's true. Defug it means i have extra big face in Japan =O Okay don't play already, the show's starting!!! You feast on the pictures ba!

From EMODA A/W 2012 collection

And more colours.
But not losing the edge of powerful feminity and the fashion forwardness.

Short interval here before i flood you with pictures of the fashion show!

My turn to parade what i wore to the fashion show! =DDD I bought my bag and the silver chain necklace from EMODA =DDD And also my floral jacket (link to it is here) and high-waist jeans are from EMODA webstore!!! MAJOR LOVE the jacket omg!!! =DDD And before the event..
Nami San walk with me to the EMODA shop from our hotel, which is not far but it was raining and she had to take time off her weekend to accompany me there to shop. Thank you Nami San

Some pictures of the EMODA shop that i manage to snap sneakily =X Badass. Lolol.
They have this huge screen display that plays their most current fashion show and the coordination.

Now back to THE latest EMODA styles. A/W2012.

LOVE this dress! The cutting is sweet but the material makes it unique and edgey. Gotta love how daring and interesting EMODA designs and choose the material they use for their collection.

I'm sure many of us will appreciate a little bit of simplicity in our getup every now and then.

I. Want. Those. Floral. Denim. Thank you.

And that's all i have.

The producer Ena Matsumoto coming out to take a bow =) She must feel so proud of her own achievements!!! She's only 26 yro what is going on?!?! What have i been doing =_="

The force is strong with this one. Lolol. All the beautiful fashion gurus behind EMODA.

Me camhoring around and i'm not sure if Chigira san meant to photobomb me. Lol.

LOOK AT THEM JAPANESE GIRLS!!! I really just snap a random shot and so many good hair, pretty faces, nice dressing appear in the picture. I am jealous.

Now you iz jealous. Lolol. I can haz one picture with Ena Matsumoto! =DDD

Later that night we all went for dinner (real one, i scared you all think i gone mad in Japan and cook up stories. Stories like i am a Japanese lolol) and i kept looking at her and Kerina (a Taiwan model) and i know why they look so appropriate for the fashion event that evening!!!

It's the hair and the red lips! So i asked Josh to help me snap a few (iLied.jpeg it's a lot) pictures of me werking the Ena-Inspired look. Lolol.

Face too big but still quite pretty ^.^V Trench coat dress from EMODA Global Webstore!!!

Don't be sad that EMODA only has stores in Japan now! Cox they have a global webstore! The selection is of course not as huge and massive as what you can find in their stores but hey! It's a great start for people who want a piece of the EMODA style!!! They have fashion items from eyelashes, to accessories to clothes and shoes on the webstore!!!


Got the EMODA feel not =D Lolol. I especially request for Josh to help me shoot like this one. Lolol.

High-Waisted denim leggins I picked from EMODA in Japan. This leggins will be available at EMODA GLOBAL WEBSTORE very very soon!!!!!
Really makes your legs look longer! ^.^

And once again.. My coordination from EMODA. LOVE IT!!! And i need to show off more cox i really really love all the items in this getup!!! The bag nice not!!! =DDD

Omg even i had enough of me already. LOLOL.

I actually can't wait to shop at EMODA again!!! I hope they have a store in Singapore lor!!! For many reasons!!! Selfish reason is i can remember ALL the fond memories i have of Japan in this trip although i'd have more beautiful memories to hold, i know.

But the big picture reason is.. EMODA could possibly change the whole fashion industry in Singapore!!! I mean look at me, i love colours and floral stuff and cute sweet pinksie stuff.

But when i look at all the ladies behind EMODA i was really really very motivated to look like them =O They just look soooooo good so easily and effortlessly!!!!!!

And i don't think this is about clothes alone.

This is about a style.

A style that EMODA is pushing through to get to as many ladies as they can.

The Mode and monochromatic style. Nothing too over the top, nothing too crazy, just very simple coordinates of uniquely designed pieces that brings you to standout.

And they got to me! =D And now i'm helping to push this idea to you.

And really i don't even feel i have to promote EMODA if it ever comes to Singapore. Cox Singaporean ladies will love it i swear. It's so.. Suitable!!! We don't do Lady Gaga here, we don't do extreme Harajuku, we don't do overly frilly and lacey sweet stuff, we just do what's nice and close to who we are! And EMODA is all about that!

Big on fashion and style, bigger on dressing according to your personality and mood through and through! It's gonna be super well-loved by us!!!


For now, what you can do is to visit their global webstore and like them on Facebook to make them feel the love from Singaporeans and then keep your fingers crossed they will come to Singapore!!!

Leave me and EMODA a nice comment on this post!!! 

Hopefully people from EMODA can see some love from Singapore! Hopefully then, they'd come open shop here!!! X^.^X Fingers crossed!!!

Click click click, off you go to shop, shop and shop!!!

Til then, i miss you Japan


Anonymous said...

is the guy in green jacket cheesies bf?

Suet yi said...

love your make up! super happy that you became hardworking and put make up!

Unknown said...

Going to check out their online shop for sure =)

Anonymous said...

thanks for the long post u put so much effort in! now i too look forward to emoda coming to sg!

Anonymous said...

!!!!!! Love this post! You might just become the next big ting in Japan for being so hardworking!

Anonymous said...

Oh mine! My niece was a fan of you, while she's scrolling thru your posts. This brand caught my attention! Beautiful things they have! Really love. Will there be any chance we can have EMODA here in Singapore? Please...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Oh mine! My niece is a big fan of you, while she's scrolling thru your posts. This brand caught my attention! Beautiful things they have! Really love. Will there be any chance we can have EMODA here in Singapore? Please...

Anonymous said...

Hell yes! Just "love this post!!! Yes emoda please come to Singapore!"

Anonymous said...

awesome post!!! Emoda Come to Singapore pls!!!

Anonymous said...

I just came back from Japan too!! I saw the shop emoda along the subway of Tokyo! But sadly, on that day u came back, I just flew off to Japan, tot I could meet u there or something, hehehe

Anonymous said...

YES!! Yes i want Emoda to come to sunny island singapore!!

Anonymous said...

So jealous of u! U get to travel and attend fashion show T.T EMODA, SG awaits u!

peilin said...

Hi i am from Malaysia. I want Emoda to be in Singapore/ Malaysia!

Anonymous said...

and both of you seriously look like celebssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
love it!!!!!!!

pam said...

Their items are quite pricey >:( still hope they start a outlet in sg as i like their style.

Unknown said...

As far as I like you and enjoy looking at youк photos I don't like this style. Maybe I just don't get it but it's so boring. It looks good on a runway show or on you when you are "werking" top model look... but in general it's just nothing special at all! It's like expensive version of boring clothes all girl wear. Lol, hope you won't get too much into it! I like your own style tons more! Need authentic QQ back and somemore! :)

Anonymous said...

qiuqiu you are so pretty and your face is not too big at all :)

angelicjin said...

omg Japan not only make you more radiant, it also turned you into a super model! So so so pretty! :)

Anonymous said...

Emoda style so nice. I hate those girly frilly clothes and those punk rockers style are too man for my liking. Emoda is just a nice in between with neat cutting and its just so pretty. Hard to find clothes like that in Singapore, ESP the high quality kind. So yes emoda come to Singapore thank you!

Anonymous said...

Cheesie & you look so pretty at the emoda fashion show omg!!:D

Debbysofi said...

When am i able to buy the blue leggins? Totally awesome piece.

Yvette said...

Qiu, you are truly blessed with a nice body frame. Think you looks beautiful in all different styles of apparels... Especially your height.

fionntyx said...

I think you look better without curls together with the outfit! ): But red lips on you definitely look smacking sexxxxy~ (:
Bet you're really honoured to participate in EMODA's fashion show! Like how many ppl get invited to one man?!

xxx fionntyx (:

Anonymous said...

Qiuqiu!!! Why u do pretty!!! Emoda!!! Pls come Singapore! We would love u to come!!!

Anonymous said...

Buibui-U will leave Singapore if u make it big in Japan?

A Precious Mind said...

I love your EMODE inspired shoot from this post. It's gorgeous! :D
I'm happy because you enjoyed your stay in Japan so much. I think you really deserve such nice experiences beeing the overly happy & joyful person you are. :)

Anonymous said...

You look stunning! Sending Emoda some luv too ;)

Saph said...

Holy gods O_O I thought those model pictures were actual pics of you modeling for the Emoda global store >.> then I read that it was Josh who took the pics for you.

Looks so unlike your usual style but tis a breathe of fresh air :3 you pull off the Mode look pretty well though!

PS: Josh has awesome photography skills.

Yna Amores said...

Thank you for this post QiuQiu! Even I was impressed by MODE style. I suddenly grabbed my red lipstick which had been on my stash for so long. Your pictures from your photo shoot with Josh are so pretty. You interpret the MODE style very well!


QiuQiu said...

Anon - No, he is Chigira San from Apparel web.

Anon - "!!!!!! Love this post! You might just become the next big ting in Japan for being so hardworking!" Your Next big "ting" is a pun or typo. LOLOL. I am Qiu Ting so it sort of make sense if i'm the next big ting. LOL.

Gunila, HAHA i am not sorry to say.... *whisper* i actually am quite caught in this style still =X

DebbySofi, i'm not sure but it should be soon!!! =D

Buibui - Haha. Too soon to say lolol. I love Singapore in a different way!!! So i won't leave Singapore!

Saph, he's be super happy to hear!!! Hahah ^.^

Yna, got pictures to show me??? =DDD

debra said...

you look gorgeous, qiu :) i love emoda's line and i hope they come to sg and nyc as well!

나니 said...

WOAH you look bloody beautiful! You deserve NOTHING but star treatment : D hehe!

Anonymous said...

Qiuqiu!!! U wear every of the clothes really match u!!! Tall & beautiful almost near to perfect!!! Gosh!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Bqq, don't know that u wear all e emoda clothings look so beautiful on you. I wish I have the same height as you. Tall & beautiful. :)

Anonymous said...

This Emoda fashion looks nice. Thanks for introducing it to us. im gonna go shop online at their web now :D

Anonymous said...

Bongqiuqiu! Why u wear emoda clothings so pretty!!! Jealous!!! -DBNN

SophieHealyت said...

qiuqiu how much does it cost if convert YEN to SGD?

Anonymous said...

QQ!!! Why u soooo prettaayy?!!!

yukiko said...

Where did you get your shoes from? they're so chio! :)

Anonymous said...

Omgosh, EMODA IS AMAZING (as amazing as you,Qiuqiu!) =p I really hope EMODA comes to Sg soon.

Shall practise the Secret for my wish to come true!!! =D

Just A Fan Girl said...

Whyyyyyyy do you look so good in everything~
I'm vvvvvvv jelly.

will Emoda be coming to Singapore anytime soon? Marketing/Distrbution/(whichever dept applicable) team of Emoda, please seriously consider bringing Emoda here. Or let Qiuqiu travel to Japan more often for your fashion shows! She did really good coverage on the event! ^.^

Love you, Qiuqiu!

Crazy fan girl. =)

Best Business Brands said...

EMODA is Japanese clothing brand, especially popular among young women.Shop for the latest women's fashion in Tokyo.

Anonymous said...

Amazingly beautiful. :)

Alice Lee-Yang said...

I'm reading this post a second time bcos of ur tweet hehe. I adore the makeup that you did for the actual TouchMe event. Very very pretty!!

Anonymous said...

Come spread the love in SG, EMODA!

Anonymous said...

WA SEH!!! Emoda clothings on u!!!

Anonymous said...

Qiu qiu.. you have model potential, i'm serious. The poses you do are so model-esque, in a very professional way, not amateur way. Just letting you know :)

Anonymous said...

this post deserves more comments!!!!!
all looking super duper gorgeous!!!!!
japan air!!!!!! hahaha i also want!

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy for you that you got to go to Tokyo! You look Beautiful in All the pictures. Btw, Is Ena Matsumoto half japanese? She looks very mixed. She is beautiful but your personality makes you shine more! wahhh XD

Anonymous said...

Cannot belive u really look awesome in emoda clothings. With the model height, Why not u go be a Singapore top model?

Juszes said...

omg, I cant get enought of You, dont worry about it! I could look at Your pretty face all day long ^^
Have a nice day! Looking forward for next post!

Susan Lolo Bua said...

Qiuqiu... there isn't words can explain how beautiful and talented you are! i love your posing in these pictures above, could you upload more picture, and give more tips how to look good at camera! :)

God bless you <3.

The Chie said...

QIU QIU !!! You look superb CHIO !!!

Anonymous said...

give you more comments cause i like!!!!
hahaha seriously looking very model like!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Loose the jacket! Look like aunty!

Lace said...

YA very pretty in the curls!!

Anonymous said...

The high waist jeans don't look that good on you. Apart from that, everything made you look like a korean star. Reminds me of 200 pounds beauty, Kim Ah Joong. Your modelling is so good! :D You've got the potential, so take more! ^.^

Anonymous said...

I want to be honest. When i first saw the jacket/floral pants, I had no idea that it is priced at 143.76 USD around there. But I guess japanese goods are always more expensive O_O

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Qiuqiu you are looking more and more beautiful especially after you got engaged!
& I think Cheesie look better in your blog than in her blog..

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh the last picture of you is super cute/pretty/gorgeous!!