28 June 2012

LovingSG - One Heart, One Voice

I love Singapore.

I love Singapore!!!

And i'd make sure i do up a proper post to exclaim exactly why i love Singapore!

For now if you Love Singapore like every other Singaporean do, it's time to show it!!! I know you probably only express how much you love Singapore during National Day. But this year's NDP is special!!! It involved series of interactive activities and contests to bring people to show their love for Singapore, our home! =D And these activities and contests are held over months!

So RIGHT NOW you can start to show your love!

NDP.org.sg is the internet gateway for all of the NDP activities and updates. You'd find exciting happenings going on the website! And you'd find out what many Singaporeans do to show their love for Singapore ^.^ It's really pretty interesting when i start to browse the site.

PLEASE VISIT THIS PAGE to check out some of the activities you might be keen to take part in!

When you enter the participation page you'd see this. Spot some interesting ones like LovingSG Trails, photography and instagram contests etc. You have a lot to browse through! Lol.

Sidetrack abit: Excuse me, if you see the bottom right corner, there's a square for "Bloggers" YOHUUU~ I'd be one of the bloggers featured this year!!! =DDD So do look out for that space!!!

I'd quickly bring you through one of my favourite activity on the NDP site!

LovingSG: One Heart, One Voice.

Some background
The “LovingSG: One Heart, One Voice” project encourages all Singaporeans at home and overseas to come together and express their love for Singapore as one nation, one voice. Put together by music conductor Darrell Ang and filmmaker Royston Tan, two Singaporeans renowned for their musical and creative talents as well as their contributions to the local arts scene, LovingSG: One Heart, One Voice is set to impress and warm the hearts of Singaporeans as we all come together as one.

That was a beautiful paragraph. I SUMMARIZE IT FOR YOU.


Lolol. You iz gonna be famous!!! Lol. Nah lah, it's true you can be part of this project by making a video and this video is gonna be a small piece of puzzle to a big picture!!!

It's gonna be a magnificent work of having all Singaporeans come together and sing our National Anthem. And have talented people from Singapore piece them together. I can't wait to see it!!!

Watch this video! You'd have a better idea how you can get involved!

So you wanna be a part of this meaningful project but maybe you don't have a web cam, maybe you can't sing at home (no for real, i can't sing at home if Josh is around =_=" Lolol. I think he scared glass will break), or maybe you have other concern, fret not!!!

You can visit the roving NDP roadshows from June 2012, where there will be volunteers to help you with your submission. Below are the dates! ^.^
30th June 2012 - 1st July 2012
Jurong Point Shopping Centre
7th July 2012 - 8th July 2012
Causeway Point Shopping Centre

The booth! =D I got sing that day leh! Inside got webcam, earphones etc. So if you see one of these, remember to drop in and do your part to show some love for Singapore!!! =DDD

If you're shy and prefer to do it at home, after you click in to One Heart, One Voice, browse through these three icons to have a better idea of how to go about. Very simple one lah!!!

I am very happy to be one of the bloggers selected for this year's NDP engagement!!! =DDD

I feel proud to be able to do my part this year for NDP =DDD That is to push you guys to show more love for Singapore!!! Not just on 9th August, but STARTING NOW!!!!!!!

Yes!!! NOW! =DDD

Log on to the NDP website participation page and choose an activity out of the many that'd excite you, or better, go play with ALL the activities and join ALL the contests on the site! And share it with your friends!!!


Erm.. What thing, right. SHARE THE NDP SPIRIT LOR!

Remember that one day on 9th August where Singaporeans stand together and sing with one heart, be thankful and feel proud to be Singaporean with one soul, and feel motivated and determined to do better and move forward with one mind. That spirit, we're gonna start feeling it today!

You can start by sharing your golden voice for the LovingSG: One Heart, One Voice ^.^

CLICK HERE to start contributing!!! It'd be fun!!! =DDD

Pictures from NDPeeps, the official NDP Facebook page! Remember to like it too! =D
That's us participating in Building a LovingSG. It's very interesting and cute one! Find out what are those tiny colourful things we're fixing up HERE! And it's for a good cause!

Fing out more on the NDP website, about the coolest ever NDP that's gonna happen for us Singaporeans. Becox.. This year i am involved. Lolol.

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