03 June 2012

QWeekly - Changes in me

Blogshop Festival

You'd wanna be there before everyone!!! All your favourite online stores will have a booth there, so if your blogstore would wanna join this festival, email sales@forfleasake.com now! NOW. Becox..


I know lah, i'm not a online shop owner but i do have A LOT A LOT A LOT of brand new stuff to sell off at REALLY REALLY REALLY LOW PRICES! For those of you who been to my flea, you'd know i sell my brand new accessories at 50 cents, clothes, bags and shoes and whatnots at $1, $2, $3 mostly! And even the most expensive stuff are $5 =_=" I just need to SHOP, and clear SPACE, to SHOP more!!!! Lololol. I am cursed, with the shopping spell.

Will take pictures of the items i'm selling when date draws nearer!

If you're wondering how the crowd will turn out to be, i can assure you it'd be MASSIVE.

Simply becox.. Other than me having a booth there (a bit of self-praise here) You'd be expecting..

Sophie, Yutaki and Eric too!!!

YAY!!! They will each have a booth there as well!!! So you'd be expecting to see them along with their supporter/ readers of course! ^.^

If you're a shopper, be prepared to be spoilt for choice! There will be many many many of your favourite blogshops there and of course you can come say hi to your favourite bloggers ^.^

Erm yes, me included in the list. Thanks.... Yeah.

ANYWAY! So. If you're thinking of getting a booth for your online store, don't hesistate cox booths will be going out fast! And i'm sure the bloggers and all the other blogshops will pull their crowds there so you only have to worry you have not enough things to sell through the flea lol. Cox that's what happened to me on the last flea. I totally ran out of things to sell. So i'd see you,

23rd June 2012 (Saturday)
1pm - 7pm
Club AVATAR (accessible from Marina Square)

To get a booth for your business, call 6556 2123 or email sales@forfleasake.com
For more info, visit www.forfleasake.com

- - - - - -
Alright!!! A brief account of what i did this week!!!! ^.^ It's mainly to prepare for my wedding in December and my Trip to Japan in June!

On Tuesday i went to meet my bridal outfit sponsor from Labelle Couture =D They are SOOOOO nice and helpful!!! Good thing i went with Wendy thou cox i am super lousy in explaining what i want and i am not any better in making a choice between what's "gorgeous" and what's "beautiful".

Precisely. It's the same!!!!! BUT SO DIFFERENT!!!!! BUT SAME!!!!!

So end of the day, i couldn't make a decision haha ^.^ But i'm still really happy! I felt sooooo thankful that day! I mean it's like, omg.. I'm gonna cry again. Everytime i think about the things i get in life, and the people who are nice to me, i just have this 鼻酸 feeling. Like everything good just keeps happening for me. And everything i want keeps coming to me =')) Thank you, Life.

There is really no way i can be sad/ unhappy much these days. I still get angry yes, but those bouts of anger last really short. So i guess it's fine and i'm still working on it.

Only thing is, this makes me a less interesting person / blogger although at the same time, a better person. Lolol. Cox everyone loves drama, especially so if it's not their own. And i can't give you much drama anymore becox i either avoid or ignore now.

I used to take on any cat fight/ online feud with open arms. And i'd never back down. Usually cox the other parties lack good morals and good reasons to back themselves up and the rest of the world have eyes to see for themselves so i never need to dodge a bullet, i'd counter it with a grenade and then double tap with a RPG. Lolol. I'd stalk that person and continue blasting him/ her at any chance. Lolol. But i don't do any of these anymore now. But still, i suggest nobody messes with me cox I have a lot of time if i'm game. Lolol. No really *serious face* DON'T MESS WITH ME. Lololol.

Anyway, back to the topic of how my life is awesome.

The next day i went to meet my wedding planners from Eternally Yours. They took care of Wendy's ROM recept a few years back and it was awesome right!!! =DDD Thankful X 100000 to Wendy for introducing them to me!!! They were so well-organised and prepared and helpful during the meeting =') I am SO CONFIDENT my wedding will be a super beautiful and blissful and happy one ='))

I will keep updating once i get the sponsors round up! =D Too thankful for all the sponsors and others who offered so far!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

I'd never guess i'd have a day, where everything is made to perfection for me, and everyone will pay attention to me, and i don't have to worry about a thing but enjoy and remember every bit of it =)))

我太幸福了!!!!! ^.^ Also i am very 幸运!!! My life, oh my life. I hope my heart and body can take it. Eveything is so filled with positive emotions. Most of the time i feel grateful, happy, fortunate, privileged and loved. On times that are less pleasant, i try my best to feel hopeful, i live with faith and i try to stick to it. And miraculously, everything will become better ^.^

The Secret, you really shouldn't be a secret. You should be known to the whole world.

And it changes me so much over the months. I was already generally a positive and happy person but it amplifies the goodness in my characters and becox of it, i try to give less focus to things that'd break the zen. Lolol. And then one of the changes i notice is..

You know i always dream? Not like daydream dream, thou i do that quite a fair bit too but yeah, dream-dream. I dream almost every night. Each time i sleep, even if it's a nap, i'd dream. I guess it's cox i always eat and sleep right away =X

Last time when i dream of bad situations, i'd sweat and panic and get defensive in my dream and i might fight but most of the time i just feel helpless and last resort, if chased, i'd just run and float/ fly away. Lolol. But ever since Wendy introduced The Secret to me in March, and over this 2 - 3 months of trying to work it into my life, recently in all my dreams, i remember myself being very positive and even in my dreams, i tell myself, "Don't worry, this will work out" O.O And yeah, i get good dreams more often than before. Last time it's always bad weird dreams that involves fighting with hooligans or ghosts or demons or worst, killers. Lolol. I still get those but less often.

Anyway, it's just now i really see changes in myself. And i can wake up in a dream and tell myself, "Woah, you reacted well" lolol. It's like i'm proud of my sub-conscious mind or something. Lolol.

Thank you all for reading me =)

And.. ARE YOU EXCITED FOR ME?!?!?!?!?!?!?

I'd be flying to Japan on coming Friday!!! =DDD

I've never been there!!!! Omg my life is really awesome.

New episode of Budget Barbie by the way!!! ^.^ I shop at Salvation Army this time, the one at.. Bukit Timah is it? I think so. The biggest one! Check out what good stuff i got for $100! ^.^


Anonymous said...

Hi Qiu Qiu,

What is the secret that you have been raving about?

Is it the book entittled "The Secret"?

Anonymous said...

What is The Secret? LOL

Mikoyukira said...

OMG I watched the promotion video and I just got distracted by everyone in the background the first time!!! OMG!!! But I watched it again and read the subs second time round. :)

Juszes said...

I'm always really happy to see the new post of Yours <3 U r so pretty *_*

Anonymous said...

Blog about your trip to Japan!

Anonymous said...

Hi QiuQiu!

May I know where did you buy the shirt 'Oops!' in your newest BB episode?
I'm a huge fan of BudgetBarbie btw!

Anonymous said...

Hi, for the blog shop festival, since it's at club avatar, are people under 18 allowed to get to the flea that day?

QiuQiu said...

Anon, yes you're right!

Juszes, ^.^ Thank you thank you!

Anon, i will!!!!! =D

Anon, Cineleisure basement temp store.

Anon, yes able to go! =D

Janice Fan said...

Oh my GOD!!!!!!
I'm flying to Singapore on July 7!!!! OH MY GOD!! I will miss everything! noooooo fml!!!!
I've been dreaming to meet you!! QIUQIU!! And take some photos as ji nian ping!!! And now everything is ruined!! I have a Pulau Redang trip on June 22-24 NOOOO!!!
This post ruined my day ='( I'm so sad... Ahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!

Still,I hope you all have lots of fun *hides in corner and weep*

Anonymous said...

Hi QiuQiu!

So, anyway, I watched your BB ep about acne and I figured that you could do some acne treatment!!

A youtuber had very severe acne but after going onto a water-fasting diet for 5 days, her acne just vanished into thin air!

Watch this for her before: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ex33wtqnNz8

And after:

Anonymous said...

Hope that helps! =D

makesmelookgorgeous said...

qiuqiu can i noe where is the club avatar located at n which level..n how to go there if we r living near sengkang?