10 June 2012

QWeekly - Don't miss me

The high of this week (excluding going to Japan for the first time) is i..

I... I BOUGHT A BRANDED BAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =DDD

Chill, i'm still Budget Barbie but i have to get this bag for my sister!!!

She sent me a picture and tell me her friend showed it to her and she was asking me if i know what brand is this. I guess it's from Samantha Thavasa. Wrong. Close though! It's from Samantha Vega!

And she's all like "I NEED TO BUY THIS BAG!!!" And she say she will go get next month.

My this sister (my 4th sister) is like me, we never buy branded stuff. Don't say branded, we just don't buy expensive stuff lol. So i quickly ask Gillian to help me chope and then i go make payment the next day! It's meant to be a surprise for my sister!!! =D

So the next day i collect the bag and then visit Baby Yurou and to pass my sister some stuff, one of it is a hello kitty cover for her Note phone. It's pretty cute. And it's only $6. Lolol.

She was like "OMG! This is SO CUTE!!! Thank you leh!!!"

And then later i was like, "This one also for you"

And i pass her the Samantha Vega bag and she was like..

"- Censored -

- Censored -

- Censored -

OH MY GOD. OH MY - censored - GOD!!!!!!"

Lolol. And then she go mad already. She spend like 45 minutes just taking pictures of the bag and sending it to her friends on wassap to showoff and then posting it on Facebook to show off.

This is most true to the actual colour. It's baby pink like this! Very nice one!!!
Love all the sweet girly details!!! Samantha Vega and Samantha Thavasa stuff are all so sweet and girly i feel like i also wanna get one for myself!!!! *control* Lol.

The day i get myself a branded bag is the day i sell my soul. Okay lah, not so serious. And say really Samantha Vega stuff is not very expensive! But it's soooo much prettier than the other more expensive branded bags ^.^ Okay if i ever buy myself a branded bag, it'd confirm be Samantha Thavasa/ Vega. Love.

It's so good to be able to make people happy! I am thankful for all the money i have! To be able to share it with people i love! ^.^

Time for me to do my hair again! Had to do it before the Japan trip ^.^
Tel: 6284 4866 for appointment
Lazy people like me deserves shitty hair. Lol. But at least everytime i walk out of my hair salon sponsor, i look prettier. Lolol.
Touch up colouring done. They also did a scalp treatment for me!!! Super cooling one! You'd love it especially if you have itchy/ oily scalp.
Hair done! Thank you Janet from Hair Cuttour! ^.^ My Melody top from Jipaban. They have many other super colourful, cute and happy designs!!! Go check it out okay! ^.^
No make up that day (what's new) but i got photoshop a bit!!! Lolol. Okay lah, a lot. I removed like my dark eye ring and like 57 pimples/ spots.
来, 笑一个, 美女. Lolol.
Okay last camho shot of myself ^.^

So as you know, i'm in Japan. And this post is scheduled.

So i'd guess that as you're reading this..

I'm either at Disneysea going =OOOOO at everything i see or i'd be at a 100YEN shop dumping everything into my basket or i'd be at some random pink and cute shop in Tokyo ^.^V

KAWAII NEH?! V^.=V That's me with two peace sign and a wink!!! Lolol!

Yah. Okay..

So.. This week! I've been packed with just scheduling posts and packing for Japan. Okay say real one, i only spend like 2 hours physically packing. Rest of the time i spend it on mental packing. Lol.

Mental packing includes mix and matching of my outfits to decide what i wanna bring and how i should werk it. Also included in mental packing, is how i should react if someone on the street in Japan ask me if i wanna be a superstar there. Lolol. It's all highly possible okay.

Okay, come back again on Tuesday! I'd be back on Tuesday but i've scheduled a post on Tuesday.

Yes, i am very insecure one. I cannot lose any single one of my readership. Lolol.

No please. I iz hardworking.

Yes, insecure and hardworking. LOL.

Okay! I got exciting news to share when i am back!!! =D Okay lah, also not say very exciting for you. Only for me it's kinda exciting. But i shall make it sound like it's super exciting =DD

Okay bye. Don't even know if i can blog in Japan. If can, i schedule so many post for what i also don't understand. Just being kiasu sekit hahaha. If i can't blog in Japan i'd still tweet and update instagram okay! =DDD So you can follow me there ba, @bongqiuqiu

I'd be paying $100 just so that i have data connection there so you better *stare* ^.^


Anonymous said...

Hi Qiuqiu,

Can you do a blog post on how to shop online for nice clothes that are reasonably priced? And the details e.g. payment method, postage/shipping fees that we need to take note of?

From one of your fans

Anonymous said...

Love that bag!!! How much is it?? :D

Anonymous said...

Hi Qiu! How much does the bag cost? Where did you buy it from? Got good customer service not? Hahaha thanks :D

Anonymous said...

I hope you are having fun in Japan! Super enviousT_T I don't personally buy branded stuff but use stuff that my mom used when she was younger its like vintage lol but yeah i don't like expensive stuff either! realized that my wardrobe consists mostly of forever21 lately hahaha

Katie said...

AWW!! Have fun in japan! Buy lots of cute things! And haha tell me how the 100 yen shopping goes I'm really interested;) Btw the bag is so cute and what you did for your sister is so sweet<3

Jaslyn ~ said...

Hello! What's the collage app that you use for the bag pictures? Thanks and have fun in Japan !!! I'm so envious !!

Anonymous said...

Hey, can we have a picture of the hello kitty cover you bought for your sis? Also, where did you get it? $6 for a note cover is damn cheap!!!

Anonymous said...

Can you tell me where u got the Samantha Bag at online ? :D ?

QiuQiu said...

Hello guys! Orginal price of the bag is $460 i think!

Katie, 100 yen shop is AWESOME there!!!!! I bought some really nice floral notebooks and also Mickey mouse keychain and also Twin star mouse pad! All nice one!!! And the snacks, omg.

Jasyln, frame is frame your life and filter is instagram.

Anonymous said...

the pic that only shows the top part of your head + specs looks like kimberlycun.